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Ren Xinzheng originally wanted to educate Sun Toutou, but he didn't expect to be taught by Sun Toutou, and his analysis was logical. Ren Xinzheng knew that he was wrong, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that what he did in the morning was wrong. Finally, he realized his mistake and asked Linglan Called to apologize. The first time she received a call from a man, it was about apologizing, Linglan was a little puzzled, and asked her mother if something was wrong? Anyway, men are late blooming animals, so my mother asked her to be more patient.

At night, everyone was talking about delicious food in the world, and beggar’s chicken was one of them. It was the first time Sun Toutou heard about the way of making roasted chicken with mud and lotus leaves. When he was feasting, he was discovered by the owner of the chicken, and he was caught on the spot. At that time, Sun Toutou was still eating with his mouth full of oil. Ren Xinzheng had never been caught for such a thing before, but it was because his apprentice stole someone else's chicken!

Ren Xinzheng criticized Toutou Sun in public, saying that she was simply a monster, carrying Sun Xiaohong to the hospital in the afternoon, and stealing chickens from the mountain people at night, which is really mocking. After the master left, Sun Toutou's classmates couldn't help laughing. Sun Toutou just felt that he was at a loss.

Ren Xin was leading his students to identify herbs on the mountain. Sun Toutou helped the farmer clean the chicken coop when he had nothing to do. On this day, the farmer gave her two chickens as a token of appreciation for Sun Toutou's good deeds. A piggy bank, he told Sun Toutou that every time he did a good deed in the future, he would put a coin into the piggy bank until the piggy bank was full, and then Sun Toutou would be able to graduate. "Beggar's chicken", the students ate this meal very sweetly, and even Sun Toutou couldn't help saying that the chicken was very delicious. Sun Toutou also wondered that it was much better than what she made last night. Ren Xinzheng reminded her that with various herbs and careful cooking for three hours, it was naturally better than the chicken she made hastily when she was guilty.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. In the evening, Ren Xin is cooking glutinous rice balls for everyone. Thinking that the mentoring class will be on holiday, Sun Toutou is a little depressed. She has no home. She usually works crazy overtime at this time to earn three times the salary. Now she is studying medicine. No more food deliveries, so Ren Xinzheng suggested going to his house to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Sun Toutou was overjoyed when he heard that.

During the vacation, Ren Tianzhen told his father with his schoolbag on his back that he was going to the library to read. Ren Xinzheng asked him to bring Sun Toutou with him, and urged Sun Toutou to study hard in the future and make up for the cultural knowledge he lacked before. Being blamed by Ren Xinzheng for his low level of education, Toutou Sun followed Ren Tianzhen to the library very obediently.

Walking out of the house, Ren Tianzhen reminded Toutou Sun that he could make an appointment to gather at night, and he wanted to play with his own business. Tou Tou Sun disagreed and insisted that Ren Tianzhen take her with him. Since Tou Tou Sun swore that he would never tell his father, Ren Tianzhen simply took her out to play.

Ren Tianzhen usually looks cute and sensible, but she did not expect that she would actually play extreme sports in her spare time, even skydiving and bungee jumping. Play that extreme sport.

Ren Tianzhen played bungee jumping, crazy racing, skydiving, etc., and chatted with Sun Toutou during the break. Ren Tianzhen admitted that although he was born in a better environment than Sun Toutou, but since he was a child, he could feel countless pairs of eyes staring at him, like Staring at the lifeblood of the whole family is the same, so although Sun Toutou's family environment is not as good as his, he lives a free and easy life.

Ren Tianzhen took Sun Toutou to the antique shop, and untied the pendant around his neck in front of Sun Toutou. He only knew it was agarwood, but he didn't know its priceless value. When he heard that the shop owner gave him 100,000 yuan, Ren Tianzhen proudly sold the pendant.

In the evening, when the family was having dinner, Ren Tianzhen said that the pendant was accidentally lost. Ling Lan was surprised that the pendant cost at least hundreds of thousands. Sun Toutou was even more shocked when he heard that, and couldn't help muttering that he would have known it earlier. Got it back.


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