Song Yao (played by Zhang Yuxi) is a girl who specializes in scumbag maintenance in the upper reaches of the world and makes rich scumbag men talk about it. She has a pair of magical eyes, but they actually failed in Ji Chengchuan (played by Wang Ziqi). She also discovers that he has a direct connection with the liar Qin Hao (played by Wang Ziqi). On this day, Song Yao came to submit an article thinking that she could sign a contract. The editor told Song Yao that the number of clicks from readers was not high, and the work was not complicated and three-dimensional. The plot of falling in love alone could not meet the current market needs. After all, the competition in this industry was too high. It’s so intense that I can’t sign the contract this time. The editor-in-chief also gave Song Yao a gift. Song Yao saw that the other party was rejecting her. When she was about to leave, she saw the person the editor-in-chief had invited. Song Yao heard their conversation and knew what the other party wanted, so she happened to see him come over. Alone, Song Yao changed her clothes and appeared coolly in front of her boss.

Editor Lu was surprised to see Song Yao change her style and come back, and the boss was also very surprised. Song Yao then repeated what Mr. Liu said. Mr. Liu was very happy and criticized Lu Yu for not having the ability to discern pearls. When Mr. Liu heard that Lu Yu had rejected Song Yao, he immediately tried to persuade her. He wanted to retain Song Yao and was ready to sign a contract with Song Yao. Lu Yu could not say anything at all. Lu Yu had a headache watching his boss teach him this big trouble. Song Yao asked Lu Yu to give herself three months, and she would hand over a satisfactory answer. Lu Yu was ready to be driven away with Song Yao.

Song Yao went home to come up with ideas, but had no inspiration, and suddenly felt that she had really dug a big hole for herself. She repeatedly conceived the idea and entered into creation with a little inspiration. Song Yao transformed into a character in the novel and completed a task. Song Yao has a special ability here. Men can't help but be obsessed with her when they see her. After completing the mission, Gu Zijun asked Song Yao to retreat quickly. In order to prove that he was Ji Chengchuan, Qin Hao successfully obtained the blood sample, and by the way, he rescued Song Yao and then escaped with Song Ling's Jiang Nanxuan and three other people.

After Song Yao went back, she was very angry that the man took advantage of her even though he saved her. Shen Shuangshuang felt that Gu Zijun was a waste, and the road he pointed out was a dead end every time. If Song Yao hadn't been smart enough, it would have been difficult to complete this mission. Song Yao asked Gu Zijun to package the secret of Li Chen's transfer of property and all the information about the person he was sponsoring outside to his wife. Gu Zijun felt that Song Yao was really the Third Holy Mother. Song Yao looked familiar when she saw the photo of Qin Hao that Shen Shuangshuang held. Gu Zijun was very angry that Song Yao and the others only exploited him.

Song Yao gained a wonderful ability fifteen years ago. Song Yao used this ability to quickly solve the pursuits of those men. Many scumbag men went bankrupt for no reason because of their scumbag. Ji Chengan is hated by his father. When Ji Chengchuan returned to the group, Ji Honglin was afraid of asking Ji Chengchuan to meet alone for a detailed discussion. He thought that Ji Chengchuan had not died fifteen years ago and had come back, which was a threat to him. Ji Chengchuan did a DNA test in public, but Ji Honglin thought it was a bit impossible.

Ji Chengchuan told Ji Honglin that it was Qin Ming who died for him. He accused Ji Honglin of being with Chen Yaqin now and hiding information about himself and his mother from everyone. Ji Honglin used the excuse that he didn't say anything for the sake of the group. Chen Jinghui took out Lin Shu's will and showed it to Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan saw that in order to get the property, he had to take the position of general manager and his mother's seal. He felt that Ji Honglin was really good at calculating.

Ji Chengchuan knew that the coach was not with him, so he wanted to delay for a while and meet with the company's shareholders first. Ji Chengchuan came out and told his partners to implement the next plan. Song Yao has not recovered from the last mission and does not want to take the mission for the time being. Shen Shuangshuang saw that Gu Zijun was going too far and wanted to beat Gu Zijun, so he took the opportunity to provoke Song Yao to accept this mission, and said that this person was too much and even wanted to drive away his own father. Song Yao was not in the mood to think that she could bear this matter. When Song Yao heard about five hundred thousand, she immediately became energetic. Shen Shuangshuang took out the photo, and Song Yao thought that they could settle old and new scores together.


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