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Early the next morning, Sun Toutou went to the antique shop where Ren Tianzhen sold the pendant yesterday. Before the store opened, Sun Toutou found out that Ling Lan had also come. The two of them knew each other, but they both knew why the other party appeared. it's here.

Linglan asked the shop owner about the pendant that Ren Tianzhen came here to sell yesterday, and she was going to buy it back at the price, but the shop owner said that the brand was sold last night, and even the monitoring system was broken, so she couldn’t find it at all, Linglan felt that the shop owner He was stealing jacks and playing tricks, but he had no evidence, so he had to suffer from being dumb.

Linglan was distracted when she got home. Ren Xinzheng saw something was wrong and asked what was going on. Linglan faltered and said that the child's badge seemed to be really lost. Ren Xinzheng finally realized that Ren Tianzhen must have done something bad, so he went back to Ren Tianzhen's room and gave him a hard lesson. He punished Ren Tianzhen for misplaced things since he was a child, that pendant was so important to him that he was able to lose it, and asked Ren Tianzhen where he went yesterday and where he lost his things. Ren Xinzheng became more and more angry, and Sun Toutou couldn't bear to let Ren Tianzhen and Ren Xinzheng have such an argument during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so he immediately stood up and whispered that he had taken Ren Tianzhen's things, because money was a little tight recently, so he stole them and sold them to pawnshop.

Ren Xinzheng was very angry, and immediately punished her to go out to stand. Sun Toutou went out to stand on horseback without saying a word. The sun was so bright. This time she was punished firmly under the scorching sun. Linglan asked Ren Tianzhen to give Sun Toutou something to support his waist , Sun Toutou did not accept it, worried that Ren Xinzheng would be even more angry when he saw it. Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou were punished together, and Linglan went to speak well to Ren Xinzheng, telling him not to be so harsh on Ren Tianzhen in the future, hitting or scolding, never having a good word. Linglan was about to let the two of them rest for a while when Toutou Sun suddenly fainted.

Ren Xinzheng immediately asked Linglan to use moxibustion to help Sun Toutou wake up. Sun Toutou's spleen and stomach were too weak, so Ren Xinzheng gave her two medicines. Sun Toutou woke up leisurely, and she told Ren Tianzhen that the reason why Ren Xinzheng was strict with him was because he loved him, and that Ren Xinzheng could understand any mistakes she made, except that he was not good to Ren Tianzhen, this is enough proof , At the end, Toutou Sun also said that he envied Ren Tianzhen very much, and told him to be sensible in the future. He was the only child in the family, and he was the only grandson of the two elderly people in the family. Without him, it would be more lively and boring.

On the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xu Meng's parents called Ren Xinzheng, saying that Xu Meng was gone. Run away from home. Ren Tianzhen went to Xu Meng's house with his father, and when he heard the ins and outs of the matter, Ren Tianzhen was very angry and accused Xu Meng's mother of not forcibly ordering the children, but should consider them from their perspective, respect their decisions, and give them freedom. Ren Xinzheng immediately stopped Ren Tianzhen from continuing, so Ren Tianzhen ran out to find Xu Meng.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen searched all day, but there was still no clue when they returned home at night. Ren Tianzhen called Mengmeng's name softly in the narrow corridor where Ren Tianzhen arrived home, and the door slowly opened, Xu Meng was really at home! Ren Tianzhen called Mengmeng's name very patiently, she had never seen her son so attentive before, Linglan was even a little angry, and immediately wanted to hold a family meeting.

Linglan announced in front of her family that there should not be so many girls in the family, and asked Ren Xinzheng to call Xu Meng's parents and let her go home the next day. Xu Meng ran away from home this time, in case one day she After leaving the hospital, how should I explain to Xu Meng's parents? Ling Lan made sense, but Ren Tianzhen immediately stood up and said that if Xu Meng was really going to be kicked out, he would also move out with Xu Meng. live. Linglan was so angry that she was even more angry when she saw Ren Xinzheng in her room at night. However, Ren Xinzheng enlightened her that women should not be too narrow-minded, if Ren Tianzhen really cares about the patients, it would be a benevolent doctor.


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