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Sun Toutou didn't understand this way of worshiping ancestors. She thought that a group of people offered offerings and then swore an oath, which was a bit sensational. The original serious atmosphere was broken by Sun Toutou. It's very impolite to talk nonsense, and it would not be allowed to bury relatives here. Sun Toutou said that she grew up in the orphanage and had no father or mother, so she didn’t need to pay homage at all. She also said that the most impressive festival in her memory was the scene of people coming to the orphanage to adopt them every month. Many children sat neatly at the door , Waiting for the selection of those adoptive families, those who are quiet and beautiful can always be taken away first, even sick children are taken away, but she was left because she was too stubborn.

Everyone was moved when they heard Sun Toutou's words. Yang Xiaohong was about to apologize to Sun Toutou, when Sun Toutou suddenly whispered in her ear and said that what he said just now was to tease them. Ren Xinzheng glared at her for being so unruly, and continued to lead everyone to recite the medical classics. Sun Toutou was isolated by everyone, and it felt a little unnatural to watch everyone read and chant by himself.

In Huafeng Mountain, Ren Xinzheng and Linglan had just entered the village with their students, and they saw many villagers warmly greet them at the entrance of the village. They knew that Ren Xinzheng would have a free clinic here every year, so they came early. Ren Xinzheng and Linglan found that with the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people are addicted to the Internet, go to bed very late at night, listless the next day, and even have many complications. So he issued a prescription for "disconnecting from the Internet at ten o'clock". The students asked the teacher what is the regular work and rest time. Ren Xin was analyzing the rhythm of life of modern people and said that going to bed before 11 o'clock every night is the most basic.

During lunch, Linglan coughed a little, and the air in the village was very cold. Ren Xinzheng asked her to take a car back to the clinic tomorrow. Sun Toutou was listless by the stove alone, while Ren Xin was checking her pulse and asked Linglan to cook some ginger syrup. Sun Toutou is on her menstrual period during this period, and she usually endured it and passed it. Seeing her teacher put on socks for her, she told the girl not to go barefoot during this period, and she also brought hot ginger syrup for her to drink. Sun Toutou I was very touched, it was the first time I was taken care of like this.

Sun Toutou just sat quietly like a girl, and when he heard that Shiyan wanted to drink the chicken soup reserved for her, he immediately got up nervously to grab it, and even blamed Shiyan for making trouble. Linglan heard Sun Toutou blurt out the medical scriptures he recited during the ancestor worship this morning. She thought it was quite amusing. This Sun Toutou has a good memory, but he never forgets it. Not bad, just lack of tutoring, maybe the sense of belonging in the heart is too low, and it should be effective in the future to train well.

Ren Xinzheng is starting to set the rules, and will collect his mobile phone for a few hours a day, during which time he can concentrate on studying. But Toutou Sun was extremely dissatisfied. Not only could she no longer play on her mobile phone, but she couldn’t stay in bed in the morning, otherwise the squad leader Shiyan would hold Ren Xinzheng’s pointer and order her to get up. Sun Toutou quietly ran to Ren Xinzheng's room, trying to steal his mobile phone, but was caught by Ren Xinzheng, which was really boring. Besides, Sun Toutou felt that the food was not good, so he took advantage of the darkness and ran away in the middle of the night.

This is a deep mountain and old forest, it is easy to get lost during the day, not to mention at night, Mr. Sun muttered with his luggage on his back, completely letting go of himself in his heart, and inadvertently ignored an intersection marked by Linglan. She went the wrong way and didn't come out after walking for a long time. Having no other choice, he leaned against the tree to rest, and soon there was a movement in a hornet's nest on the tree, and swarms of hornets chased Sun Toutou and stinged wildly. Sun Toutou screamed and began to call for help.

Fortunately, Ren Xinzheng and Ren Tianzhen arrived in time, and they took Sun Toutou back safely. Sun Toutou suffered a lot and never dared to play tricks again. Seeing her swollen face, Ren Tianzhen couldn't help laughing, Ren Xinzheng hurriedly crushed herbs and applied it to her.


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