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Sun Toutou heard that Ren Tianzhen was going to go bungee jumping. He couldn't take such a risk during the Chinese New Year. He immediately stopped Ren Tianzhen from doing dangerous projects, and told him righteously that everyone has only one life, and his life is not only His alone. Hearing these words, Ren Tianzhen was very curious. He usually runs red lights and takes all kinds of risky actions, but this grandson actually knows how to persuade people to cherish life.

Zhao Liquan also went home, and everyone in the village greeted him. Zhao Liquan brought some special products to the elders in his hometown. The younger brother tasted the candy in the city and kept saying it was delicious. Liquan's father had a knee pain, which has been in pain for a long time. Zhao Liquan gave him a massage. He analyzed that his father must have been angry and blocked for a long time. His father couldn't help complaining. Zhao Liquan's younger brother insisted on going to school, but according to the current situation , I can't afford to support two college students.

Zhao Liquan felt that if he didn't study, there would be no way out, but his parents had their own ideas. The two old people were old and needed a son by their side. If they both went to the city, there would be no one to take care of them at home, and no one would inherit the family business. Not only that, but the old couple insisted on him going on a blind date, and suggested that the village chief's daughter is very suitable. If his family can climb up to this kind of relative, he will be able to walk sideways in the village in the future. Zhao Liquan just didn't want to go, and kept dragging behind, refusing to move forward.

It was the first time for Sun Toutou to celebrate the New Year at home, making dumplings, posting Spring Festival couplets, and having reunion dinners with her family. Everything was new to her. The old people stepped on or tied balloons to play together. The house was very lively with the addition of Sun Toutou, and Ling Lan felt that her little heart couldn't take it when she heard the ping-pong-pong sound in the house.

In the evening, Zhao Liquan's mother asked him why he didn't want to go on a blind date, and if he had someone he liked. Zhao Liquan thought about it and said no, if he did, he would definitely take it home and let his mother meet. In the dead of night, he walked outside the house, looked at the fireworks in the sky, and couldn't help but think of the stars in the city—the partner he lived in, that warm and hearty city girl, but regretted that his family was poor and had nothing.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Ren Tianzhen's grandparents gave out red envelopes to the juniors. It was the first time that Sun Toutou had such a sense of ritual. She also called the master and the mother to kowtow to them and say auspicious blessings. It was the first time I received a red envelope from the elders, it was so thick, Sun Toutou was overjoyed, on weekdays, Sun Toutou often called Ren Tianzhen’s grandson, at this time Ren Tianzhen asked her to give out red envelopes too, and when he heard Ren Tianzhen really started calling her "Grandma", Tou Sun covered his wallet tightly and ran away.

I originally wanted to rest for two days during the Chinese New Year, but there were more and more patients in the medical center, and there was even a quarrel because of the queuing. Toutou Sun showed his strengths and taught them a lesson mercilessly. Everyone quickly lined up obediently and stopped making noise. up. One of the patients felt uncomfortable every time he ate and drank. At this time, he anxiously hugged Ren Xinzheng's thigh.

One day, Zhao Liquan was late to the hospital, and Toutou Sun asked him what was the matter. Zhao Liquan was still sweating, saying that Xingxing was sick and had a fever in the morning. He had just boiled the medicine and gave Xingxing a dose. Hearing that his best friend was sick, Sun Toutou asked for leave from the hospital, and then hurried to visit his best friend.

Sun Toutou took the pulse of his best friend Xingxing, and saw that his best friend talked about the sweetness on Zhao Liquan's face. The two had been together for a while, so Sun Toutou tentatively asked his best friend what his impression of Zhao Liquan was.


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