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Ren Xinzheng's friend Liu Changqing was recently talking about a medical care center project. He has a lot of resources, and he has a good tongue. , Ask Liu Changqing what advantages he has. Liu Changqing deliberately boasted that Ren Xinzheng, the dean of the medical department, was his friend. In order to support his entrepreneurship, he had just resigned. Now he is running a mentoring class to promote the spirit of Chinese medicine. When the other party heard Ren Xinzheng's name, he immediately became interested and insisted on meeting him at that time.

When Liu Changqing and his entourage went to Ren Xinzheng's office, Ren Xinzheng was killing flies. He cured diseases and saved lives, and he was not good at playing bureaucratic talk and hypocrisy. He also said that the first master class was to cross the river by feeling the stones. The rhetoric of Ren Xinzheng and Liu Changqing was completely different. At the beginning, Liu Changqing boasted that Ren Xinzheng not only had superb medical skills, but also had a lot of experience in teaching acupuncture and moxibustion.

Liu Changqing saw that several investors were a little shaken, so he lost no time in proposing that Ren Xinzheng take the pulse of the big boss. Class is coming soon, let them come again next time. Liu Changqing also suggested that everyone might as well listen to the lectures of famous teachers. Ren Xinzheng said that the content of today's lecture is the emergency treatment of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and sudden death. Everyone looked at each other, and Liu Changqing was very dissatisfied with Ren Xinzheng's response.

In Ren Xinzheng's class, only Sun Toutou dared to sleep on the desk. Ren Xinzheng used this to tell everyone that they should look like they are in class. Even if they doze off, they can't play with their mobile phones or be absent-minded. It's a little too much. Ren Xin tolerated Toutou Sun, but Toutou Sun didn't know it. He was already tainted with the ruffian in the society, and his wife had a bad impression of her. When Sun Toutou's best friend heard that the mentoring class was starting, she also asked for leave and rushed over, begging Ren Xinzheng to allow her to attend the class. Seeing that Sun Toutou's best friend is a hospital nurse, first aid is indispensable, Ren Xinzheng made an exception and agreed!

At noon, everyone’s takeaways arrived. Shiyan heard that Sun Toutou could “smell fragrances and recognize vegetables.” At first, he thought Sun Toutou was bragging, and then deliberately added a little to each takeout box, so that Sun Toutou could answer, but Sun Toutou said yes They were all right, not only could they guess the ingredients, seasonings, and even the heat, everyone was amazed. Potential to learn Chinese medicine. Sun Toutou was overwhelmed by everyone's praise, and immediately agreed that she would take care of the food in the future.

The students are now in the tutoring class for food and lodging, and all expenses are paid by Ren Xinzheng. His wife asked him to think about financing methods. Ren Xinzheng is not good at these, so he asked his wife to pay in advance, and then tell him when the situation is exhausted. Ren Xinzheng usually earns a lot in the hospital. , the cost is not big, and he has long been used to asking for his own money.

Shiyan, Ren Tianzhen, and Sun Toutou went to the supermarket together, because they needed to buy some cooking utensils for cooking in the tutoring class. The three of them met a person who was selling Taobao shops in the supermarket, and Ren Tianzhen refused politely. Sun Toutou was well aware of the difficulty of starting a business, so he readily added the other party's WeChat. Not long after, they found that the little sales girl had passed out, and the objects next to her had been knocked down. The girl's complexion was pale in the messy merchandise, her hands were tightly covering her abdomen, and even her lips had turned purple. Shiyan is a pediatric doctor. , Immediately judged that the other party had hypoglycemia, and asked the girl if she hadn't eaten breakfast, Ren Tianzhen immediately opened the needle bag and gave acupuncture according to the method of hypoglycemia. After a while, the girl's complexion returned to normal, and she could finally stand up.

This incident made Sun Toutou feel very fulfilled. At dinner, he was happy to tell his master and mother about their rescue in the supermarket. According to Sun Toutou’s description, both Ren Xinzheng and his wife felt that it was not that simple. Question, after hearing the acupuncture points of my son, I was startled, and hurriedly asked where the girl lived.

Sun Toutou added the girl on WeChat during the day, so he quickly found her place and sent her to the doctor in time. The girl's life was out of danger, but the emergency room removed the unilateral fallopian, and the pregnancy rate will be low in the future. In fact, she had an ectopic pregnancy, but was treated by Ren Tianzhen as hypoglycemia. The miscarriage that day had a direct relationship with Ren Tianzhen. Back home, Ren Xinzheng severely criticized Ren Tianzhen, and almost beat him up. Ren Tianzhen also blamed himself when he recalled the shocking moment just now.


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