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Ren Xinzheng taught Sun Toutou to drink, and his alcohol capacity was also very poor. At night, he started to feel sick to his stomach. Ling Lan cooked him sober soup and asked him why he was so patient with Sun Toutou. The medical center, on the other hand, is Toutou Sun. If he is not well trained now, he will have no relationship with Chinese medicine in the future.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum discovered that Zhao Liquan put his clothes and luggage into the medicine cabinet. Ren Xinzheng was a little surprised when he saw that the medicine cabinet was a place for medicinal materials, but it contained Zhao Liquan's unwashed clothes. Sun Toutou whispered that Zhao Liquan went out to work to earn money up.

Linglan knew about Zhao Liquan's family difficulties, so she suggested to Ren Xinzheng that Zhao Liquan should work as a pharmacist in the pharmacy when he was not busy, and let him attend classes when he was in class. Naively interceded together, and finally Ren Xinzheng agreed.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen went to find Zhao Liquan together, and found that he was doing massage in a massage shop on the street. Ren Tianzhen felt that Zhao Liquan's part-time job was an insult to Chinese medicine, but Zhao Liquan felt nothing. Expenses, Zhao Liquan and Ren Tianzhen began to argue with each other. Sun Toutou watched anxiously, and immediately calmed the two of them. She told Zhao Liquan not to interrupt others all the time. This time Ren Tianzhen came to bring him The good news is that the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center can let Zhao Liquan do a part-time job, which kills two birds with one stone. Hearing this result, Zhao Liquan immediately became happy. Being able to study and earn money is really a relief.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Center couldn't stay any longer. At night, Zhao Liquan carried his luggage to Sun Toutou's best friend's place. It was Sun Toutou who asked him to live in Xingxing's house temporarily. Seeing Zhao Liquan carrying the suitcase, Xing Xing couldn't help retreating, and immediately called Sun Toutou and asked her why she arranged a man into her home. Sun Toutou took his personality as a guarantee, saying that Zhao Liquan has a pure character, and there is no problem living with Xingxing. He also said that it is not safe for his best friend to live alone. With Zhao Liquan, in the future, if the cervical spine hurts again, there will be free massages. It was already late for Xing Xing to watch the sky, so he asked Zhao Liquan to stay temporarily.

One of Ren Xinzheng's friends, Zhu Changming, had been troubled by insomnia for many days. He thought he was in poor health, so he began to take supplements crazily. Because his family was an upstart, they also picked ginseng, cordyceps and other precious medicinal materials. When he saw Ren Xinzheng, he exchanged pleasantries. Can't help but tell the other party to prescribe some expensive medicinal materials for him. Ren Xin just suggested that radish and cabbage should be safe, and that tonics should also be prescribed to the case. The chiropractor Ren Xin invited saw Zhu Changming's subconscious frown when he turned around, and immediately judged that his thoracic spine was misaligned, which caused his heart to be oppressed and caused insomnia. Zhu Changming echoed that he always played golf on weekdays, but because of insomnia and lack of energy these days, he didn't even play his favorite golf.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Center held some lumbar and spine courses. Zhao Liquan enthusiastically pushed a swivel chair for the teacher. The teacher took advantage of the opportunity to tell everyone that sitting on this kind of chair is not good for the lumbar spine. He explained the composition of each joint in the human body. It has become a trend for everyone to play with mobile phones on weekdays, and cervical spondylosis must be a common disease in the future.

Suddenly, a group of decorators came to the classroom. The other party claimed that Liu Changqing had signed the decoration contract. Ren Xinzheng was very surprised and called Liu Changqing immediately. Liu Changqing admitted that although he has the feelings of Chinese medicine, he still has to solve the problem of eating. Originally, he lent Ren Xinzheng's classroom to work together, but Ren Xinzheng was not interested in all his cooperation projects. Now Liu Changqing wants to take back his original promise to Ren Xinzheng, not only the classroom, but also the dormitory.

The Chinese medicine class was temporarily on vacation for a few days, Shiyan suggested that the students go to the Tanabata Temple Fair together, everyone clapped their hands and applauded, and immediately formed a group to go, Ren Tianzhen also brought Mengmeng, and put her in a favorite plush toy during the lap.

Ren Xinzheng contacted several classmates with resources but failed to solve the problem of medical school places. He was panicked. At night, his family members were thinking about this matter together. Ren Xinzheng admitted that since the last time he drank in public, he felt uneasy. Now It really became a knot in his heart. Ren Xinzheng's father-in-law encouraged him not to be discouraged. Since childhood, Ren Xinzheng's studies and career have been very smooth. Now that adversity is coming, he deliberately gives him opportunities to exercise.


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