When Chen Xinyi and Jiang Junnan were printing things in the company, Wei Han suddenly came in. Jiang Junnan turned off the light when he was nervous. Wei Han saw the two of them giving Jiang Junnan a thumbs up. Chen Xinyi asked him why he turned off the lights. I can't tell you now. Jiang Junnan said that he turned off the lights when he was nervous. He told Chen Xinyi that it was okay. Wei Han had a very strict mouth. Yue Qianling asked Gu Xun if his mother ignored him. Gu Xun said that he had sent messages for a whole day and ignored him. Yue Qianling sent a WeChat message to Gu Xun's mother saying that she and Gu Xun had broken up. Sure enough, Gu Xun's mother came to Yue Qianling's house early the next morning.

Mother Gu asked Yue Qianling if she was fine yesterday and why they broke up today. She asked Yue Qianling if Gu Xun bullied her, and Yue Qianling said that Gu Xun made an appointment with her to have dinner with her every day, but he kept working overtime and didn't accompany her. Yue Qianling cried sadly as she said that. When Gu's mother saw a lot of instant noodles in her house, she understood that whether Yue Qianling ate instant noodles or not had nothing to do with Gu Xun. After saying that Mother Gu was about to leave, Yue Qianling quickly stood up, hugged her and acted coquettishly with her. She thought that since Mother Gu was here, she should meet Gu Xun. Just as he was talking, Gu Xun opened the door of Yue Qianling's house and told his mother to go see something.

If she still insists on not letting herself play the game after reading it, then he won't do it. Gu Xun showed his mother Xiaolin, a game character created by his father based on himself. His mother burst into tears after reading it. Gu's mother knew that Gu Xun wanted to play games, but her husband died of exhaustion because of games. She didn't want her son to make the same mistake. Gu Xun also wanted to explain to his mother, but Gu's mother said she couldn't control him when he grew up, and left. Gu Xun and Yue Qianling were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Gu Xun kept looking at Yue Qianling. Yue Qianling asked him to watch TV and watch what he was doing.

She asked Gu Xun if she looked good, and Gu Xun told her that she was very good-looking. Stella's shareholders were preparing to sell their shares to Walter. Old Zhao was hesitant, but Director Wang advised him that Stella was obviously messing around now. Gu Xun and Yue Qianling had just gotten out of the car and were about to enter the company. Gu Xun asked if he had forgotten something today. Yue Qianling asked him what he had forgotten, and the security guard said he had forgotten to hold hands. He pointed to the surveillance cameras around him. The two of them saw Su Zheng not far away. Su Zheng saw the two holding hands and congratulated them on being together. As soon as the two left, they heard Wei Han, Fanxing and others talking. Yue Qianling pretended to be alone and happened to bump into them.

She asked a few people what they were doing, and Wei Han said that they had discovered a second pair of office lovers. Yue Qianling quickly asked who it was, and they said it was Chen Xinyi and Jiang Junnan. Gu Xun asked them again who the first couple was, and several people said in unison that it was the two of them. It turned out to be Wei Han. Fanxing and the others had discovered it a few days ago in the company. Yue Qianling asked what they were still pretending to do in those days. Walter's people came to tell Stella that they wanted to acquire Huacai, and Director Wang held 30% of the shares. He asked Stella not to persuade them. He had already decided to sell the shares to Walter. After Gu Xun knew the news, he was going to go to Walter with Narrow Road.

Chen Xinyi came to ask Jiang Junnan if he would support Gu Xun unconditionally, and Jiang Junnan said yes. Chen Xinyi wondered why she came to ask him. Jiang Junnan told her that she didn't know what a dream was before she met Gu Xun. He couldn't do 3A alone without Gu Xun. Chen Xinyi felt that after all, Jiang Junnan was still doing it for his own development. Yue Qianling and Chen Xinyi were in a bad mood and went to the bar to drink. Yue Qianling was so drunk that he couldn't even open the door to his house. When Gu Xun heard her yelling outside the door and couldn't open the door, he hurried out. When Yue Qianling saw it was Gu Xun, she asked him why he made her unhappy. When she smelled Gu Xun's smell, she said it smelled bad. died.


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