The employees of the Ninth Business Department were having a dinner together. Jiang Junnan asked Chen Xinyi why Yue Qianling didn't come to the dinner today. Chen Xinyi told him that today was Huang Jie's birthday in the first part of the project. As soon as she said that, she saw Yue Qianling and Huang Jie coming in together. Gu Xun quickly stood up and greeted Yue Qianling, and Jiang Junnan and the others asked the two girls to eat with them. They talked about the company friendship, and Jiang Junnan asked Gu Xun to go with him. Gu Xun said that his girlfriend was strict and would not go. Jiang Junnan's eyes widened and asked him how he didn't know he had a girlfriend. They all asked to look at Gu Xun's girlfriend, but Gu Xun said that his girlfriend was shy and would not look at her.

Wei Han and the others asked Gu Xun what his ideal type was like, and Gu Xun said that his ideal type was what his girlfriend was like. After saying that, Gu Xun kicked Yue Qianling with his foot, and the two of them secretly poked each other sweetly. After the party, Yue Qianling asked Gu Xun why she didn't know he had photos of his girlfriend. Gu Xun asked her if she wanted to see it. Yue Qianling clicked, and Gu Xun picked up the phone to show her. Unexpectedly, he wanted to see it. Take a photo of the two of them together. Gu Xun wrote a lot of small notes to Yue Qianling when he lent her documents, telling her that there were snacks in the drawer and not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. He also told her that he had bought her a new teacup in the tea room.

Yue Qianling came to the tea room and saw a yellow mug, and Gu Xun also came with a black mug. It turned out to be a couple's mug that Gu Xun bought, and he asked Yue Qianling to make coffee for him. The two secretly held hands in the tea room, Fanxing happened to come in, and Yue Qianling quickly let go of Gu Xun's hand. Gu Xun said that the coffee made by Yue Qianling was better, and Yue Qianling asked Fanxing if he wanted it. Fanxing told them that he wanted to go to the bathroom. Jiang Junnan received a call from Feng Ruru. Feng Ruru said that they had broken up, so they should not give her flowers. Just when Jiang Junnan was about to say that it was not from him, Chen Xinyi said that she had forgotten to cancel what he had ordered before.

Jiang Junnan told Feng Ruru that although they broke up, they could still be friends. As a friend, there was no other meaning in giving her a bouquet of flowers on her birthday. Just when Feng Ruru was about to say not to do this again, Jiang Junnan said in advance that he would not give it away again. Jiang Junnan asked Chen Xinyi if there was anything she had not canceled. Chen Xinyi said that there was also a restaurant she had booked for Feng Ruru's birthday. Jiang Junnan said that since it couldn't be canceled, let Chen Xinyi go with him. While the two were having dinner, Jiang Junnan knew that Chen Xinyi knew him very well, so he asked Chen Xinyi if she knew him so well and wouldn't she like him.

Chen Xinyi didn't say anything but just took a sip of wine. Jiang Junnan also saw that Chen Xinyi liked her. Just when Jiang Junnan was a little overwhelmed, Gu Xun called him. When Jiang Junnan answered the phone, he called his mother and said that he would be back in a while. Gu Xun on the other end of the phone just thought that he was sick. Gu Xun and Yue Qianling were cooking at his home when Jiang Junnan suddenly opened the door and came in. Yue Qianling immediately squatted down, and Jiang Junnan had already seen her. He deliberately asked Yue Qianling whether he knew that Gu Xun had a girlfriend, and whether it would be bad to stay at his house in the middle of the night. Just as Yue Qianling was about to go back, Gu Xun took her hand and told Jiang Junnan that they were together.

Yue Qianling and Gu Xun were working hand in hand, and Huang Jie had actually seen them a long time ago. She deliberately asked whether Gu Xun was a scumbag after seeing off his girlfriend and his female colleague. Yue Qianling told Huang Jie that the two of them were together. Yue Qianling was wearing the sexy pajamas given to her by Huang Jie at Gu Xun's house to send documents to Fanxing. Unexpectedly, Gu Xun's mother suddenly came. Yue Qianling was very nervous about seeing Gu Xun's mother dressed like this for the first time. Unexpectedly, Gu Xun's mother said it was very good. Yue Qianling said she liked it and bought her one. Gu Xun's mother discovered that he was playing games. She didn't want Gu Xun to follow the same path as his father. She asked Gu Xun to choose between her and the game.


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