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Sun Toutou was worried that Ren Tianzhen and Liu Changqing went to dig ginseng together, so he followed. When digging ginseng, a poisonous snake suddenly appeared beside him. Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou were digging ginseng with bare hands, looking at the hissing snake The poisonous snake, Ren Tianzhen told Toutou Sun not to be afraid, and asked Toutou Sun to give him his hand. At this moment, the poisonous snake bit Ren Tianzhen's wrist.

Seeing that Ren Tianzhen was bitten, Sun Toutou panicked, and immediately asked Liu Changqing to call for someone, but Liu Changqing was still worried that he would get lost in the mountains, so he stood timidly by the side. Sun Toutou immediately tried to find a way. There must be antidote herbs in the place, Sun Toutou hurriedly looked for the antidote nearby, chewed it in his mouth, put it on Ren Tianzhen, and then used acupuncture to control it.

After a while, people from the mentoring class came, and everyone rescued the unconscious Ren Tianzhen. Toutou Sun stood outside nervously all night. If Ren Tianzhen made a mistake, how would she explain to her master and mother? Toutou Sun was very scared. Sure enough, after a long night, Ren Tianzhen still didn't wake up, the teacher couldn't take it anymore, she rushed out and scolded Sun Toutou severely, she felt that Ren Tianzhen had always been obedient, it was impossible to go to the mountain to dig ginseng in the middle of the night, Sun Toutou must have encouraged her of. Sun Toutou explained that it wasn't her, but Liu Changqing's instigation, Linglan didn't believe it at all, and insisted on driving Sun Toutou away.

Seeing that his wife was really angry, Sun Toutou cried and begged Master to intercede for her, but now that Linglan was angry, Ren Xinzheng asked Sun Toutou to go down the mountain first. Finally Ren Tianzhen woke up, he told his mother the whole story, this time it was really not Sun Toutou's fault, Sun Toutou had been persuading him to listen to Ren Xinzheng from the beginning to the end. Linglan knew that Toutou Sun was wrong, and when she heard that Ren Tianzhen was worried that Toutou Sun would go down the mountain, Linglan hurriedly asked Ren Xinzheng to call Toutou Sun.

Originally, Ren Xin asked Zhao Liquan to send Sun Toutou down the mountain, but Sun Toutou was worried about Ren Tianzhen's illness, so he asked Zhao Liquan to go back first, and report to her immediately if there was anything wrong. As a result, when Sun Toutou was going down the mountain, he encountered a child with epilepsy relapse. His father was anxiously calling for help.

Sun Toutou and the child's father personally sent the patient to the health center in the town, and it was finally safe. The child's father was very grateful to Sun Toutou, and couldn't help kneeling down to thank him. Sun Toutou immediately helped him up. She never thought of herself Can help a child out of danger, and in such an emergency situation. In order to express his gratitude to Sun Toutou, the child's father gave a fife as a thank you.

Finally, the mobile phone was connected. Ren Tianzhen and Ren Xinzheng went to the town's health center to find Sun Toutou. Sun Toutou was very interested in studying medicine and couldn't wait to learn the real skills, and then healed diseases and saved lives. She begged Sun Toutou to forgive her for being self-willed and domineering before, vowed to behave well in the future, and asked her master to make a letter to accept her as an apprentice in the future. Ren Xinzheng reminded her that she had written the letter a long time ago, but Sun Toutou would just study hard in the future. Sun Toutou remembered that on the first day he went to the clinic, Ren Xinzheng forced Sun Toutou to go to the clinic earlier and paid her wages. Worried about Sun Toutou's rebirth, Ren Xinzheng wrote her a note.

The students in the mentoring class went back to school and found that the Chinese medicine classroom had been vacated and the Chinese medicine industrial park was closed down. Liu Changqing ran to say that he was ashamed of everyone, but the wild ginseng suddenly disappeared. He had carefully locked it in the small wooden box of the safe and took it out. When I gave it to the sponsor, I found that the small wooden box was empty.

The traditional Chinese medicine doctor's class was in danger of being dismissed again, and Sun Toutou's classmates began to pack their bags again, preparing to find another plan. Toutou Sun comforted everyone not to be discouraged. She knows a lot of people. These days, she will inquire about some cheap and good places to rent, and then contact everyone to study together.


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