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Sun Toutou naturally had to go to work on time after getting her salary, and one minute before eight o'clock the next day, she hurriedly sat in front of Ren Xin, who was showing her the prepared "Emperor's Internal Classic" for her to take a good look at. Sun Toutou couldn't bear such a boring book. She graduated from junior high school, and it was difficult to scratch her head immediately, knowing that she would be dishonest. Ren Xinzheng reminded her that she had made a written statement yesterday, and she had to be obedient when she got the salary. Toutou Sun was speechless, so he had to pick up the stool and sit at the small table for recruiting students in the training class while reciting the book.

Shiyan is Ren Tianzhen's senior brother. He is currently working in a pediatric hospital. He was accidentally injured due to a doctor-patient dispute. Ren Tianzhen went to see his senior brother and couldn't help laughing when he saw that his head was wrapped in bandages. The right medicine was prescribed, but the patient insisted on taking traditional Chinese medicine without authorization, so the blame was placed on him, and the hospital put him at home for a month. Ren Tianzhen often secretly learns Western medicine from Shiyan. This time, he heard Shiyan's complaints about Chinese medicine, and suggested that he should attend Ren Xinzheng's traditional Chinese medicine inheritance class, so as to see whether Chinese medicine is as magical as it is said in legends, and maybe he can refute rumors in public. Let his father no longer be arrogant. Anyway, idle is idle, Shiyan readily agreed to study for a few days.

Graduation was imminent, and Zhao Liquan also went to see two classmates. Hearing that they were going to attend the principal's mentoring class, his heart began to waver, and he planned to study together. This Zhao Liquan's family is poor, but he has great ambitions. He finally got admitted to the university, and plans to lead the whole village to become rich or go out of the mountains after he has completed his studies. Ren Tianzhen and Shiyan both expressed their understanding of Zhao Liquan's heavy burden, and Shiyan even expressed his condolences to the hospital. Zhao Liquan brought back the fruit and milk, but Zhao Liquan was not polite, and put all of it in his schoolbag.

Zhao Liquan went to several hospitals for interviews, but unfortunately he was not accepted. He received a call from his hometown. In order to prevent his parents from worrying, he deliberately said that he was currently working in a tertiary hospital. The parents thought his son was very promising. proud face.

Yang Xiaohong is a well-known lawyer in the local area, commonly known as Miejue Shitai. She seldom loses the lawsuits she accepts. Today, she won the lawsuit again. When she walked out of the court, she mercilessly refused to shake hands with her colleagues. In a short time, the colleague turned around and went down the steps, and passed out. The situation was critical. Yang Xiaohong didn't know how to do first aid, so she had to call the hospital immediately. The ambulance finally came, and the colleague passed away suddenly because he missed the best rescue work. This incident brought a heavy blow to Yang Xiaohong. Just after saying "It's best not to see you forever", it turned out to be a reality. After witnessing the death scene, Yang Xiaohong was walking in the street in a daze. named.

It was the first time for Sun Toutou to enroll students. Seeing that Yang Xiaohong signed up without asking for tuition fees, he immediately felt that this person was arrogant. Ren Xinzheng was famous, and soon a class was filled with students. Sun Toutou and his wife cleaned the classroom together. No one had used it for a long time, and the windows couldn't close. The teacher asked Ren Xinzheng to tell Liu Changsheng to fix the windows, but the whole No one else asked for a rental fee for the venue, so why bother others, Ren Xinzheng paid for the repairs himself.

According to the requirements, the mentoring class should count the basic information of each student. Yang Xiaohong reported her foreign name. Some people questioned that she was playing tricks, perhaps because of the "three no people" in society. Ren Tianzhen graduated with a master's degree, and finally met another who graduated with a Ph.D.

On the first day of school, an accident happened. A crazy woman rushed into the training class. When she saw Yang Xiaohong, she called her a murderer. She also said that Yang Xiaohong had killed her man. It turned out that the colleague who was taken away by the ambulance that day was the woman's wife. husband. The crazy woman decided that Yang Xiaohong was mad at her husband, how could this be possible? Sun Tou poured a basin of water on the crazy woman's head, and finally calmed her down. Ren Xinzheng's wife saw that something was wrong, and immediately felt her pulse, only to find out that the crazy woman had hysteria and was pregnant, but her fetal heart rate was unstable. Take her to the hospital.


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