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After Mr. Dong’s massage, Uncle Tao’s old problems in the waist were much relieved. He stood up and walked around with ease. Uncle Tao lamented the miraculous effects of Chinese medicine. Sun Toutou wanted to learn this massage technique very much. Many fellow workers had similar problems. Dong The teacher didn't show mercy, saying that now Toutou Sun is not a student in the mentoring class, so naturally there is no need to teach. Uncle Tao persuaded Sun Toutou to apologize to Ren Xinzheng quickly, and even pulled Sun Toutou to Ren Xinzheng, explaining to Ren Xinzheng that even if Sun Toutou went back to deliver food, he would still copy a Chinese medicine prescription every day.

Standing in front of Ren Xinzheng, although Sun Toutou regretted it very much, seeing Ren Xinzheng's stern gaze, she still couldn't open her mouth. She even greeted Master. Uncle Tao regretted that Sun Toutou did not apologize to Master after all.

Not long after, Sun Toutou’s food delivery was abnormal and was broadcast live. It turned out that the customer wrote the wrong address. Sun Toutou called the customer when he delivered it. The customer was not at home at the time and asked her to put the things at the door. Sun Toutou According to the customer's request, the takeaway was left at the door. Later, I found out that the customer had written the wrong address, and there was a diamond ring for marriage proposal in the package. The customer took Sun Toutou to ask for it from the owner who misplaced it. The owner insisted that he didn’t see it. Maybe P&G cleaned it and took it away. The problem was that there was no cleaning staff upstairs at that time. In front of the owner, she asked her to go back to the room and search for it. The owner was aggressive and insisted that he didn’t see it, so anyone who had something to do would post this video on the Internet.

Ren Xinzheng couldn't bear to see the inheritor of Jiang's acupuncture kneeling in front of people because of something. He immediately asked Ren Tianzhen how much the diamond ring cost. When he heard the price of more than 30,000 yuan, Ren Xinzheng was really embarrassed. Ren Tianzhen suddenly thought that once Mengmeng said that their Maoyan has its own monitoring, maybe there is a camera opposite the delivery room, so Ren Tianzhen hurriedly took Zhao Liquan to the place where the incident happened to find Toutou Sun.

In the end, the owner heard that there was monitoring, so he took out the courier package that Sun Toutou had delivered by mistake, and returned it to Zhao. It was obvious that the owner wanted to take it for himself. If Ren Tianzhen hadn't rescued it in time, Sun Toutou would be in trouble again. Toutou Sun stood up silently, put his hat back on and left without saying a word. Seeing Sun Toutou's back made Ren Tianzhen and Zhao Liquan very sad. They had never seen Sun Toutou in such a decadent state in the medical center.

In the evening, when Uncle Tao heard what happened to Toutou Sun, he felt that she would rather kneel down to the unscrupulous owner than kneel down to the master without saving face. Isn't this putting the cart before the horse? Uncle Tao enlightened her that if she could practice medicine in the future, she would not only be able to cure diseases and save lives, but also be more decent in the future, at least she would not meet some disgusting clients like today. Uncle Tao's words hit Sun Toutou's mind. The next day, Sun Toutou took the notes he wrote after leaving the mentoring class to the medical clinic, and solemnly apologized to Ren Xinzheng, hoping that Ren Xinzheng would allow her to continue studying.

In the beginning, Ren Xinzheng did not agree quickly in order to let Sun Toutou learn a lesson. Later, the students in the mentoring class interceded for Sun Toutou, and Sun Toutou expressed great remorse, vowing to study medicine well in the future and never to be mischievous again. She was allowed to continue studying in the teacher-in-training class. After going back this time, Toutou Sun has indeed been honest for a long time.

The mentoring class will take all the students out to dig medicinal materials. Ren Xinzheng also left a task for everyone, asking them to make the medicinal materials they dug up into dishes that can be eaten directly, and then compose a poem related to the medicinal materials. Everyone is eager to try , Sun Toutou made lotus seed porridge, and asked Zhao Liquan about the relevant poems and copied them in his palm.

That night was Teacher's Day, and Mengmeng picked two bouquets of flowers, one for Ren Xinzheng and the other for herbalist Qiu Jianxian. Looking at a large bouquet of flowers, Ren Xinzheng asked Sun Toutou to say Happy Teacher's Day to him on a whim. Sun Toutou was busy washing dishes at the time, and she admitted that her gratitude to her mentor was not only on Teacher's Day, but every day she was alive. Ren Xinzheng taught her that she should learn to express, not to keep things in her heart all the time, expressing it at the right time can resolve many unnecessary misunderstandings in the future. Sun Toutou asked Ren Xinzheng why when his teacher asked him to wear a scarf in the morning, Ren Xinzheng not only did not express his gratitude, but insisted on taking off the scarf, and gave his teacher a look. Ren Xinzheng was speechless at what Sun Toutou said.


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