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Seven years ago, when Shen Mu first arrived, he saw a policeman asking for bribes from the tenants of the Liang family. Young and jealous, he started fighting with the catcher and demanded immediate repayment. But he was no match for the other party, so he had no choice but to go to the magistrate of Huaizhou to seek justice. At the moment, Chen Zhiyuan was worrying about Ru Lan's complaint. He had no time to deal with such trivial matters. The catcher noticed this clearly and did not stop him, leaving Shen Mu to seek punishment.

Because of Ru Lan's complaint, the Lin family pharmacy was forced to close down, and the pharmacy master also refused to enroll Lin's eldest son. Ru Lan blames herself very much, and the elders of the Lin family feel even more guilty, hating that they sent Ru Lan into the filthy Misty and Rain Embroidery House. Although life has become difficult, the four members of the Lin family still have love as before. But Wu Lian refused to give up and actually asked Lady Wu to propose marriage to the Lin family, and loudly announced that she wanted to take Ru Lan as his concubine.

The etiquette for proposing a marriage is quite thorough. In the eyes of outsiders, the Wu family really values ​​Ru Lan, and even thinks that Ru Lan found such a sweetheart because of false accusations. However, the Lin family, who knew the inside story, only thought that this courtesy was ironic and refused to let the matchmaker in. Unexpectedly, the matchmaker spoke openly and bluntly, saying that she was like Lan, and the good people below who didn't know the reason all agreed. In the end, even the head of the Lin family had no right to refuse. At this moment, Lin's eldest son stood up, yelled at the matchmakers, and kicked them out. Today's incident will soon spread, and Rulan's future marriage will naturally not go smoothly. The Lin family's parents are not in a hurry, as they will support Ru Lan for the rest of her life.

When Meng Wan arrived at the door of her house, she heard her drunkard father beating and scolding her mother again, yelling for a bracelet. She rushed in and protected her mother. From her mother, she also learned about the Wu family going to the Lin family to propose marriage. She suddenly felt something was wrong and hurried to Lin's house. Unexpectedly, Gao Chengcheng was also there, and she was seen banging on the door, scolding Ru Lan for doing everything in order to marry into the Wu family, and her refusal today was just playing hard to get. When Meng Wan heard this, he stepped forward to interrupt. But Gao Chengcheng had no intention of stopping, and his cursing voice even got louder. At this time, Ru Lan came out and slapped Gao Chengcheng without saying a word and drove her away.

On this day, people from the government office suddenly came to Ru Lan's home and took her back to the government office on the grounds that her rape case against Wu Lian needed to be investigated. Ru Lan originally planned to turn to Liu Xin for help, but unexpectedly, he was already in prison and could not protect himself. The family originally wanted to protect Ru Lan, but they were no match for those who wanted to arrest her. Ru Lan was violently pushed by the arresters and almost fell to the ground without paying attention. Fortunately, Shen Mu protected her. On the way to the Yamen, one of the police officers became lustful and approached Ru Lan several times without saying a good word. Rulan was unhappy, but she had no choice but to stay away.

We finally arrived at the Yamen, but the arresters became even more daring and attacked Ru Lan on the pretext of recreating the incident. Rulan held back her nausea while recounting what happened that day. The arresters were even more arrogant. Not only did they bully Ru Lan, they even beat and scolded her for pretending to be a chaste and loyal woman here. Shen Mu couldn't stand it anymore, so he stepped forward to dissuade him, but he was lectured by those people and asked to go out to pour water. Ru Lan looked at Shen Mu pleadingly, but she still watched his back fading away. After a long time, grandma came. Nanny loudly drove away the arresters, and then fiercely asked Ru Lan to follow her to the screen, take off her clothes and check.

For the sake of the case, Rulan will cooperate. But the arresters didn't shy away from it, and even leaned on the screen to watch the fun. Rulan had no choice but to plead with her mother-in-law to let those men out. But her grandma told her that as long as she dropped the complaint, she would not have to suffer this crime. Rulan refused to withdraw the complaint no matter what, so the grandma became so angry that she asked the men outside to come in and forcefully strip off her clothes. At the critical moment, Shen Mu rushed back in time and drove out the lustful bosses. After a long time, Mammy finished the inspection, but she mocked Ru Lan for doing whatever it took to get married.

Seeing that Ru Lan's coat was damaged, Shen Mu lent her his cloak and then took her to the shop to buy new clothes. He originally thought that Ru Lan would give up because of what happened today, but he never expected that the weak woman in front of him would become even more determined. He was moved and suggested that Ru Lan find a lawyer. Rulan pawned her bracelet and found several lawyers. But those people only saw her once and decisively refused. Fortunately, Rulan met an old lawyer who was willing to go to court for Rulan.


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