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Sun Toutou heard that the rescued girl's illness was ectopic pregnancy. He really didn't expect such a young girl to have such an illness. Seeing Ren Tianzhen's heart was so heavy, he couldn't help asking Shiyan about how many fallopian tubes a woman had, and he heard that there was only one. I felt it was no big deal. He also encouraged Ren Tianzhen not to be discouraged. In principle, they saved the girl, and they should not shrink back just because something happened. Then Toutou Sun was concerned about what Ren Tianzhen wanted to eat tomorrow, and she would do her best to make it happen.

When she got up in the morning, Yang Xiaohong disappeared the mannequin she used for communication. She asked Sun Toutou and saw that she had put the mannequin under her bed. Yang Xiaohong never liked to share things with others, so she immediately went to the monitor angrily. Shiyan was very surprised when she said that Sun Toutou stole her things. Seeing that Sun Toutou arrived later with a mannequin, she comforted Yang Xiaohong not to make a big fuss, and the two could use each other to practice. Yang Xiaohong hated being in the same dormitory with Sun Toutou, but there was no spare bedroom in the mentoring class, so Yang Xiaohong proposed to move back home by herself.

Ren Xinzheng heard about this incident, and saw that there were still a few students in the class who were not used to living with classmates, so he couldn't help asking everyone if they knew the reason for letting them live with their roommates.

Sun Toutou came back heartlessly, "If you want to learn Chinese medicine, can you go home and sleep?" This matter was originally caused by her, but Sun Toutou was so proud that Ren Xinzheng couldn't help but glared at her, explaining that learning Chinese medicine, It is necessary to do free clinic exercises frequently, so that you can ask each other if you have classmates, which is convenient for future improvement. Ren Xinzheng's earnest words are very useful to everyone. It is true that a teaching aid for practice is only a few tens of yuan, which is nothing compared to the precious friendship of classmates.

Linglan was worrying about the heavy daily expenses, when suddenly Wu Shandao brought sponsors to visit her home, Linglan was very happy, and said that Ren Xinzheng once said that there must be a road to the front of the mountain. Ren Xinzheng returned home, heard the sponsor's conditions, and immediately rejected the other party's sponsorship. Now that he has left the University of Medical Sciences, it is not appropriate to accept the sponsorship. He also seriously recommended Wu Shandao to give lectures for the sponsoring company. Sponsorship is difficult, their company often gets orders overseas, and those customers are all for Ren Xinzheng's reputation. Ren Xinzheng smiled, saying that Wu Shandao will teach the course at this stage, and he can teach with Wu Shandao in the next stage. In this way, sponsors have no objections.

When class was about to end, Ren Xinzheng assigned homework to the students. Immediately after Qingming, the students and Mrs. Linglan learned how to fold the ingots used to worship ancestors. It is the tradition of their master class to worship ancestors every year, and Ren Xinzheng also asked Ren Xinzheng to make some youth groups.

In the evening, when all the students in the mentoring class gathered together to make origami, Toutou Sun felt that it was too much work, so he suggested that it would be cheaper and easier to buy online. Linglan criticized her, this is a kind of heart, pinned on longing, how can I buy it from the Internet.

The dresses that Linglan bought for the Ching Ming Festival have arrived. Boys wear trouser suits and girls wear skirts. Sun Toutou finds it inconvenient to wear them. Her teacher criticizes her for not sitting properly. They are originally dresses. .

Ren Xin was taking everyone to worship their ancestors. When they reached the mountain, Ling Lan tied a red string to mark the intersection they passed by, and told everyone to look after the mark when walking. Finally arrived at the cemetery of Dr. Huang, and led everyone to read "The Great Doctor's Sincerity", but Sun Toutou made a noise and said that this was just a formality and a superstitious behavior.


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