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During the period of observation in the Chinese medicine forum, a friend of Mr. Zheng’s daughter was sick and it was very troublesome. The other party went directly to Ren Xinzheng, hoping to help his daughter with diagnosis and treatment. Shiyan and Zhao Liquan are eager to try, and they both want to show their talents in front of patients. Ren Xinzheng said that although Shiyan is a pediatrician, he belongs to Western medicine. The other party made it clear that they wanted Ren Xinzheng to consult the doctor himself, so Ren Xinzheng asked Shiyan and Ren Tianzhen to accompany Sun Toutou to try Sun Toutou's skills.

This is Sun Toutou's first visit to the doctor. She saw that the little girl not only had a fever but also had eczema. Since the girl didn't like acupuncture or medicine, she made a delicious and nourishing dish by adding medicinal materials to the ingredients. I also stir-fried egg butter with a few egg yolks. Knowing that the little girl is a noble family, I specially named this egg butter. Parents were asked to apply it to their children three times a day. The effect of the medicine was very significant. The mother of the child went to thank her in person and asked where to buy the oil she made last time.

When Sun Toutou told the master that she just made egg butter, Ren Xinzheng was very surprised. He just mentioned it casually in class, but Sun Toutou had memorized all of them. Can't even remember. Ren Xinzheng inspired Yang Xiaohong not only to learn, but also to apply what he learned.

After Cheng Ying became enlightened, she no longer obsessed with it, so she decided to get rid of the pain that had plagued her for many years. She went to Ren Xinzheng to suggest an online class, which could treat those who were sick like her. Cheng Ying used to have illusions, hoping to cheat Her husband changed his mind, and now she felt that it was completely impossible. After cutting off this year, she felt that her life suddenly became brighter.

In the medical clinic, Cheng Ying overheard that Zhu Xia was going to find a medicine primer, and she was going to go for ten days and half a month, worrying that no one would take care of the child. Cheng Ying took the initiative to go to Zhu Xia's side. She could take care of Jian Xi during this time. She took her to the clinic during the day and picked her up at home at night. She also made medicine herself, which happened to make Jian Xi suffer too. Speaking of which, Cheng Ying gave Zhu Xia a bank card, which was her compensation after the divorce, and she gave it all to Zhu Xia, and gave it to Jian Xi for treatment.

Ren Xinzheng was going to participate in a dinner in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. This dinner was specially organized by Liu Changqing. The purpose was to attract Ren Xinzheng to join his industrial park and make money together. The people on the side were doing ideological work for Ren Xinzheng. Now ordinary people love money, while the ancients respected clothes first and then others. Ren Xinzheng has a clear mind, and naturally he will not be brainwashed by these rhetoric. After listening to those lobbying words, he concluded that Chinese medicine does not seek money, and windfall money is even less desirable, and it requires considerable energy to bear it.

Sun Toutou was drinking outside and was punished by Ren Xin to copy the doctor's code. When it was time to hand in his homework, Sun Toutou was unprepared. Ren Tianzhen apologized for what happened last time, so he helped Sun Toutou to copy the medical code. Ren Xinzheng and Linglan knew about it and didn't reveal it. When they collected their homework, they saw a thick pile of transcriptions. From now on, I have to copy every day. Before, it was a punishment, but now it is a daily homework.

After a month of study, Sun Toutou successfully completed her studies, and Ren Xin is about to reward her. Toutou Sun was very curious, thinking about what the reward would be all day long, and Ren Xin was teaching her how to drink in the evening. This is something Sun Toutou never thought about. The master told him that drinking can both nourish and harm the body. For example, Sun Toutou’s cow drink is not good. The best time to drink is from five to seven in the evening. Ears, and to be in peace of mind, a small pour immediately, full of aftertaste in the mouth, and don't be greedy.

When Ren Tianzhen went downstairs, he saw the sunset. Ren Xin was holding a glass of wine to analyze the relationship between wine and Chinese medicine for Sun Toutou. It seemed that his father was always patient and kind when he was teaching others, but he always treated his son the same way. With a serious face, the requirements for doing things are very demanding.


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