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Seven years later, Shen Mu, who was just a righteous but unknown person, transformed into a majestic capital official from the capital. When Sanniang and Liu Xin were in crisis, he extinguished Wu Lian's fire like a timely rain. Sanniang and Liu Xin didn't know Shen Mu's position yet, so they took advantage of the chaos and hid.

Wu Lian wanted to take advantage of the chaos and swim away, but was stopped by a knife. The knife glowed coldly under the moonlight, sending shivers down Wu Lian's spine. Wu Lian asked who the visitor was, but the other party did not tell him, only that he was an old man. He pressed forward step by step, trying to force Wu Lian to go to Beijing to plead guilty. But Wu Lian didn't know how to repent and tried to sneak away when he was not prepared. Shen Mu was furious and put the knife on Wu Lian's neck again. At this moment, Liu Xin suddenly appeared and dissuaded Shen Mu from being impulsive. Shen Mu mistakenly thought that Liu Xin had become Yanyulou's eagle dog, so he pointed the sharp blade at him. Wu Lian wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but Shen Mu still saw through it. Shen Mu thought it was troublesome and simply knocked Wu Lian unconscious with one palm.

Shen Mu pressed Liu Xin step by step and did not listen to his explanation at all. Liu Xin had no choice but to jump into the water to escape temporarily. Before leaving, he did not forget to persuade Shen Mu not to act rashly. After a long time, Liu Xin used his last strength to row a small boat back. There was an unknown woman standing on the bow of the boat. As the boat approached, the woman slowly opened her robe. Shen Mu took advantage of the moonlight and recognized the familiar face.

Seven years ago, after Ru Lan passed away, Shen Mu joined the army. A year ago, after the Hutou Army put down the rebellion at the frontier, it was incorporated into the Imperial City Division and the Monitoring Station. In order to have a chance to investigate Wu Lian, Shen Mu chose to stay in the Imperial City Division. Now, Shen Mu came from the capital, ostensibly to investigate Wu Lian for smuggling and violating the law, but in fact, he wanted to seek justice for the woman who was bullied and suffered injustice back then. Meng Wan, Liu Xin and Shen Mu agree on this point. As a result, the three of them reached a cooperation.

Soon, the incident on the river reached the ears of Chen Zhiyuan and the Duke's wife. Early the next morning, Chen Zhiyuan rushed to the dock with his troops, hoping to rescue Wu Lian and Zhao Yin. Because Shen Mu did not reveal his identity, both Wu Lian and Chen Zhiyuan regarded them as just water bandits who robbed the ship and did not dare to act rashly. But the Duke's wife was pressing hard, and Chen Zhiyuan could not do nothing, so he shouted that he wanted to negotiate with the "water bandits". But the "water bandit" didn't move at all, as if he didn't exist.

Chen Zhiyuan became angry and ordered people to shoot arrows at the ship. But the distance was too far, and those sharp arrows were like punches hitting cotton, with no effect at all. Chen Zhiyuan thought about it and finally decided to perform a bitter trick to escape from the place of right and wrong. Here, Wu Lian and Zhao Yin cooperated with each other to untie their hands. But helplessly, they were discovered by Shen Mu.

Shen Mu interrogated Zhao Yin alone, falsely claiming that Wu Lian had confessed to the truth and placing all the blame on him. Zhao Yin originally cooperated with Wu Lian for profit, so he easily fell into Shen Mu's trap. In a panic, he planned to tell the truth. But Shen Mu was not in a hurry, just left Zhao Yin alone, and finally mastered all the information without spending a single soldier.

The Duke's wife was extremely anxious and wanted to invite Meng Wan to come over to discuss countermeasures. But now that Meng Wan is not at the house, the Duke's wife is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. What's even more worrying is that a maid named Wenyue in his house has also been missing. The Duke's wife only felt a headache, so she planned to find something to relieve her pain, and accidentally discovered the incense that can cause confusion and confusion. Combined with all the things she had encountered before, she couldn't help but suspect that it was Wen Yue who kept her awake at night.


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