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Ren Tianzhen, who is pure by nature, saw Toutou Sun and called her a liar, that is, a food delivery person. Of course, he couldn't do it when his father asked him to carry luggage.

In the evening, Ren Xinzheng severely criticized his son's unreasonable behavior, but Ren Tianzhen didn't understand that if a food delivery person knew Chinese medicine, his seven years of university studies would be wasted. Different from Ren Tianzhen's growth environment, Ren Tianzhen's family practiced medicine in his family, and his parents, grandparents are all experts in Chinese medicine. Ren Tianzhen believes that everything related to medicine is very strict, and he will definitely not do anything like Sun Toutou. rice thing.

Early in the morning, Ren Tianzhen's family members sat around to eat together. They consulted each other as usual, and they could tell from the pulse that there was something wrong with the other person's body. Yes, to the surprise of the old man. While washing the dishes, Ren Xinzheng's wife asked him how he made it. Ren Xinzheng smiled. Last night, he smelled the ice cream scoop that the old man left in the kitchen, so he naturally knew what he ate.

All the staff of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center arrived, but Mr. Sun was still missing. Ren Xinzheng went to her home in person, and found that this person was sleepy, as if he hadn't woken up from a big dream, and he didn't look like a traditional Chinese medicine inheritor at all. Ren Xinzheng asked her why she didn't come to work. Sun sat on the ground and raised the price, saying that yesterday was the price for group performances, and being a queen would require an additional price increase. In order to urge her to study hard, Ren Xinzheng promised to give 4,800 yuan a month, and immediately set up a letter to prove it.

Unexpectedly, she got a monthly salary of 48008, and was able to enter an admirable industry to study medicine. This is a "pie" that Sun Toutou has never seen before. She immediately bought desserts, opened champagne and roommates Celebrating together, I really feel that stepping on dog shit will not be so lucky. The roommate reminded her that she must be on guard against others. Toutou Sun thought about what happened in the past two days, and felt that she was a poor person, and the other party would not want to get anything from her .

Ren Xinzheng resigned from school, and heard Sun Toutou say that she likes catching dolls the most. I think this game should be interesting. In order to let his wife not blame him, Ren Xinzheng specially invited his wife to go to the mall to catch dolls. He quickly told about his resignation, and asked Song Linglan to help him go to school to get back the books he had left there.

Seeing the books piled up on the entire wall, Song Linglan tidied up and complained that Ren Xinzheng did not consider her feelings. Song Linglan had a considerate mother Zhang Jiru. She comforted Song Linglan. Ren Xinzheng cared about the world and did things with his own The idea is to be considerate of each other.

Ren Xinzheng is planning to set up a master class of Chinese medicine. The study venue and enrollment plan have already been planned. In the evening, an old friend came uninvited. This person is leaning on a cane with a painful expression on his face and asked Ren Xinzheng to help him. This person is very familiar with Ren Xinzheng. Said that he had traveled abroad and could not turn a blind eye to the temptation of seafood. As a result, he relapsed from eating too much gout. Ren Xinzheng's acupuncture soon allowed him to stand without crutches. When his friend heard that he wanted to hold a master class of Chinese medicine, he immediately provided the venue for free.

Having successfully obtained a place to study, Ren Xinzheng continued to discuss with his wife to provide the dormitory and meals for medical students at their own expense, so that the students can not only enhance understanding, but also establish rules early. For all the ideas of Ren Xinzheng's learning art, his wife almost gave her full support. This time, she heard that she had to go out to pay the money in person, and she complained a little, but as a Chinese medicine lover, she knew the significance of this matter and did not refuse. Husband's suggestion.


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