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After returning from a study tour in Huafeng Mountain, Ren Xin is arranging the students from the mentoring class to study in his father-in-law’s traditional Chinese medicine clinic. In order to enrich the students’ knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, he also invited well-known domestic Chinese medicine practitioners and scholars. Sun Toutou was the first to raise his hand to ask the master. What to do, whether to take medicine or something else, Ren Xinzheng directly reminded her that her current task is to clean up, and she does not have a different teacher, and it is enough to just study with him in the future.

Ren Xin was finishing work arrangements when a patient came. The little girl looked like a middle school student. Because of a car accident, she was paralyzed. Her mother was single for many years. Now she managed to raise her daughter, but another accident happened. I asked all the Western doctors and they said that there was no hope for her to stand up. , and asked Ren Xinzheng all the way here, Ren Xinzheng carefully diagnosed the girl Jianxi's condition, and felt that there was still a cure, so he asked Linglan to take his medical books.

According to medical records, the prescription is a 300-year-old eaves tile, which is then soaked in the urine of a boy for a week, and the tile is boiled into a traditional Chinese medicine to drink once a day. The prescription is very strange, and it must be a three-hundred-year-old tile. It may be a bit difficult to find, but since it is a prescription, the girl's mother sees hope that the three-hundred-year-old tile can still be found. The students below looked at each other after hearing the prescription, so strange, this old tile can cure paraplegia, and there is no possible chemical formula, how is it possible!

Ren Tianzhen followed his father to study medicine, and saw many incredible things since he was a child, so he told them not to be surprised, Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, and many prescriptions have miraculous effects. These things can't even be explained by science, but they can cure diseases.

Having nothing to do, while Sun Toutou was cleaning the courtyard, he saw Ren Tianzhen watering the flowers. Sun Toutou took the initiative to go over to him, looked at Ren Tianzhen like a nympho, and said he was pretty, and he looked good in everything he did. Ren Tianzhen didn't have a good impression of Sun Toutou, so naturally he wouldn't give him half a good face, so he turned around and continued to work. A middle-aged man's glasses were knocked to the ground and trampled.

The other party asked for compensation, and when he heard that a pair of glasses cost more than 10,000 yuan, Sun was stunned, and quickly pointed the trigger to Ren Tianzhen. The other party heard that Ren Tianzhen was Ren Xinzheng's son, and immediately came forward to shake hands in a compliment. It turned out that he was Xu Meng Ren Tianzhen gave acupuncture to the girl who passed out in the shopping mall last time as hypoglycemia. In fact, Xu Meng had an ectopic pregnancy, and there was no symptom, which almost caused a catastrophe. This time, Xu Meng's father came and said that his daughter was crazy, and she didn't see anyone and didn't work.

Xu Meng's father took Ren Xinzheng and Linglan to check his daughter's pulse. When he entered Xu Meng's house, he could see that it was a two-story villa with a nanny. Xu Meng's father heard that his mother was going out, so only his daughter and the nanny were left at home. , very angry, his daughter is prone to illness. Linglan came to the room and saw Xu Meng's hair was disheveled, squatting on the side of the bed shivering, she gently leaned over to check Xu Meng's pulse, and found that it was Qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Ren Tianzhen heard about Xu Meng's condition, and immediately applied to bring Xu Meng to the hospital, and he would help to treat her well. Ren Tianzhen has always been guilty, because of her mistake, she had a fallopian tube removed. Sun Toutou beat up a family member of a patient because he helped his best friend get ahead, and was called by the police station to make a statement. Ren Xinzheng went to the police station again to issue bail. Let her live in the hospital in the future, and it will be convenient for her to watch Xu Meng.

After everyone's discussion, Xu Meng was taken to a traditional Chinese medicine clinic for treatment. Linglan took everyone to pick tea and learn to identify medicinal herbs. The fresh air in the hilly area also helped Xu Meng relax. By Meng's side, he really takes care of her like a big brother.


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