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The news of the Wu family's proposed marriage quickly spread, and many meddlesome people came to interfere, regardless of whether they had actually proposed marriage. No, there was a family named Wang who claimed to have been engaged to the Lin family before, and also said that Ru Lan had seduced the son of the county magistrate's family at the same time. The Lin family originally didn't want to get involved in these chores outside, thinking that those who were clean would clean themselves up, but now, the sewage has been poured in front of their own door, which is intolerable.

But Wang Liu took out Ru Lan's Geng Tie and said that he had a nose and eyes. How can a good person distinguish what is true and what is false? He only said that Ru Lan did not follow the rules of a woman and did not know how to behave. The Lin family are all kind-hearted people, and they can't scold a gangster like Wang Liu, so they have to resort to the Thirty-six Strategies. At present, the medicine shop cannot be opened, so Lin Mu decides to take Ru Lan to Fuyuan Temple to get rid of bad luck.

After worshiping the Buddha and burning incense, Ru Lan still felt depressed, so she went to the back mountain to relax alone. Unexpectedly, she encountered a group of vicious people who seemed to be looking for an injured man. Ru Lan felt that it was not suitable to stay here for a long time, so she planned to go back, but a gentle whimper made her stop. She looked around and saw a tall, strong man lying on the ground covered in blood. Only the occasional sounds from his mouth that were difficult for others to hear proved that he was alive. Rulan didn't want to cause trouble, but she couldn't let go, so she found herbal medicine in the mountains and forests and gave the strong man a simple diagnosis and treatment.

After stopping the bleeding, Rulan took the strong man to the temple woodshed to rest. Several women came out of nowhere and insisted that Ru Lan was having a secret meeting with the man here. The strong man was so angry that he pointed the knife at the woman who was speaking, accusing her of unjustly accusing a good person. Ru Lan was worried that the big knife would hurt someone, so she hurriedly tried to dissuade the strong man. But those women who did good things became even more arrogant and spoke rudely and insulted Ru Lan. Those slanderous spittles almost swallowed up Ru Lan, and no matter how she explained, it would not help. Only then did Ru Lan realize that people didn't care about the truth at all, they only believed in what they believed. At this moment, Meng Wan and the abbot arrived in time to end the farce.

Fortunately, the abbot is also a reasonable person. He knew that the strong man was Feng Er, the second head of Heifeng Village. Because his eldest brother was ill, he robbed the medicinal materials escorted by Changfeng Escort and was hunted here, so he had him sent out of the temple. Later, the abbot handed Ru Lanqiu's signature to her and advised her not to be persistent. But Rulan always believed that things depended on people's efforts, and even if no one helped her, she would continue on.

I thought that Wang Liu's matter would be settled, but unexpectedly, Wang Liu came with someone else that day, saying that he had found evidence that Ru Lan was a promiscuous person. Rulan had already guessed that Wang Liu was arranged by Wu Lian, but at the moment, she really had no way to deal with it. Fortunately, Feng Er was a man of great love and justice. He originally wanted to come to thank Ru Lan for saving her life, but when he saw Wang Liu yelling at Lin's house, he stepped forward to stop him. Hearing the shouting outside, Ru Lan hurried out to check. In order to avoid causing a bigger trouble, Ru Lan had to persuade Feng Er to go back.

There was no movement in the sunflower water this month. Meng Wan became suspicious and hurriedly went to see the doctor. After learning that she was pregnant, she immediately went to find Gao Chengcheng, exposed Wu Lian's true face, and persuaded her to go to court to testify. Gao Chengcheng was angry and annoyed, and finally decided to believe Meng Wan and seek an explanation for himself.

Here, Mrs. Wu personally visited, persuaded the Lin family to give up the lawsuit, and promised to bring Rulan in to protect her temporary prosperity. Although the Lin family's parents loved Ru Lan, they also felt that there was nothing wrong with what Mrs. Wu said. But Rulan herself still persisted, even if she could only go into the mountains to become a nun in the end. But at this moment, the old litigator who promised to go to court for Ru Lan suddenly came and expressed that he wanted to refund the money. Ru Lan was angry, but there was nothing she could do.

Meng Wan's mother thought about arranging a good marriage for Meng Wan, but Meng Wan didn't care until she heard that her distant cousin was a lawyer. Meng Wan found her cousin, who was studying litigation, and asked him to help sue Wu Lian. My cousin is also a person who hates evil and hates evil. He took the initiative to join the litigation school in order to redress the injustices of the wronged people in the world and bring justice to the world.

He asked Ru Lan what she would do if he didn't agree to her. Ru Lan said bluntly, if no one in the world is willing to stand up for her, she will fight this lawsuit to the end. If the magistrate's office fails, then go to the capital and file a lawsuit against the imperial court if it fails. Seeing that Ru Lan was so determined and that there was certified physical evidence, the cousin hesitated for a moment and finally decided to agree to Ru Lan and come out of court for her.


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