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Cheng Ying went to pick up her child from school, and saw her mother-in-law coming to school to pick up her child, Lele. The court had awarded custody to Cheng Ying, and now the old lady came to pick up Lele from school every now and then, which made Cheng Ying a little disgusted. The mother-in-law was also very rude when she spoke. The visiting period was supposed to be next week, but she obviously broke the rules, and she still looked impatient. Lele chose to go home with grandma, Cheng Ying respected Lele's choice and told her mother-in-law to bring the child over on time on Sunday afternoon.

Zhao Liquan was picking up medicine at the Chinese Medicine Center, and now the master class has been disbanded. He is hesitating about his future. His hometown finally supported him, and now his younger brother is in danger of being dropped out of school. With a meager salary, Zhao Liquan is really worried about his future. Ren Tianzhen comforted him not to worry, there must be a way for the car to reach the mountain, Zhao Liquan retorted mercilessly, it was because the matter was not on him, if Ren Tianzhen stood in his position, he might not be calmer than him.

Yang Xiaohong wanted to learn Chinese massage fingering from Mr. Dong, a bone-setting massager. When Mr. Dong heard Yang Xiaohong casually said that she didn't care about the future of other students, she felt that Yang Xiaohong was not the apprentice she wanted to take. Yang Xiaohong said in the conversation with Teacher Dong that she had never been in a relationship before, and felt that dating was a waste of time and meaningless. Now she is considering finding a high-quality sperm in order to have a child. Teacher Dong enlightened her that there is great love between people. If you can experience the most utilitarian and beautiful experience, you will feel that life is a very meaningful thing.

In the evening, when Lele came home, Zhu Xia and Jian Xi also came to visit. They heard about Cheng Ying's ex-husband's remarriage from Lele. In fact, her mother-in-law didn't take Lele to play at all, but let Lele participate in father's wedding. and stepmother's wedding. Seeing the photos of the wedding from Lele's camera, Zhu Xia and Jian Xi could understand Cheng Ying's mood, so they comforted Cheng Ying and left.

The ex-husband not only cheated in marriage, but also had a child with Xiaosan quickly. Now that the wedding was held and Lele was asked to press the bed, how could Cheng Ying accept it calmly? Lele went to her father's wedding, and her mother-in-law didn't say anything good, and she still poured cold water on Cheng Ying. Since then, Cheng Ying has suffered even more.

Ren Xinzheng really had no other choice, so he discussed selling the house with his master, his wife, and Linglan. Linglan found it incredible that Ren Xinzheng hadn't paid a penny for the house from the purchase to the decoration, but now he's planning to start a house. Ren Xinzheng's father-in-law agreed with his decision. Now that Ren Tian is really getting married, he can't sell Ren Xinzheng and Linglan's house, but he can sell the old couple's house. Ling Lan disagreed with her parents selling the house for them, and felt that Ren Xin was very famous in the Chinese medicine field, but when he was about to retire, he left his family in vain. He was worried that outsiders would look down on him, and said that the tree was a big attraction. That's how Buffett started his business. Ren Xinzheng disagreed with his wife's opinion. Chinese medicine is to cure diseases and save people, not for profit, let alone to run a teacher-in-training class.

Linglan couldn't bear to let her parents' house be sold, so she found out her and Ren Xinzheng's real estate.

On this day, Liu Zihong, Liu Changqing's son, came to find Toutou Sun. He mysteriously asked Toutou Sun to go out, and then gave her a small wooden box. It turned out that Liu Changqing's ginseng had been stolen by his son! Sun Toutou originally planned to be a quiet person in the future, but seeing such a bad thing really made her break her precept, and immediately beat Liu Zihong to death.

On this day, a foreign patient came to the Chinese Medicine Center. This is a Frenchman. Because of her lung problem, Western medicine treatment did not work for a long time. She came to China after many inquiries.


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