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Seeing that Ren Tianzhen was going out to find a house to live in, Sun Toutou did ideological work for Ren Tianzhen. No one would want to hurt his mother's heart for an outsider. Sun Toutou couldn't help but remind Ren Tianzhen not to be stupid. The innocent mother must draw a clear line with Ren Tianzhen, so as not to collude with this white-eyed wolf. Ren Tianzhen was sure that his mother was only temporarily angry, and he was confident in persuading her to let Mengmeng stay.

Linglan quietly went to her son and asked him if he was interested in Mengmeng. Ren Tianzhen immediately denied it. He said that Mengmeng was a patient and that he was only a doctor and had the responsibility to take care of the patients. In order to keep an eye on her son, Linglan agreed to let Mengmeng stay at their house.

Frost will come in a few days, and Ren Xin is taking the students from the mentoring class to pick herbs. This is the key to the growth of aconite. The environment in which aconite grows is extremely special. Ren Tianzhen drove the mountain road for a long time.

It was originally a boring journey, but with Sun Toutou, there was singing in the car for a while, and someone was telling jokes, the whole process was very easy. Ren Tianzhen heard that Sun Toutou chose a song in the car, it was very quiet Seeing Sun Toutou looking out of the window thoughtfully from the rearview mirror, Ren Tianzhen couldn't help but wonder, this Sun Toutou is still a very delicate person.

Parked the car at the foot of the mountain, and the students in the mentoring class had to hike for a long time on the mountain road. Collecting herbs was a difficult process, but everyone didn’t cry out that they were tired. The mountain people knew they were coming, and they had cooked it carefully. More than five hours of chicken soup. Everyone smelled the aroma and picked up chopsticks to eat.

Ren Xinzheng told his family that this chicken soup is very nourishing and contains aconite, which is slightly poisonous, so it needs to be boiled continuously for more than four hours. Sun Toutou ate with great relish, and when he heard that it was slightly poisonous, he deliberately pretended to be very strange, saying that he was an inheritor, and he could not eat poisonous things. Countless people were still waiting for them to make contributions. Everyone laughed.

The mountain people admired Ren Xinzheng very much. Originally, they were a place where birds don’t shit, but Ren Xinzheng came. After inspecting this mountain road, he found it suitable for growing aconite, so he led the people in the village to plant herbs and collected them according to the time. The villagers finally With wages, many people have been lifted out of poverty. Ren Xin is providing planting technology, and has signed a contract, and will buy it when the time comes, so that the villagers have no worries at all.

Ren Xinzheng not only came to check the growth of the medicinal materials, but also gave free consultations to the local mountain people to popularize the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Many students can always feel a kind of great love around Ren Xinzheng.

Yang Xiaohong checked in at the hotel with everyone, and there were nearly 20 people checking in at the same time. There were two waiters at the front desk, but only one was busy. Continue to pursue.

Yang Xiaohong came to the room and saw that all the towels had not been changed since she checked in. She felt that the towels in the hotel should be changed for each guest. Yang Xiaohong could not accept it. She asked all the towels to be dry and tidy, but the waiter just He insisted on refusing to change, and seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel, Toutou Sun hurried over with the clothes and asked the waiter if there was a washing machine, and she wanted to use the washing machine to wash the dirty clothes. Sun Toutou and the waiter could talk. Seeing that the washing machine in the hotel was full of potatoes and sweet potatoes, he and the waiter took out these mountain products, and then wiped and restarted the laundry.

It turned out that the staff of the hotel did not know how to use a fully automatic washing machine. Sun Toutou wrote down each step in detail and showed it to the waiter, but the waiter was worried that he would make too much and would make mistakes in the future. I took the initiative to clean the glass, and then I fell off the stool and broke my leg, so the waiter learned a lesson and stopped actively looking for work.

Hearing that the waiter was worried about falling his leg again, Toutou Sun found a magic glass-cleaning tool and used a long retractable rod to clean the glass. Not only did he not have to worry about being out of reach, but he also wiped it very clean. very happy. Ren Xinzheng nodded in satisfaction when he saw that everyone in the hotel was cleaning the glass under the leadership of Sun Toutou. He used this to encourage Yang Xiaohong to imitate Sun Toutou's down-to-earth and patience. Under the influence of Sun Toutou, Yang Xiaohong finally understood where he was wrong.

Liu Changqing brought his son Liu Zihong to the medical center to find Ren Xinzheng. He asked Ren Xinzheng to give his son a diagnosis of depression. Liu Zihong had excellent grades, but in the third year of high school, Liu Zihong was obsessed with hip-hop dancing and insisted on joining the training group. Liu Changqing really had nothing to do with his son, so he brought his son to the door to ask for help.

Ren Xinzheng asked Liu Zihong a few questions, and found that he had a clear mind and fluent answers. It was indeed a lie to give such a young man a diagnosis of depression. Afraid of offending Liu Changqing, he asked Sun Toutou to make a decision. Sun Toutou felt that issuing a certificate would affect Liu Zihong in the future. Sun Toutou did ideological work for Liu Zihong and advised him to study hard this year, but Liu Zihong was determined to take part in the competition this year and take the road of art. Seeing that the boy was determined to participate in the competition this year, Sun Toutou comforted Liu Changqing to give the child Freedom, anyway, it's just this year, it's better to generously ask the teacher for leave.


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