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Seven years ago, Liu Xin was the chief arrest officer of the Huaizhou government, and he was also in charge of Ding Ru's case. Liu Xin was tactful, but he was also straight-tempered and never liked injustice. Wu Lian originally wanted to send him away in the name of the Duke's wife, but he was secretly ridiculed by him.

The heavy rain has arrived, Ru Lan is extremely sad and plunges into the rain. Meng Wan hurriedly chased after him and saw that the other party misunderstood that he was having an affair with Wu Lian, so he had to tell the truth. Meng Wan was not voluntarily entangled with Wu Lian, but was forced by him. On the night of Ding Ru's accident, Meng Wan saw a man's jade pendant by the well, and Wu Lian was the only man in the entire embroidery building who could enter the backyard. Therefore, Ding Ru's death was not an accident, but a suicide.

All embroidery girls who enter the Yanyu Embroidery Building will receive a silk bed sheet, and Meng Wan is no exception. After having sex with Wu Lian for the first time, the silk sheets were replaced with linen ones. Perhaps in Wu Lian's eyes, these people whose bodies he had broken were not worthy of using those white silks. Lin Rulan opened the rooms of the embroiderers one by one and found that they also used linen sheets.

Ru Lan was angry, so she went to Wu Lianxingshi to question him, hoping to get the truth from him. Wu Lian did not hide anything and admitted what he had done. Ru Lan was so angry that she picked up the tea cup and threw it at Wu Lian. When she walked out of the room, she bumped into Mrs. Wu Zhang Rong'er. Anger, shame, and guilt were all intertwined in Ru Lan's heart, making it difficult for her to raise her head. In the end, she could only walk past Zhang Rong'er with her head lowered.

At first, Wu Lian always blamed Rulan for not being good at embroidery. If Langton felt stressed, he would stay in the embroidery room to practice every night. Wu Lian came to guide her from time to time and taught her embroidery skills step by step. In order to let Rulan embroider lifelike pear blossoms, Wu Lian specially took her to the pear blossom forest and taught her how to observe and stitch. As time went by, Ru Lan fell in love with Wu Lian and practiced diligently every night, just to live up to his careful guidance. That night, Wu Lian appeared quietly and hugged Ru Lan from behind. Although Rulan resisted a little, she was somehow still captivated by his sweet words.

She walked down the street in despair and bumped into Ding Ru's funeral. Passers-by whispered, saying that Ding Ru had lost her innocence a long time ago and was still pregnant with someone's bastard. Hearing this, Ru Lan suddenly woke up and retorted that it was not that Ding Ru was in bad luck, but that someone had done something wrong. After hearing Ru Lan's words, those people left in a hurry without distinguishing between true and false. Rulan didn't know what she was thinking. She was lost in thought for a while and didn't notice Douhua Xishi Song Chuliu walking beside her.

The bean curd in his hand splashed all over Ru Lan's body. Song Chuliu felt a little sorry and asked Ru Lan to have a bowl of bean curd. But a gangster suddenly came over and took Song Chuliu's hand and refused to let go. Rulan couldn't stand it any longer, so she decided to step forward to rescue him. At this moment, Liu Xin appeared and taught the gangster a lesson for Song Chuliu. Ru Lan suddenly had an idea in her mind and hurriedly caught up with Liu Xin, hoping to move her paper forward. At Liu Xin's signal, Ru Lan took off the hairpin on her head and gave it to him as a thank you gift.

But the next second, Ru Lan felt that her body was as heavy as a thousand pounds, and she only managed to return home with her last bit of strength. When she woke up, she saw Meng Wan. In fact, she didn't blame Meng Wan, she just couldn't bear it. The two sisters finally got back together and reviewed the past one by one. First he suppressed and blamed him, then he gave personal guidance, and finally he made the embroidered girls willingly become his playthings. This was Wu Lian's method. For a woman, innocence is as important as life, so no one exposed Wu Lian's true face. But Ru Lan is different, she is not afraid, she just wants justice.

Liu Xin received the petition, took it back to his house and handed it to Chen Zhiyuan. Meng Wan had known this would be the result, but she couldn't just watch Ru Lan's pearl hairpin fall into the hands of others. So Meng Wan went to Liu Xin and wanted him to return the pearl hairpin. But Liu Xin ignored her at all.


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