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Li Chunfeng would send things to Liu Xin every day and ask him about the Misty Embroidery Building. However, Liu Xin did not tell him the truth, but just asked him not to get involved in the matter, because no matter how hard Lin Rulan tried, she would only lose in the end. And the fact is as Liu Xin said, after struggling for so long, Ru Lan still lost, defeated suddenly and confusedly.

Meng Wan sent his mother away, then endured the pain and went to find Zhao Yucheng alone to question him. She still clearly remembered that Zhao Yucheng kept saying that he was a lawyer for the sake of justice. It was really ironic now that she thought about it. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yucheng didn't care about the relationship between cousins. Not only did he admit his shameless dealings with Wu Lian, he even made rude remarks and insulted Meng Wan.

Afterwards, she hurried to find Ru Lan, wanting to tell her the reason why she didn't go that day. But before the words were spoken, Gao Chengcheng came over and hurled accusations and insults at Meng Wan. Meng Wan did not give in and asked instead, since she had seen Wu Lian's true face clearly, why didn't she stand up and tell the truth that day. Gao Chengcheng became angry and slapped Meng Wan hard. Ru Lan quickly stepped forward to protect Meng Wan and drove Gao Chengcheng out.

Maybe it was because of the pain from Gao Chengcheng's beating, or maybe because of the guilt in his heart, Meng Wan's eyes were filled with tears. But Rulan didn't blame her, and was even glad that she didn't show up yesterday, otherwise she would have suffered more humiliation like herself. Meng Wan suddenly thought of something, suddenly held Rulan's hand tightly, and proposed to fly away with her. Seeing how determined Meng Wan was, Ru Lan immediately agreed to her.

At night, my mother came suddenly. She couldn't help but feel lucky that her husband had been hanging out in the wine shop these past few days and didn't come home, otherwise he would have been angry if he smelled the strong smell of medicine in the house. Meng Wan couldn't help but ask her mother if she hadn't thought about divorce for so many years. The mother couldn't help but smile bitterly. Once a woman reconciles with her, it means that she will no longer have a place in this world. But Meng Wan felt that maybe her mother was too cowardly and couldn't live without her father. After hearing this, Meng's mother felt sad and went back to the room crying.

In the middle of the night, the two mothers were secretly sad in their respective rooms, with so many thoughts in their hearts that they couldn't fall asleep no matter what. The father who had not been home for several days finally came back, smelling of alcohol and having a bad temper. Meng Wan heard the noise and stood up to check. But the moment she saw her mother, she pulled back her foot and locked the door bolt tightly. Meng's mother also saw Meng Wan through the thin window paper. She wanted to say something, but she seemed unable to say anything, and finally just closed the door.

On this day, Meng Wan packed his bags and prepared to go out for Ru Lan's appointment. But my mother kept coughing, as if she wanted to carve out her internal organs. After all, Meng Wan was worried, so she put down her luggage and went out to get medicine for her mother. But unexpectedly, Meng's mother just wanted to send Meng Wan away, and then went to find Ru Lan and asked her to persuade Meng Wan to stay. Because if they leave Huaizhou Prefecture today, they will be just refugees from now on, and they will have to live in hiding and wander around anonymously for the rest of their lives. Ru Lan also learned the truth about that day from Meng's mother, and how miserable Meng Wan's life was. As if she had made some important decision, she looked firmly at Huaizhou City, saying that she had never been here before. By the time Meng Wan packed up everything and came to the city gate, there was no sign of Ru Lan here. She stood at the appointed place and waited until it began to rain heavily, and when night fell and darkness enveloped the world.

Ru Lan broke into Yanyu Xiulou and found Wu Lian. Unexpectedly, Wu Lian still didn't repent, and when he saw Ru Lan dressed in men's clothing today, he shamelessly teased her. Ru Lan was furious and accused Wu Lian of harming many people. Zhao Mingcheng, Wang Liulang, everything was written by Wu Lian. But Wu Lian felt that these people were nothing more than ants, and it was very interesting to watch them die one by one in his hands. He warned Ru Lan that if she had been honest, she would not have ended up like today. Seeing Wu Lian with a human face and a beast heart, Ru Lan was so angry that she wanted to beat him to death, but she was helpless and was no match for him.

At this moment, Rulan truly felt what it meant to be "heartbroken". She felt as if she had suddenly fallen into a whirlpool. No matter how she shouted or struggled, it was to no avail. She sank deeper and deeper into the world, and finally fell into a whirlpool. in water. After returning home, her soul seemed to be taken away by the whirlpool, leaving only a body. She asked her mother to buy red cloth and began to sew her wedding dress with her own hands.


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