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Sun Toutou and Yang Tianzhen and their party ate a lot of seafood at the temple fair, and they started to have stomach troubles at night, and all of them ran to the toilet together. Sun Toutou had never been like this before. She couldn't help calling her teacher and asking her to save her life.

In the middle of the night, for the sake of the students, the teacher’s wife also got up and cooked Chinese medicine for them. Sun Toutou was holding the traditional Chinese medicine and it was hard to swallow, but the good medicine tasted so bitter. It was really uncomfortable, and some people couldn't bear it, so they started to take Shiyan's antibiotics. Sun Toutou resolutely refused to take western medicine, feeling that she was too sorry for Linglan and Ren Xinzheng, so she stood up in front of everyone and drank the Chinese medicine decoction in one gulp.

After a long night, they were able to get up and go to the clinic the next day. Ren Xinzheng severely criticized them, saying that the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to responsibility. Ren Xinzheng was very angry, and after criticizing him, he decided to disband the mentoring class.

Yang Xiaohong immediately raised her hand, saying that when she went to the temple fair last night, she didn't participate, so she couldn't be implicated. Usually, Yang Xiaohong rarely raises her hand to speak, but now, she is so brave to fight for it. Ren Xinzheng said that everyone in the same pool has shortcomings, Yang Xiaohong explained in every possible way that she had persuaded them not to go, but they didn't listen.

Toutou Sun volunteered to take the responsibility on her alone, saying that she was the one who encouraged everyone to go play and eat seafood. But in fact it was Shiyan's suggestion, and everyone was very happy to follow it. Shiyan was also very guilty of Sun Toutou's behavior, and immediately claimed that he was also responsible, but Sun Toutou insisted that they stay and study hard, and bear the consequences alone. He was criticized by Ren Xinzheng, and Sun Toutou was expelled from the school.

Zhao Liquan chased him out. At the beginning, Toutou Sun let him live in Xing Xing's house, but now he has no place to stay after being kicked out by the medical clinic. Sun Toutou told Zhao Liquan not to worry about her, and to continue to live in Xingxing's house with peace of mind. He also said that she is very capable and can definitely find a place to live. Ren Tianzhen on the side also saw it, and Ren Tianzhen was also very sorry that his classmates took the blame for them.

The mentoring class is still going to continue, but there is no suitable place for the time being. Linglan suggested to Ren Xinzheng that he should find Wang Changqing. In fact, Wang Changqing just wanted to borrow Ren Xinzheng's name and establish a famous industrial park. In order for Liu Changqing to let him continue to rent the classroom, with Linglan's help, Ren Xin was in a hurry to invite Liu Changqing to the banquet, and Wu Shandao also called him. This Wu Shandao is the president of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and there is a university behind him, so it is not a problem. Wu Shandao is good at cooperation, and Liu Changqing and the two hit it off.

Sun Toutou began to run express delivery and takeaway again, and temporarily lived with Uncle Tao. Uncle Tao’s lumbar muscle strain was very serious. This time, the old problem happened again, and he grinned in pain. Go to Ren Xinzheng, hope Ren Xinzheng can help.


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