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In a restaurant, it was time for dinner. Sun Toutou was nervously handling the pots and spoons in the back kitchen of the restaurant. He made several takeaway orders, and it would be too late. So busy, she managed to finish it quickly by herself. Even the owner of the restaurant thought that this person was a talent. Seeing her going out in a hurry, he reminded her that there was a restaurant hiring a chef for 4,500 a month.

After several intersections on the road, Toutou Sun ran a red light and risked being fined by the traffic police. Finally, he arrived at the destination, but it was still overtime. Zhao Liquan came to borrow Ren Tianzhen's suit, and there was a defense in the afternoon. Ren Tianzhen readily lent his clothes to Zhao Liquan, knowing that he was not financially well-off, so he took the initiative to order takeaway.

Sun Toutou was late, and he immediately apologized to Ren Tianzhen with a smiling face, and said that the school route was too convoluted. While talking, suddenly Sun Toutou's phone rang, it was another order call, and Sun Toutou immediately repeated the same reason Once again, Ren Tianzhen felt that this person's lies came out casually, and he didn't blush when he acted like a liar. Although Toutou Sun had said a lot of apologies, Ren Tianzhen unceremoniously ordered a refund, and there are such hateful people , Sun Toutou threw the takeaway package directly on Ren Tianzhen's head, and then ran to the next order without looking back.

Ren Tianzhen was still wearing the new suit that he was going to defend in the afternoon, and was soaked in soup all over his body. He had never experienced the embarrassment of the scene in his life. In the afternoon defense, he was still immersed in the anger at noon, and he didn't even hear clearly the questions asked by the instructor. Fortunately, the examiner had a father who knew Ren Tianzhen, and he was a teacher-student relationship, so he immediately repeated it to Ren Tianzhen. In this way, the defense passed quickly and smoothly.

When Sun Toutou delivered food, he heard a woman calling for help. The man in the room grabbed and twisted the woman's hair. The woman screamed incessantly. Sun Toutou immediately acted bravely. The girl rescued, she herself was counterattacked by the man, and the two even fought on the floor for several times, but the woman who was rescued next to her didn't help at all. Not only that, but when the police station made a statement, the rescued woman said that Sun Toutou was the instigator, and the reason for the fight was that Sun Toutou did not give good reviews after the delivery time expired.

Toutou Sun was completely convinced that there are still such shameless men in the world, and the rescuer is slandered as the perpetrator instead. Sun Toutou of the police station has become a regular customer. During the process of delivering food, she repeatedly helped others and was not flattering. The police kindly comforted her. In the future, if there is an emergency, they will call the police, and the rest will be handled by the police. Toutou Sun was puzzled. According to the situation at the time, what would happen if he was beaten to death before the police came.

These years, Ren Xinzheng has been looking for the inheritor of Jiang's acupuncture method. Finally, his friend Wu Shandao got the exact news. He found the direct descendant of Jiang's acupuncture method, and even found the photo of the inheritor. Ren Xinzheng went back to discuss this situation with his family. After a while, my father-in-law is also a famous old Chinese doctor. I heard that the girl grew up in an orphanage. Both her parents sacrificed to save others, and her mother is the inheritor of Jiang's acupuncture. What's more, this woman is the inheritor of Jiang's acupuncture method, so she decided to pay the one hundred thousand yuan herself.

Ren Xinzheng brought Sun Toutou out from the police station, and took her to the Chinese Medicine Center. This Sun Toutou was full of scorn, and he didn't look like a person who studied art at all. Ren Xinzheng told her to keep her mouth shut, and she was paid a hundred yuan a day. Not only that, but also free of charge. Learn Chinese medicine. Sun Toutou didn't believe that there was such a good thing in the world at first, until Ren Xinzheng brought her to the Chinese Medicine Hall, surrounded by stars and moons, and so many people paid homage to her, calling her uncle, she was a little flattered. Here comes the naivety.


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