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Ren Xinzheng asked for details, and finally knew that Cheng Ying accidentally hit Zhu Xia's daughter with paraplegia. At that time, Cheng Ying was driving a car and accidentally saw her husband buy a high-end sports car for another woman. After the catastrophe happened, Cheng Ying regretted it too much. She would rather be the one who was knocked into the air. Now that her husband is having an affair, Zhu Xia harassed her every day and made trouble at work. desperate situation.

If Zhu Xia pressed her harder and harder, Cheng Ying would really die of depression. Ren Xinzheng asked Linglan to give Cheng Ying an acupuncture treatment, and went out to see Zhu Xia by himself, saying that Cheng Ying was dead, and finally got his wish. Zhu Xia cursed Cheng Ying every day for a bad death. Now that she heard that she was really killed, she realized the seriousness of the matter. There was a big fuss in the hospital just now, and many people saw it. When the police asked her, she She must be going to jail, Zhu Xia was trembling, and Ren Xin was reminding her to quickly find a way to settle Jian Xi down. Zhu Xia regretted that she died, and she was arrested and imprisoned. There is really no one to entrust her daughter with. Thinking about it, Zhu Xia regretted that she even knelt down to Ren Xinzheng. Later, when she heard that Cheng Ying was not dead, Zhu Xia was overjoyed again. Since Cheng Ying was not dead, she would not have to take the responsibility and go to jail. After going through the thrilling experience just now, Zhu Xia no longer dared to curse Cheng Ying, and believed that she would never stalk and harass her again.

Ren Xinzheng knew that Zhu Xia was a single mother, and it was not easy to live alone, but he also enlightened her to learn to let go. Now that something has happened, she had to face it calmly. Forgiving others is also forgiving herself. Now that Jianxi has not found any Chinese medicine materials, the top priority It is an introduction to find medicinal materials.

In the evening, Shiyan waited for Yang Xiaohong at the food stall. Because she still had to go to work, she asked Yang Xiaohong to help him with homework every once in a while. Sitting in a raincoat and waiting for Shiyan, Yang Xiaohong doesn't like meat, so Shiyan warmly entertained the boss and ordered sugar-free yogurt. After the two of them finished making up lessons, Yang Xiaohong said frankly that it was Ren Xinzheng's intention to let her go out to make up lessons. Although she knew that Shiyan went to Shiyan to take up a class as a Chinese medicine doctor to find fault, Ren Xinzheng was still willing to teach him regardless of the past. This is the generosity of Chinese medicine. Hearing Yang Xiaohong According to the narration, Shiyan feels that Chinese medicine is vast.

In the evening, Mrs. Sun found that the incumbent Tianzhen went out to skateboard alone, and there were many extreme sports people around. She envied Ren Tianzhen to teach her, otherwise she would report to the teacher's wife. Ren Tianzhen had no choice but to agree temporarily, and then looked for an opportunity to play tricks on her.

Zhao Liquan has graduated and can no longer live in the school. He often tripped the dormitory because he secretly used electrical appliances to cook noodles or dumplings. After being caught by the dormitory guards, he was immediately kicked out. The school couldn't stay any longer, so Zhao Liquan had no choice but to go outside to find a cheap place to live. After Ren Tianzhen found out, he took out a simple bed and gave Zhao Liquan the key to the Chinese Medicine Center, asking him to live here temporarily when he was off work. Put the cot away. It really solved Zhao Liquan's urgent need, but Ren Tianzhen still insisted on not confiscating any money.

Cheng Ying went to the follow-up consultation as usual, and heard that Ren Xin was in class. Ren Xin was teaching everyone the knowledge of TCM health preservation in the class. TCM not only pays attention to the root cause of the disease, but also pays attention to "ventilation". A bad mood will also cause a series of complications. Therefore, we must overcome the inner fear, hesitation, evasion, and fluke thoughts, and adjust these moods. After doing the right thing, many things will be cured without treatment. It seems to be very similar to Cheng Ying's illness. After listening to Ren Xinzheng's class, Cheng Ying was relieved a lot.


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