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Seven years later, Feng Da changed his identity and became an escort in the escort agency. But his various behaviors made the boss very unhappy. Just when the boss was so angry that he wanted to drive him out, someone asked Feng to escort him by name. Feng Da was a little confused. When he walked out of the escort agency, he found that the person who came was actually a young lady. The little lady looked very familiar, and she even talked about old things with him.

On Huainan East Road, Lou Mingzhang and his wife paid a private visit incognito to some prison officials, beating various officials and secretly investigating collusion between government and businessmen and corruption. There are naturally dangers along the way. No, when passing by a mountain forest outside Huaizhou City, they encountered a group of robbers who stole money. Lou Mingzhang was not in a hurry and was actually ready to die. At this moment, Feng Da seemed to fall from the sky and drove away the group of robbers. Lou Mingzhang seemed to have an exquisite heart with seven orifices, and he knew at a glance that the group of robbers who came were in the same group as Feng Da. Feng Da had no choice but to knock Lou Mingzhang and his wife unconscious with one palm.

Under the escort of Feng Da, Lou Mingzhang and his wife arrived safely in Huaizhou City. Then under Feng Da's supervision, Lou Mingzhang rushed to the prefect's Yamen without stopping to interrogate Wu Lian and Zhao Yin about the smuggling. Chen Zhiyuan was hemming and hawing, unable to explain why, and even wanted to change the subject and offer his hospitality on the pretext of catching up with the wind and washing away the dust. But he really hit the wrong target with this idea. In the end, not only did he get no benefit, he also ended up being suspended and investigated.

The housekeeper hurriedly came back to reply, saying that there was still no movement at the dock. The Duke's wife could not sit still, her face was filled with sorrow and anxiety. Meng Wan seemed much more relaxed, sitting down quietly drinking tea and admiring the flowers, as if nothing happened. After getting along with each other for this period of time, the Duke's wife has completely trusted Meng Wan and even regarded her as her own military advisor.

Meng Wanze told the Duke's wife that the big ship was parked in the middle of the river, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Unless a bigger ship arrived, the officers and soldiers of the government could go up to rescue Wu Lian. But right now, where can I get a bigger boat? The Duke's wife was even more worried. Unexpectedly, bad news came again at this time - Huainan East Road suspended Chen Zhiyuan from his job due to criminal matters. Moreover, this high official had already gone to the dock.

Lou Mingzhang presented Yanyu Embroidery and accused Wu Lian of secretly embroidering royal tributes and committing corruption and smuggling. But Wu Lian was calm and said that he and Zhao Yin only had an ordinary business relationship, and there was no evidence that the boxes of embroidery in front of him were royal tributes. As he spoke, he picked up one of the embroideries and introduced the stitch patterns in detail, saying that these embroideries did not meet the standards of royal tribute.

Zhao Yin became more convinced now that Wu Lian made it clear that he wanted to distance himself. So, he kept on saying that Wu Lian had bullied the little embroider girl in the embroidery building and done many insulting things. Wu Lian hurriedly interrupted Zhao Yin, but was stopped by Lou Mingzhang. Zhao Yin continued to talk about what happened back then, saying that Wu Lian bribed officials everywhere in order to remove suspicion, and then he found out that he was conspiring to smuggle. Zhao Yin's words were the truth of the year, but they were without evidence. Even if the emperor came, he would not be able to convict him.

Lou Mingzhang was originally going to Beijing to report on his work, but now there was no evidence that Wu Lian had insulted the embroiderer, so he had to escort Zhao Yin back to the capital first, and then make further plans. Here, the Duke's wife heard about what happened in the hall, and worried that the disaster would be diverted to the east, she began to refuse to see guests because she was sick.

And Meng Wan also knew that if he wanted Wu Lian to be completely overthrown, he had to cut off his "two legs" - one of them was the Duke's wife, who would connect him with the emperor's relatives; the other was Zhao Yin, who Help him use the forged royal tributes to gain huge wealth through the Shipping Department. In court today, although there was no way to force Wu Lian to commit suicide, Zhao Yin's "leg" could be considered completely broken. So next, the Avengers must keep Lou Mingzhang in Huaizhou Mansion and severely break Wu Lian's "other leg".

So, Meng Wan invited many gentlemen to write countless petitions for grievances, and posted them all over every corner of Huaizhou Mansion at night. But this time, Meng Wan really made the right bet. Lou Mingzhang is a person who cares about the people. He will definitely not be able to leave after seeing such an unjust, false and wrong case. Because of this incident, the Duke's wife's grudge against Wu Lian deepened.


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