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Seven years ago, Liu Sanniang lived in Yuan Mei's garden. Because of her unparalleled beauty and superb dancing skills, she was coveted by many men, and they all asked Yuan Mei for it. However, Yuan Mei felt that the women in his house were not objects, let alone lent. During this period, several people talked about Yanyu Xiulou, but they did not notice the flash of anger and uneasiness on Liu Sanniang's face. Hearing that his friend's daughter was going to study at Yanyu Xiulou, Chen Zhiyuan quickly dissuaded her and told him about Lin Rulan.

Ru Lan went to Ding Ru's house and confessed that she believed what Ding's mother said and that Ding Ru died unjustly. But Ding's father didn't want to dwell on the matter anymore, let alone go to court to testify. In his opinion, if a woman loses her innocence before marriage, it will cost her life, and even the lives of the entire family. Mother Ding was unwilling to accept her death, and could not bear the injustice of her daughter dying like this, or even being stigmatized after her death. But she had no choice. If testifying in court could really bring the evildoers to justice, perhaps Ding Ru would not choose to commit suicide.

Liu Sanniang learned about Ru Lan's lawsuit against Wu Lian from Chen Zhiyuan and hurriedly called Ru Lan over. In fact, Liu Sanniang also studied embroidery at Yanyu Embroidery House, and like most girls, she fell into Wu Lian's sweet words. But she was luckier than other girls in that she knew Wu Lian's true face when he misbehaved with her. Thinking about it now, Liu Sanniang only felt regretful. She should have beaten Wu Lian to death in the first place. In this way, Ru Lan had a witness and became more determined to seek justice from Wu Lian.

Ru Lan was standing guard in front of the government office. When she saw Liu Xin coming out, she hurriedly chased after him. She bluntly said that although she had not found any physical evidence, she had witnesses and hoped that the Yamen would accept her complaint as soon as possible. Liu Xin couldn't bear it when he saw that Ru Lan was so persistent, but she was just a woman with no ability to restrain a chicken, and kindly persuaded her to give up. Ru Lan refused to give up and was determined to seek justice. Liu Xin put away his unbearable heart and loudly scolded Rulan for being immoral and not adhering to women's ethics. Hearing this, Rulan was suddenly confused. After she came to her senses, not only did she not compromise, she became more determined, and even personally sounded the grievance drum in front of the government office.

Now that the matter has come to this, Chen Zhiyuan can no longer pretend that nothing happened, so he can only invite Ru Lan to open a trial. When they learned that Ru Lan was going to sue Wu Lian, the people below him were in an uproar, because in their eyes, Wu Lian was an elegant young man, how could he do anything to humiliate a woman. After a long time, Wu Lian arrived belatedly, but he was still so calm and unhurried, making people feel very friendly and mysterious.

In front of everyone, Wu Lian admitted his affair with Ru Lan, but he denied it, claiming that Ru Lan took the initiative to seduce her. Good people came forward one after another, accusing Rulan of being misbehaving and unruly women. Wu Lian pretended to be kind and said that he could fulfill his wish and take her as his concubine. Ru Lan was so angry that she tried her best to control her emotions and elaborated on her complaint. Liu Sanniang also appeared in time to testify for Ru Lan. But the people below turned around and slandered Liu Sanniang, making a big fuss out of her status as a prostitute. Seeing the situation getting worse, Ru Lan had no choice but to tell the truth that all the women in Yanyu Xiulou had been bullied by Wu Lian.

Although the case has not been settled, the matter has spread throughout Huaizhou city. Liu Xintian was shameless. In order to please Liu at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, he lied and claimed that he encouraged Ru Lan to play drums to voice his grievances and secretly helped him. His wishful thinking was successful, but it also brought disaster. Wu Lian sent people to frame Liu Xin secretly, broke one of Liu Xin's legs, and then imprisoned him for corruption.


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