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Seven years ago, he was expelled from Huaizhou City for testifying in court. In the blink of an eye, seven years have passed, and Liu Sanniang has become the most popular courtesan in Xunyang City, and everyone wants to see her beauty. And only powerful officials and princes can have this opportunity. Seeing Liu Sanniang, a young man in red robe sneered at her and accused Sanniang of serving others with sex, which was really despicable. Sanniang was not upset, she said bluntly that men are born with strength and go to the battlefield to gain fame and become heroes, while women are born with a good skin, so how can it be considered a slut to serve others with sex?

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Xin fell from the sky. Knowing the purpose of Liu Xin's trip, Liu Sanniang invited him to take a seat. Liu Xin told Sanniang that there was a son of an official in the capital named Zhao Yin who usually hung out in brothels. He had arrived in Xunyang City in recent days. If he got his favor, it would be easy to overthrow Wu Lian. But Sanniang felt that Liu Xin was really stupid. Opening up the old score now would only make Ru Lan suffer the slander of the world again.

Wu Lian found a Taoist priest and asked him to testify that what Liu Xin said was false. Although there was evidence, the Duke's wife still couldn't let go, so she invited Meng Wan to find other embroidery from Huaizhou City. No matter how exquisite the embroidery was, the Duke's wife always looked down upon it, so she had no choice but to compromise and go to the Yanyu Embroidery House in person. This time, she also called Meng Wan.

Meng Wan praised the exquisite embroidery and Wu Lian's craftsmanship, which was unparalleled in the world. There are still three months until the Queen Mother's 70th birthday, and many state capitals are already almost ready. The Duke's wife was naturally unwilling to lag behind, so she urged Wu Lian to complete the embroidery as soon as possible. After the Duke's wife and Meng Wan left, Wu Lian hurriedly got the paintings from that year and found Meng Wan's face in them. But now that Meng Wan has changed her name, he is not sure whether the eldest lady of the Xu family is the same Meng Wan who used to be in Xiulou. So, he sent people to investigate and see where Meng Wan was now.

At this time, Liu Sanniang had returned to Huaizhou City. But she came back to persuade Meng Wan not to strike with an egg against a stone. Meng Wan did not hesitate and told her an old news. Seven years ago, a well-known son in Huaizhou Prefecture adopted a domestic prostitute. Unfortunately, this prostitute accidentally offended a powerful person and fled overnight. Not long after, even the young master suffered a disaster. Not only was his family's money burned down, but his mind also became crazy. From then on, he lived on the streets and refused to be settled by others.

As soon as he finished speaking, the crazy young man's voice came from the street. Sanniang looked around and saw a familiar face. Yuan Mei was overjoyed to see Sanniang and hugged her tightly for fear that she would disappear. Sanniang had already burst into tears. After careful inspection, she found that she kept saying "I'm sorry". Meng Wan asked Sanniang if she was willing to stand with him and seek justice from this unfair world. Sanniang turned around and looked at Meng Wan, her eyes showing determination.

Minzhou City's Minister of Finance promoted Zhao Yin to have fun in a brothel, and he was very happy. Suddenly, a faint sound of piano came from outside the house. The sound of the piano seemed like a pair of charming and unparalleled hands, drawing away his body and mind. Sanniang was not in a hurry, so she had a fight with Zhao Yin, a swindler. In this way, Zhao Yin becomes more and more excited and is even more determined to win Sanniang. Sanniang also took the opportunity to talk and learned that he would leave for Huaizhou tomorrow. In fact, Meng Wan had long investigated that Zhao Yin was a thief, colluded with Wu Lianhang, and engaged in ulterior motives. If we can catch the current status of their transaction at the dock, the result will be self-evident.

That night, Wu Lian came to the dock to keep the appointment and transported boxes after boxes of misty embroidery to Zhao Yin's ship. Sanniang and Liu Xin quickly sneaked into the warehouse and confirmed the truth about their smuggling. Unexpectedly, Wu Lian was really an old fox. After hearing a few words of Zhao Yin's introduction to Sanniang, he noticed something strange. Sanniang and Liu Xin were outnumbered, like sheep entering a tiger's mouth, unable to escape. At this moment, a group of mysterious people suddenly appeared. No one expected that the person coming was Shen Mu.


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