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The shadow of the moon is graceful, and the silk threads are dancing. Ru Lan is wearing a red wedding dress, standing by the well and smiling. Meng Wan on the side couldn't help but feel a happy smile on his face when he saw this. But the next second, the red wedding dress jumped into the well. Meng Wan hurriedly ran, only grabbing the red silk as light as cicada wings. Meng Wan woke up from her nightmare when a voice calling her came from outside.

It was now seven years later, and Meng Wan became Xu Zhiyang's concubine and the mistress of Xu's house. That night, Mrs. Xu Zhai was suddenly poisoned by carbon and died. The maids in the mansion were talking a lot, thinking that Meng Wan was poisoned and murdered. The maid Xiaoyue was even more arrogant and dared to scream in front of Meng Wan. Meng Wan was happy and angry, but she slapped Xiaoyue hard.

Last night, Meng Wan did go to the room of the eldest lady Gu Manshu and took good care of her who was seriously ill in bed. Gu Manshu suddenly mentioned Ru Lan, and it was time for Meng Wan to settle things. Then, as if she had made an important decision, she solemnly thanked Meng Wan for taking care of her over the years. In her suicide note, Gu Manshu specifically told Xu Zhiyang that she would make Meng Wan his first wife. It was just that it was not appropriate to straighten the concubine's house and spread the word, so Xu Zhiyang asked Meng Wan to change her name and become the Xu family's house-filling wife in the name of Gu Shi's sister.

On this day, Meng Wan came to the suburbs and stopped in front of a tombstone. She promised to the tombstone that now that the time had come, she would seek justice. Following her gaze, she saw the name "Lin Rulan" engraved on the tombstone. Soon, it was the auspicious day to invite the Duke's wife. As the eldest wife of the Xu family, Meng Wan naturally could not miss it. Mrs. Wu Chen Sujun suddenly stopped Meng Wan, her words full of ridicule. Meng Wan didn't bother with her, and always had a smile on her face.

The female relatives of various officials in Huaizhou gathered together to discuss the Queen Mother's birthday gifts, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. It was just the appearance of Zhou Yuqin, the legitimate daughter of the Hou family, that broke this harmony. Zhou Yuqin was so proud that he took out a famous painting from the previous dynasty and asked the Duke's wife if she recognized the painting. The Duke's wife hesitated and seemed a little embarrassed. At this time, Meng Wan suddenly spoke up and asked whether this painting was a picture of the longevity of the twelve constellations. As soon as these words came out, they attracted the attention of the Duke's wife.

After returning home, Meng Wan bought a copy of Tianshou Tu and asked Xu Zhiyang, who was skilled in painting, to copy it again. Later, Meng Wan went to Zhou Yuqin with the copy and confessed that her husband's ancestors had some clan connections with the former Master Xu. Before leaving, Mr. Xu specifically told him not to sell the painting unless the family wealth was gone. When Zhou Yuqin heard the story, she couldn't help muttering in her heart, and a trace of panic flashed across her face.

Zhou Yuqin thought about it, took the painting to the old man selling the painting, and learned that the painting in his hand was a fake. After that, she went to Meng Wan again and wanted to buy the Xu family treasure from her. Meng Wan first resisted, and then donated the painting for free, gaining a favor from Zhou Yuqin. Zhou Yuqin couldn't help being happy and hurriedly handed the painting to the Ministry of Rites. But what came in the end was not a reward, but a warning. After hearing the news, the Duke's wife suddenly became enlightened and understood the implication of Meng Wan's words that day.

Because of this incident, Meng Wan became even more favored by the Duke's wife, and the position of the attendant was moved forward a lot. She didn't hide anything, and asked the Duke's wife to support her husband without any secret. The Duke's wife was used to seeing people with clever words and charming words, so Meng Wan's forthrightness made her suddenly interested. Meng Wan also took the opportunity to talk about the past. At that time, she was extremely desperate for life and planned to end her gloomy life with a foot of white silk. But at this moment, Lin Rulan appeared. Ru Lan was like a beam of light, illuminating Meng Wan's life and making her care about the world from then on.

After the story was told, Wu Lian came. Meng Wan walked past him. He felt familiar, but he couldn't remember where he met her. Meng Wan couldn't help but feel a little hurt. This evil man had done so many evil things and he didn't even know where the innocent soul came from. Back at the house, Zhou Yuqin was already here. Zhou Yuqin originally planned to ask Meng Wan for an explanation, but no matter what, she had to deal with the loss herself. Finally, Meng Wan reached a deal with her and sent her away. Later, Meng Wan came to Huaizhou Prison and set his sights on Liu Xin. Liu Xin was originally the arresting officer of the Huaizhou government. He was imprisoned for corruption seven years ago and was released from prison today.


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