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My best friend has no objection to Zhao Liquan himself, but thinks that living with him will be very stressful in the future. Xing Xing’s thoughts are understandable. She wants to find someone with better family conditions. Sun Toutou asked her best friend why she didn’t look for her in her hospital, and her best friend said frankly: Get married now It’s not just about emotional aspects, it’s more about economic conditions. Everyone wants to find someone with good economic conditions and a strong family background, so they would rather be single than rush through.

The two chatted, Xing Xing asked Sun Toutou about his current situation. Regarding the future marriage, Sun Toutou hadn't thought about it, but her conditions were too poor. At least Zhao Liquan still had a family, but Sun Toutou didn't even have a family. No, so finding a partner is a fantasy for her, especially in the city where there are various measures and comparisons. Now Toutou Sun just wants to study medicine well, master some skills, and be able to earn a living in the future. Everything Sun Toutou said was true, Xing Xing asked her if she had any opinion on Ren Tianzhen? Sun Toutou guessed that Ren Tianzhen liked Mengmeng, and Linglan also knew that her son liked Mengmeng.

Shiyan went on a blind date, and Yang Xiaohong happened to be at the same restaurant. Shiyan heard that Yang Xiaohong made various evaluations on the blind date man, and asked him in detail whether he had a family history of genetic diseases, his monthly income, etc., and even gave him back Sent out the IQ test form. The blind date man heard that Yang Xiaohong’s previous job had an annual salary of three million yuan, and treated Yang Xiaohong differently, saying that Yang Xiaohong met his standards. Finally, Yang Xiaohong saw that the blind date man had high myopia, so she eliminated him completely. She believed that high myopia was inherited The chances are very high. In order to have a perfect next generation, Yang Xiaohong rejected the other party without hesitation.

Shiyan listened to it and thought it was very interesting. He was also on a blind date. The other girl thought that the local hospital where Shiyan worked was not well-known. Anyway, Shiyan didn't like the blind date girl. Self-referral. Yang Xiaohong didn't care, there was another blind date, but the other party had to leave temporarily, so Yang Xiaohong wanted to visit Chen Hui temporarily, so she asked Shiyan to accompany her to pick out gifts.

As Yang Xiaohong, who has no experience in parenting, she doesn't know how to choose a gift. Fortunately, Shiyan is a pediatrician and knows very well about the items that babies need, so she quickly arranged the gifts.

Went to see Chen Hui's baby, and heard the baby's name was "Nianhong". Chen Hui explained that she named her daughter to let the child remember Yang Xiaohong, who saved a mother and child in the heavy rain. Yang Xiaohong's eyes immediately turned red up. She used to be busy with her career, but suddenly saw the impermanence of life. After learning Chinese medicine, she delivered a new life, which was a precious life experience for her. After Shiyan heard Chen Hui's story, it turned out that Yang Xiaohong still had such a gentle side, which gave him a better understanding of Yang Xiaohong.

The mountain people took Ren Xinzheng and the disciples of the mentoring class to see the mountain ginseng. Sun Toutou heard what Ren Tianzhen and the mountain people said. It turns out that a thousand-year-old ginseng is worth hundreds of millions, which is really worth it to Sun Toutou. According to the guidance of the mountain people, they finally saw the century-old ginseng plant. The group was about to pray to the mountain god when suddenly there was lightning and thunder, and it was about to rain heavily. , Ginseng is protected by the mountain god, and now the weather has changed, which proves that the mountain god does not agree with them to dig ginseng. Now that the mountain people said so, everyone immediately evacuated down the mountain.

Liu Changqing was in a hurry to find Ren Xinzheng. He heard that he had taken the students from the mentoring class to dig treasures, and then went to the mountain. Hearing that Ren Xinzheng and the others found a century-old ginseng, they immediately moved their minds, saying that his money was cheated for buying medicine, and now he was planning to mortgage the land in the Chinese medicine park. Once it was auctioned, there would be no mentoring class in the future. Ren Xinzheng said that the wild ginseng cannot be dug now, and he will not find it if he goes back. After the master left, Shiyan couldn't help muttering that Sun Toutou had tied the fluorescent rope quietly, so he should be able to find it.

In the evening, Liu Changqing narrated his bankruptcy with blood and tears, and Sun Toutou couldn't help being moved, but the master told him not to dig, and she also firmly believed not to dig, but Ren Tianzhen moved his mind, he really wanted to keep the mentoring class, So he decided to take the risk to dig ginseng, but Sun Toutou tried every means to persuade him, but he just refused to listen. Since Ren Tianzhen was determined to dig ginseng, Toutou Sun worried that he would not be safe alone, so he decided to go with him.


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