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Seven years ago, the girls gathered together, looking forward to Mr. Wu's arrival. At this time of year, Mr. Wu always invites painters to paint the girls. Moreover, Mr. Wu himself can also paint, which is an annual practice. These girls are all embroidery girls from Yanyu Building, and Mr. Wu is the owner of this embroidery building, Wu Lian. Not only is he highly skilled, he is also very handsome. He is naturally a talent in the eyes of thousands of girls.

Meng Wan and her good sister Lin Rulan are also embroidery girls in this embroidery building. Their skills are considered to be the best among girls, but they seem to be ostracized by others because of this. On this day, Gao Chengcheng deliberately bumped into Meng Wan's hand, causing her needle to poke into the embroidery cloth that was about to be completed. Lin Rulan saw this and stood up to defend Meng Wan. Although Lin Rulan was petite, she was very powerful. Gao Chengcheng knew that he was in the wrong and could only apologize to Meng Wan.

After a long time, Wu Lian finally arrived. He was handsome and had a temperament as gentle as jade. It was no wonder that the girls admired him, because even the wind favored such a handsome young man. Following his order, Grandma Chen gathered the girls and planned to paint as usual. But Ding Ru disappeared. A girl planned to look for her, but as soon as she took a step, a terrible scream came from behind her.

Everyone followed the sound and found a human face appearing in the well. Someone recognized that the shoes by the well belonged to Ding Ru. Lin Rulan suddenly remembered that she seemed to have met Ding Ru last night. It was late at night, and she only heard Ding Ru's crying voice, and a black shadow sneaking into the backyard. She wanted to step forward to check, but was blocked by a black cat. She stopped thinking about it and turned around to leave.

Thinking about it now, Lin Rulan couldn't help but feel a little regretful. She was planning to tell the Yamen what happened last night, but Meng Wan stopped her and reminded her not to act impulsively. Lin Rulan had no choice but to take a long-term approach. But she couldn't rest assured, so she sneaked into Ding Ru's room to investigate and found the medicine for abortion. But the embroidery girls in the embroidery building live and eat together, and only have one day off in a month. There is no chance to meet any men, let alone have a private meeting with him.

When Chen Zhiyuan, the magistrate of Huaizhou Prefecture, learned of the incident, he asked Gao Changqing, the superintendent of the Huaizhou Prefecture, to inform Mrs. Ning Guogong. People said that the Duke's Mansion was about to come to an end, but the Duke's wife, who had been away from Beijing for many years, found a way to please the Queen Mother and made the Duke's Mansion lively again. Wu Lian was a guest of the Duke's Mansion, and there was a murder in Yanyu Xiulou. Naturally, he had to find out what the Duke's Mansion was thinking first, so that Chen Zhiyuan's black gauze hat would not disappear.

The reason why Ning Guogong's wife, Mrs. Chen, won the favor of the Queen Mother was because of the Yanyu Embroidery in Yanyu Embroidery House. So she naturally didn't care about the death of an embroiderer. After receiving the order, the government office hurriedly closed the case accidentally. Ding Ru's parents came in a hurry and left in a hurry. However, before leaving, Ding Ru's mother suddenly took Lin Rulan's hand and cried that Ding Ru was forced to death. Before Lin Rulan could react, Ding Ru's father pulled her away. Lin Rulan felt something was wrong, so she went to Ding Ru's room to check and found that her sheets were actually made of silk.

On this day, Wu Lian personally went to the embroidery room to inspect and reminded Meng Wan very gently that he needed to practice more at night. This was originally a word of encouragement, but Meng Wan's heart suddenly tightened after hearing it. At night, Meng Wan was practicing in the embroidery room as expected. Wu Lian suddenly broke in and pressed on Meng Wan step by step. Meng Wan warned Wu Lian not to hurt Lin Rulan. Wu Lian didn't take it seriously and took her into his arms. At this moment, Lin Rulan suddenly appeared and bumped into this scene.

Lin Rulan panicked and ran into the arms of the passing embroidery girl, knocking Gao Chengcheng's silk sheets to the ground. Grandma passed by and scolded the embroiderer for giving Gao Chengcheng silk sheets, reminding her that she only needed linen sheets. Lin Rulan seemed to have thought of something, and hurried back to the room to check, and found that her silk sheets had turned into linen at some point. She couldn't help but recall the night she had spent with Wu Lian, and suspected that the sheets had been changed after that day.


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