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Seven years later, Chen Zhiyuan found Liu Xin and hoped that he would not blame himself for what happened back then. Liu Xin took the beaded hairpin on the table and said frankly that he had no intention of blaming him. Chen Zhiyuan changed Liu Xin's innocence and found him a job in another place. But Liu Xin didn't appreciate it and bluntly said that he still had unfinished business in Huaizhou.

At night, Liu Xin wanted to teach Wu Lian a lesson, but was betrayed by Chen Zhiyuan. Chen Zhiyuan originally planned to let Wu Lian take another path to give Liu Xin a chance. But Wu Lian rushed to kill them all and was stingy about giving this opportunity. Liu Xin had no intention of escaping unscathed, and now he simply refused to do anything and ended things with Wu Lian. It's a pity that the people around Wu Lian are not as good as Liu Xin in martial arts. No matter how angry Liu Xin is, he can't get close to Wu Lian, and he is even almost captured by his people.

At this moment, a missing expert appeared out of nowhere and saved Liu Xin's life with just a few stones. Liu Xin stopped pestering and took the opportunity to escape. Under Wu Lian's order, the officers and soldiers hurriedly pursued him. At a critical moment, Liu Xin received a secret letter, which pointed out a way out for him and helped him escape from the pursuit of officers and soldiers. Liu Xin arrived at the Chengnan Station and found that someone had been waiting here. Liu Xin looked surprised when he saw this man.

The Duke's wife had a headache every night and couldn't sleep despite tossing and turning. I thought I was just suffering from the cold, but that night the door suddenly opened, and I saw a black figure running around outside the house. The Duke's wife was so frightened that she rushed to a temple in the suburbs early the next morning to burn incense and worship Buddha. And Liu Xin has been waiting here for a long time.

Liu Xin pretended to be a fortune teller and reminded the Duke's wife to be careful of sharp objects. The Duke's wife didn't take it seriously and thought Liu Xin was unlucky, so she ordered people to drive him away. But when she returned to the Duke's Mansion, she wanted to check the embroidery sent by Yanyulou, but she hurt her finger with an embroidery needle. She immediately panicked and hurriedly sent someone to invite Liu Xin. Liu Xin asked some questions, then shook his head and sighed, and he actually deceived the Duke's wife into turning around. Seeing that the Duke's wife had fallen into the trap, Liu Xin took the opportunity to give out a birthday card, indicating that the person on it was the "ghost" lingering around her.

The Duke's wife believed it to be true, and after some investigation, Wu Lian was found. She was in a panic and yelled at Wu Lian to leave quickly. Wu Lian was confused, so he met Butler Song when he went out and learned about the "ghost". Here, Meng Wan and Guo Gong's wife talked about the rumors in the market, saying that the reason why Guo Gong's mansion is today is entirely because of Yanyu Tower. The Duke's wife became angry and admitted that the reason why she was able to survive to this day was indeed because of Yan Yuxiu. But the seed called "suspiciousness" had quietly grown wildly in her heart.

It turned out that the person who surprised Liu Xin that night at the Chengnan Station was Meng Wan. Meng Wan hired people from Caogang to help secretly, just to lure Liu Xin into the game. Seven years ago, Liu Captou could never be trusted, but seven years later, Liu Laizi, who still had a blue pearl hairpin and had one of his legs broken due to Wu Lian's trick, was worthy of Meng Wan's trust. In this way, two people with a common enemy formed an alliance and planned all this.

There is a bird garden in Xunzhou Mansion, and there lives an oiran lady named Liu Sanniang. She was also the embroiderer of Yanyu Embroidery House. She came to Xunyang City seven years ago for unknown reasons and became a famous prostitute here. She is talented, beautiful and unparalleled in the world. In recent years, she has become the star of the show. If he wants to continue his revenge plan, he needs her help. For this reason, Liu Xin rushed to Xunzhou City. Sneaking into the Que Garden, Liu Xin got straight to the point and mentioned Lin Rulan.


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