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The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, and Zhao Liquan's parents said they would come to see it. Recently, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center announced that it would select some students to participate in the Chinese Medicine Forum, so Zhao Liquan called his parents and told them to come back later.

Ever since Toutou Sun found out that Ren Tianzhen could skateboard, he had to pester Ren Tianzhen to teach her how to skateboard every day. It was stolen from grandpa in order to avenge the personal revenge of being thrown by Sun Toutou last time.

Ren Tianzhen told Toutou Sun that if he wanted to learn skateboarding, he had to pay homage to his teacher, so he expressed his sincerity with wine. However, Sun Toutou is still a bit of a tiger, so he really picked up the can of wine and drank it without thinking. Ren Tianzhen drank a few cans of beer at the side, and he was very satisfied when he saw that Sun Toutou was ugly after being drunk. , this time finally revenge. Ren Tianzhen saw Toutou Sun lying drunk on the recliner in the community, so he walked away alone.

Sun Toutou originally wanted to learn a few tricks from Ren Tianzhen while he was cooking the medicine, but he drank so much that he forgot. The medicine jar was boiled until the soup was dry, and even the jar was cracked. A loud alarm sounded from the kitchen, and the family members were woken up. Ren Xin was running to the kitchen, and when he saw the boiled jar, he asked Linglan to give it to him immediately. Sun Toutou called and asked where she was going.

Mengmeng was awakened, and started screaming in the room again, Ren Tianzhen ran to Mengmeng's room as fast as she could to reassure her that she was fine. Sun Toutou hasn't come back yet, Ren Tianzhen is also a little nervous, Linglan called for a long time, finally someone answered, the security guard in the community said that he only saw the phone, and he saw a woman's shoe beside the river, because Just as someone fell into the water and died, he was surprised to reply on the phone that maybe the owner of the machine jumped into the river.

Ren Xinzheng and Linglan were taken aback, and hurried to the river to find someone, but no one answered after shouting for a long time, Linglan carefully looked at the scene, there were several boxes of takeaway dishes, a pot of rice wine, and a porcelain bowl on the bench. The wine glass, this wine glass belongs to their family. According to Toutou Sun's habit of doing things sloppily, naturally he would not use such a good wine glass to pour wine. Finally, Ren Tianzhen found Toutou Sun in the river. Because he drank too much rice wine, Toutou Sun felt that his whole body was burning uncomfortably, so he jumped into the river to cool down.

Rescuing Toutou Sun home, Linglan called Ren Tianzhen into the room in private and criticized him severely. Fortunately, Toutou Sun was not in danger that night. Lan severely criticized Ren Tianzhen, worrying that he is the only man in the family, and that he will be in charge of the medical clinic in the future, shouldering great responsibilities, and can't do things regardless of the consequences. idea.

In the morning, Ren Xin was sitting around eating breakfast with his family, and saw that Sun Toutou was exhausted, leaning on the railing, with his legs fluttering down the stairs. After tossing all night last night, Ren Xin was asking who she drank with, and Sun Toutou insisted on calling her A person, like the same thing a hundred times, Ren Xinzheng asked her again with the fate of being expelled from the hospital, but Toutou Sun still didn't look at Ren Tianzhen, just stared at the bowl in front of him and said that one person does things and one person is responsible.

Ren Xinzheng naturally knew that Ren Tianzhen was also drinking with him, but his well-educated son kept his head down at the dinner table, not daring to show his breath, which made Ren Xinzheng very disappointed. A few days later, Ren Xin was taking his students to participate in the Chinese Medicine Forum. Ren Tianzhen was worried that Mengmeng would be alone at home, but the number of seats was limited, so Ren Tianzhen asked Zhao Liquan to go back without thinking. Zhao Liquan finally looked forward to this opportunity. Thinking of getting to know more famous people and adding something to his resume in the future, he was in a dilemma. Seeing this, the principal immediately asked Zhao Liquan to take a car with him.

In the car, Zhao Liquan was very grateful to the principal for giving him this opportunity. The principal couldn't help saying that he saw his young self when he saw him. The principal also liked Linglan when he was young, but in the end Linglan chose Ren Xinzheng.


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