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In the evening, Ren Xin was taking a few children from the hospital out to look at the night sky. He was always busy with cement buildings and never looked up at the starry sky carefully. Linglan called Sun Toutou and taught her to appreciate the beauty of nature. Sun Toutou, who was usually noisy, was quiet. The big stars in the night are really much more beautiful than diamonds. Ren Xin is teaching her how to recognize the Big Dipper, at least she will know which direction to go when she gets lost in the future.

Linglan arranged the dormitory. Sun Toutou shared a room with Xu Meng. There was a great contrast between the two personalities. Xu Meng seldom spoke and was very reserved, but Sun Toutou was like a runaway monkey, flying to On the bed, roll comfortably on the bed with your feet spread apart, and don't forget to call Xu Meng to come and experience the soft bed. Xu Meng's family education is very strict, and I'm afraid it's rare to see such a girl without a family education. Linglan had already seen the strangeness, and ordered Ren Tianzhen and the others to put their mobile phones in the living room at ten o'clock every night, even if Mr. Sun disagreed, because his arms could not twist his thighs.

In the middle of the night, the cell phone rang terribly, which excited Xu Meng. Xu Meng ran into the living room yelling, but the cell phone rang non-stop, and screams kept coming from the living room. Linglan, Ren Xinzheng and the two elderly people in the family were all disturbed. Linglan carefully comforted Xu Meng, and Ren Tianzhen was also beside her. With everyone's comfort, Xu Meng's mood finally stabilized. Ren Tianzhen was afraid that Xu Meng would fall ill again. He stayed by her bedside all night.

Seeing her son taking care of Xu Meng so attentively, Linglan couldn't help feeling a little worried. Ren Xinzheng could understand that Xu Meng was good-looking and had a good family background, and it was normal for him to be liked by boys. The more Linglan listened to it, the more she couldn't fall asleep. Living at home, she reminded Ren Xinzheng to let Xu Meng move home the next day.

So many things happened that night, Toutou Sun was still asleep, and even Linglan couldn't wake her up when she went to call her. The next day, Sun Toutou came back to life full of blood, and came to the living room to beg for food again. Linglan told her to wait for the whole family to arrive before eating. In order to eat the char siew buns made by the teacher's mother earlier, Toutou Sun had to be obedient and quickly take care of the teacher and his wife to sit down. Finally, it was time for dinner. Before dinner, Linglan asked Sun Toutou to learn to take the pulse. The pulse in the morning is the best. Sun Toutou was very surprised by this family rule. She grew up in an orphanage when she was a child, so naturally she had never seen her family check each other's pulse. Judging the physical condition of the other party is really interesting.

In the morning, a patient came to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center. The patient has been unwell for a long time. He has lived alone for many years, and his only child is now living abroad. Chinese medicine treatment, mostly to the terminally ill. Ren Xinzheng diagnosed the pulse condition but said it was easy to cure, and asked her if she killed when she was young. The grandmother said that she never killed chickens or geese when she was young, but she liked to eat snails. Ten years ago, when her wife was sick, she killed more than a dozen pigeons . Ren Xinzheng nodded and said that the problem lies here. He told the grandmother to find a friend after returning home. Every day, we will go to the great rivers and mountains all over the country, and worship Buddha when we see temples, so that the karma will be eliminated and the body will recover quickly. It turns out that traveling in mountains and rivers can cure illnesses. After hearing Ren Xinzheng's enlightenment, the old lady went back with ease.

Sun Toutou couldn't help but sit down, thinking that he ate more crayfish than the old lady ate snails, and the accumulated karma was too great. She was so scared that she hurriedly asked for leave to find a temple to worship Buddha. Ren Xinzheng gave her a hard look , to remind her to hurry to work.

Zhu Xia pushed Jian Xi to go for a follow-up visit. When she saw a patient in the hospital, she rushed over like crazy, and the two beat her up. There was a mess at the scene, Ren Xinzheng and the others hurriedly pulled the two of them apart.


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