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After being reminded by Sun Toutou, Liu Changqing realized that giving the child a diagnosis list for depression would have a negative impact on the child's future, so he dropped the matter. This time, Ren Xinzheng learned to deal with the problem tactfully, and Sun Toutou was very reasonable, and Liu Changqing got the answer he wanted.

In the early morning, Yang Xiaohong met Chen Hui, a pregnant woman who was about to give birth in the mountains. She went over and saw that it was her wife who was traveling with her. Location not found. Seeing that Chen Hui was in excruciating pain, the ambulance was too late, and Ren Xinzheng hadn't answered the phone for a long time. Yang Xiaohong thought that Chen Hui's husband had collapsed and died suddenly beside her, and she couldn't let the same thing happen again. Here, Yang Xiaohong plucked up the courage to deliver Chen Hui.

Ren Xin was seeing a doctor at the time, and Jian Xi's condition was getting worse and worse. She even suspected that the 300-year-old tile was a cover to encourage her. Ren Xin was examining her pulse and carefully persuading her. Jian Xi is now in despair. To the point where she wanted to commit suicide, Ren Xinzheng encouraged her to still cooperate with the treatment. Her life was not just hers. The prescription was recorded in ancient books, which proved that there were precedents, so she could not give up hope.

With the help of Yang Xiaohong, Chen Hui finally gave birth, and soon the ambulance arrived, and Chen Hui was rescued. Yang Xiaohong finally breathed a sigh of relief, she learned how to deliver the baby, and there was no recurrence of similar sudden death, she had great confidence . Ren Xinzheng connected the phone, Yang Xiaohong reported the thrilling scene to Ren Xinzheng just now, and cried excitedly while talking.

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, Linglan is doing homework for Ren Xinzheng, Mengmeng will be taken by her parents to foreign amusement parks and museums, but Sun Toutou has no place to go. Ren Xinzheng suggested that Toutou Sun celebrate the New Year with them. Linglan still can't fully accept Sun Toutou, saying that Sun Toutou had too many negative points before, and although he has made some progress now, he still often gets into trouble. Hearing that his wife was busy with housework all day, Ren Xinzheng said that this year he would do the housework himself.

Early in the morning, Linglan came out of her bedroom and saw Ren Xin mopping the floor. It was as if she had discovered a new world. She had been married for decades and had never seen a man doing housework. Linglan happily went downstairs, but she didn't expect that Ren Xinzheng's mop was very wet. Linglan slipped on her feet and fell down the stairs, but even so, she was happy with her husband's progress and told him not to stop the mop in his hand and continue working.

Sun Toutou quietly looked at the medical book that his teacher's mother had taken back then. She wanted to see Jian Xi's traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, but found that the medical book in her teacher's hand was actually an account book. . Ren Xinzheng told her earnestly that Chinese medicine, as a doctor, must give hope to patients. Living is a very good thing, and you should not give up hope just because you can't stand up. Besides, Zhu Xia and Jian Xi are dependent on each other. If something happens to Jian Xi, Zhu Xia What to do in the future.

After being enlightened by the master, Sun Toutou suddenly felt that he was too vulgar, and what he did honestly had to be judged according to the situation. Once he told Jian Xi that there was no cure, the young girl’s heart would be so desperate. It would be terrible to live in the shadow of darkness every day. things.


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