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Seven years ago, Ru Lan went to court to avenge his injustice and accused Wu Lian of adultery. As a witness, Meng Wan failed to arrive in time due to miscarriage. But this time, she had the ability to stand beside Tian Xiaoling and sue Wu Lian in public with her. Lou Mingzhang felt relieved and announced in public that he would be held in court tomorrow. Meng Wan knew that this matter would soon spread to everyone, and the Xu family would inevitably be affected. So, she hurried back and asked Xu Zhiyang to sign the divorce letter.

Xu Zhiyang had already seen the divorce letter that Meng Wan had left on the table, but he just stared blankly at the wet ink on the paper. Seeing Meng Wan come back, he couldn't help but have bloodshot eyes, and asked Meng Wan that he had nothing to miss in the Xu family. Meng Wan did not dare to look into Xu Zhiyang's eyes, but said that the seven years in the Xu family were the best in her life. And today, she wants to personally put an end to what happened back then. Xu Zhiyang breathed a sigh of relief helplessly, and said frankly that he would exchange a Heli book with her. But only a letter of divorce can allow the Xu family to draw a clear line. Meng Wan quickly brought in pen and ink and asked Xu Zhiyang to sign a letter of divorce.

Xu Zhiyang handed a box to Meng Wan and asked her about her future plans. Meng Wan did not accept it, but said that he would go to Huangji Embroidery Village to stay temporarily for a few days. Soon, the carriage that came to pick up Meng Wan arrived outside the door. Xu Zhiyang choked up and wanted to see Meng Wan off in person. But seeing you off for a thousand miles requires farewell. Meng Wan did not let Xu Zhiyang see her off. Just when she reached the door, she couldn't help but stop. She turned around and gave Xu Zhiyang a big gift, thanking him for taking care of him during this period, and reminding him to take care of himself in the future. Xu Zhiyang just raised the corners of his mouth slightly and watched Meng Wan leave. When Meng Wan turned around, he gently uttered two words - take care.

Everyone guessed that Wu Lian was going to attack Tian Xiaoling tonight, but only Meng Wan knew that she was the thorn in his side. So, she specifically asked Tian Xiaoling to go back to Qingshui An and stayed alone in Huang Jiaojiao's yard. The moon was high in the sky, and Wu An arrived as expected. However, Meng Wan had already taken precautions and hired officials from Lou Mingzhang to guard inside and outside the courtyard.

Early the next morning, people rushed to the government office talking about it, and soon the entrance of the government office was surrounded by water. Among them was Gao Chengcheng, the embroiderer of Yanyu Embroidery House. Faced with the accusations from Tian Xiaoling and Meng Wan, Wu Lian responded with ease and was eloquent. But he seemed to have underestimated the determination of the Seven Righteous People. Liu Xin investigated Wu An's life experience and learned that he was willing to work under him because Wu Lian saved his sister's life. So he persuaded him with good words to stop helping the evildoers. Shen Mu brought Zhao Yucheng who had falsely testified for Wu Lian, and Huang Jiaojiao also testified in person. She had seen Zhao Yucheng go to Yanyu Xiulou during Ru Lan's lawsuit.

Zhao Yucheng and Wu Lian were originally interested in collaborating, and now they naturally did not want to collude with them anymore, so they told the truth about the past. At the same time, Shen Mu also found the autographed letter from Zhao Yucheng's house, Ding Ru, who was replaced by him. Later, Wu An was taken up. But he suddenly rebelled and falsely accused Meng Wan of using his sweetheart to threaten him into going to court to accuse Wu Lian. What happened last night was entirely a personal grudge between him and her. Just when everyone was panicking, Tian Xiaoling slowly took off her outer robe, revealing the plum blossom pattern on her shoulders.

That night seven years ago, Tian Xiaoling met Wu Lian in the embroidery workshop and planned to leave in a hurry. But Wu Lian seemed to be drinking at that time, and he grabbed her to discuss embroidery with great interest. Later, because Tian Xiaoling said, "Falling plum blossoms are too desolate, but plum blossoms blooming on the branches are more proud." Wu Lian was annoyed, so he forced her to the embroidery table in the embroidery workshop, and used an embroidery needle to stitch one stitch at a time. Pierce this fallen plum blossom on her shoulder.

But despite this, Wu Lian still cannot be convicted. Meng Wan took a deep breath and turned around to face the people in Huaizhou City. She knew that among them there must be some of her former Xiu Lou companions, so she persuaded them to come forward together. As soon as the words fell, the hall fell silent instantly. Some girls' eyes were already red, but no one came forward. Gao Chengcheng couldn't bear to stay any longer, so he turned around and left. Meng Wan seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly asked Lou Mingzhang to set up a white screen for the victim to write his name on it, so that it would not affect his future life. But there was no precedent for this matter, and Lou Mingzhang did not agree. In the end, Wu Lian and Wu An could only be released.


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