Yue Qianling came to ask how Gu Xun was doing, and Gu Xun told her that she was fine and just had a headache. After hearing this, Yue Qianling put her hand on Gu Xun's head to see if he had a fever. After she tried it, she felt that she didn't have a fever. Yue Qianling said that she should drive. How could Gu Xun drive if he had a headache. Yue Qianling looked at Gu Xun who was sleeping soundly, thinking that she hoped he could sleep a little longer. Yue Qianling was driving around downstairs in the community. The security guard saw that the two of them were so abnormal. He came over and asked them what they were doing. Yue Qianling told him that he was practicing driving. The security guard asked her to see if this was a place for driving practice. The trash cans and road cones were all damaged by her.

Gu Xun also woke up when he heard the noise. He told the security guard that they were from 401 and they would compensate. The security guard asked them to register at the property management office tomorrow and told them to drive more carefully in the future. Yue Qianling told Gu Xun that she just wanted him to sleep a little longer, and she proposed that the maintenance fee and compensation should be half. Gu Xun told her that there was no need to separate them so clearly, since they were all joint property anyway. Yue Qianling asked him if he was drunk that day. Gu Xun told her that even if he was drunk, he could still hear it. Yue Qianling angrily said that he should pay for it alone. While Jiang Junnan was working, Feng Ruru suddenly came. Jiang Junnan immediately apologized when he saw her, saying that he had been busy with games these days.

After these few days, he will definitely go out to play with Feng Ruru. Feng Ruru told him that the meteor shower was over, that Jiang Junnan had forgotten their agreement, and that it was over between them. Jiang Junnan also asked Feng Ruru to give him another chance. Feng Ruru said that she wanted him to put herself first. Obviously he didn't and left after saying that. Chen Xinyi was still helping Jiang Junnan book a doll for Feng Ruru. She searched many times online before finding someone to sell it to. When Feng Ruru went to the place agreed with the man, she found that the man was Jiang Junnan. Chen Xinyi asked him if he wanted to give it to Feng Ruru. Jiang Junnan told her that the two of them were over.

He said that he understood what Feng Ruru said. If he were a college student, then he would definitely meet all the requirements Feng Ruru said. But now that he has his own team, he can't put feelings first. Chen Xinyi picked up a bottle of beer and drank it hard. Jiang Junnan couldn't tell whether it was him who was falling out of love or Chen Xinyi. Chen Xinyi said that she knew Jiang Junnan was sad, but she didn't know how to help him. After the two of them came out after drinking beer, Chen Xinyi bought a balloon. She told Jiang Junnan that every time she was unhappy, she would buy a balloon and tell her unhappy things and then pop it.

After Jiang Junnan saw Chen Xinyi doing this, he also did the same, and the two of them stepped on the balloons very happily. Jiang Junnan felt that Chen Xinyi was different from before. Chen Xinyi asked him what was different. Jiang Junnan said that she was more cheerful than before, which was good. When Gu Xun and Yue Qianling arrived at the company, they were told by Wei Han that the booth had already been allocated to the project. Gu Xun told them not to worry, and he would definitely give them an explanation. Gu Xunlai asked the boss why he gave the booth to a promotional video before it was released. Jiang Yishi told him that the love agent released four character drawings and unexpectedly the response was very good. He had recharged the game in advance and the cash flow was also very good.

Fanxing asked them if they needed to change the promotional posters, and Yue Qianling told them that they didn't need to change it. It wasn't certain who would win until the promotional video was released. Gu Xun announced the results to the Propaganda Department, but the results exceeded the boss's expectations. She still handed over the exhibition hall to the Ninth Business Department. Yue Qianling's love test showed that she would be single within the next three days. Gu Xun asked Jiang Junnan how the things she told him were going. On her way back, Yue Qianling was wondering if Gu Xun was preparing to confess to her. She saw flowers and candles at the end of the road. She thought it was Gu Xun, but she didn't know that it was Su Zheng who came out. Gu Xun happened to see the scene where Yue Qianling refused Su Zheng to give him a hug, and he misunderstood that Su Zheng's confession was successful.


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