While Song Yao was talking to Sheng Silin, many people came over to interview about the relationship between Sheng Silin and Song Yao. Song Yao obviously didn't react and was confused. Ji Chengchuan came directly to hug Song Yao and rescue Song Yao. Liang Jingyi felt that things did not have the outcome she wanted and was very angry. Sheng Silin also didn't want Ji Chengchuan to show up. Ji Chengchuan asked Song Yao concernedly if anything was wrong, and was relieved after receiving Song Yao's affirmative answer. The reporter felt that Song Yao was now in two different situations. Sheng Silin also said that Song Yao had not admitted it at all.

The reporter smelled the smell and asked Sheng Silin what he meant. Ji Chengchuan told everyone that Song Yao was not his girlfriend but his wife, and the wedding was already being prepared. When Song Yao returned home, she suddenly felt sorry for Ji Chengchuan and wanted to explain. Ji Chengchuan was also very angry that Song Yao actually went to see Sheng Silin. Ji Chengchuan felt that he mentioned the wedding to save Song Yao, but Song Yao was still unwilling. When Ji Chengchuan heard Song Yao say that he was not unwilling, he immediately held the wedding.

It was difficult for Jiang Nanxuan to understand Ji Chengchuan's approach. When he heard Ji Chengchuan said that he would use the wedding to silence everyone, he suddenly felt that Ji Chengchuan's move was very clever. Song Lingren came to Liang Jingyi with an invitation. Liang Jingyi was very dissatisfied and wanted Ji Chengchuan to give it to her personally. Song Lingren felt that Liang Jingyi was a little too pretentious and wanted to leave. Liang Jingyi stopped Song Lingren and asked Song Lingren how she felt after receiving the invitation. Song Lingren actually felt very uncomfortable, but she still told Liang Jingyi that Song Yao had something to do with Liang Jingyi at this press conference. Liang Jingyi was restrained and did not dare to speak.

Song Lingren was very sad to get drunk alone in the bar. When she was sad, she called Gu Zijun to pick her up. Gu Zijun was very considerate and asked Song Lingren to be careful. He couldn't help but feel moved when he saw Song Lingren's look while fastening her seat belt. When Song Lingren woke up in the car the next day and saw Gu Zijun beside her, she was a little touched, but also felt a little embarrassed. She told Gu Zijun that she liked Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan brought Song Yao to try on wedding dresses. Song Yao couldn't stand those people who kept strangling her waist. Song Yao saw that Ji Chengchuan thought she looked bad and wanted to change it. Ji Chengchuan brought a hood and said that it would be okay to cover Song Yao's eyes.

Jiang Nanxuan wanted to invite Shen Shuangshuang to plan the wedding. Shen Shuangshuang felt that Jiang Nanxuan was a little unnatural for leaving so many things to him. Jiang Nanxuan didn't expect that Shen Shuangshuang really dressed up the wedding scene very well. Jiang Nanxuan suddenly felt that Shen Shuangshuang was not useless. Sheng Silin couldn't accept Song Yao's marriage. Ji Chengchuan also felt very complicated. He still had many responsibilities to complete.

Song Yao wanted to take this wedding seriously. Ji Honglin hoped that Ji Chengchuan would not regret it. Sheng Silin was even more reluctantly forced by his brother to apologize to Song Yao. Ji Chengan was very happy to see Liang Jingyi. Liang Jingyi asked him to buy ice cream, and Ji Chengan went happily. Liang Jingyi tried to manipulate the projection when no one was paying attention, hoping to ruin Song Yao's reputation. Sheng Silin has been practicing apologizing to Song Yao. Shen Shuangshuang persuaded Song Yao to cheer up and said what kind of partner she was, but Sheng Silin heard it.

Ji Chengchuan couldn't help but be stunned when he saw Song Yao's appearance. He also wanted to complete the wedding seriously. Liang Jingyi looked at Song Yao who was about to make a fool of herself. Song Yao sat down to play the piano. Ji Chengchuan felt a bit like the song from his childhood. Ji Chengchuan really didn't expect there would be any surprises. Song Yao knew what Liang Jingyi might have planned. In order to prevent Liang Jingyi's next move, Song Yao staged such a move. Liang Jingyi left angrily. After Song Yao heard what Gu Zijun said, she ran away regardless of Ji Chengchuan putting the ring on her. Ji Chengchuan felt that Song Yao must have something big going on.


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