Tang Xin was waiting for her downstairs at Yue Qianling's house. Yue Qianling asked him why he was here, and Tang Xin said that he was here to do something just to deliver something to Yue Qianling. Tang Xin was about to send Yue Qianling to work, and Gu Xun happened to come down. He asked Yue Qianling if she hadn't agreed to go to work together, why did she leave first. Tang Xin asked Yue Qianling if this was the boyfriend she had through playing games, and Gu Xun told him that it was him. Tang Xin started talking to Gu Xun and said that he still had time to play games. He told Gu Xun that he was the brother of Yue Qianling's childhood sweetheart, and Gu Xun said that he was Yue Qianling's boyfriend. The two men ostensibly shook hands, but were actually competing against each other.

Tang Xin told Yue Qianling that he came to Jiangcheng this time to attend a friend's wedding, and he invited Yue Qianling to be his female companion on the weekend. Yue Qianling said that she had to work overtime on weekends and had no time to accompany him. Tang Xin said that if she didn't go, he wouldn't go either. He happened to go to the hospital to check for his myocarditis. As soon as Yue Qianling heard that he was going to the hospital, he hurriedly walked side by side with him to show concern for him. Gu Xun followed and tried to join in, but Tang Xin pushed him away. Gu Xun asked him why he pushed him, but Tang Xin said how could he push him, and Yue Qianling also said that he had myocarditis, how could he push him. As soon as Yue Qianling arrived at the company, she received a text message from Tang Xin saying that the clothes and shoes he bought for her would be delivered immediately. Huang Jie could tell that she didn't like the man who gave her the clothes.

Huang Jie told her that if she didn't like it, she should fight it quickly. Yue Qianling thought for a while and felt that Huang Jie was right. She picked up the things Tang Xin sent and was about to go downstairs to have dinner with Tang Xin. When Gu Xun saw Huang Jie, he asked her where Yue Qianling was. Huang Jie told him that Yue Qianling went downstairs to eat Japanese food and she had an appointment today. Yue Qianling wanted to return the things Tang Xin gave him, but Tang Xin told her that these things could not be returned, so Yue Qianling prepared to give the money to Tang Xin, but Tang Xin felt that it was not necessary. The two of them were talking when Gu Xun arrived. He told Yue Qianling that he happened to have an appointment with someone here, but that person broke the appointment.

Gu Xun asked if they could eat together if they didn't mind. Tang Xin sat down just as he was about to refuse Gu Xun. Gu Xun looked at the dishes in front of Yue Qianling and said that Yue Qianling didn't like eating such light dishes. With that said, Gu Xun called the waiter and asked for a plate of coriander. Tang Xin said that it was indeed his fault for not understanding Yue Qianling's eating habits in advance. Gu Xun said that if you want to know anything, you can ask him. As he said this, Gu Xun took Yue Qianling's hand. Tang Xin said that he had heard that Yue Qianling was single before. As he said this, Gu Xun began to pretend that green tea disgusted Tang Xin. Gu Xun saw the clothes Tang Xin gave to Yue Qianling, and he said he wanted to transfer money to Tang Xin.

Tang Xin didn't want it, so Gu Xun said he would regret it if he didn't want it. After Tang Xin accepted Gu Xun's transfer, Gu Xun deliberately spilled the food on the newly bought clothes. Gu Xun and Yue Qianling also took the opportunity to leave. Yue Qianling asked Gu Xun to cooperate with him and complete the trick until Tang Xin left. There was a power outage at Yue Qianling's house and she went to Gu Xun for help, but Gu Xun went downstairs to help with property maintenance and monitoring. Gu Xun discovered the person who was following Yue Qianling, and he asked Yue Qianling to cooperate with him in acting to catch the person. That person was the security guard of their community, and Yue Qianling and the others sent the person to the police station.

On their way back, someone called Gu Xun who said she was his mother-in-law. Yue Qianling was surprised that he actually had a mother-in-law. It wasn't until Gu Xun answered the phone that Yue Qianling found out it was her mother. She asked Gu Xun why he mentioned her mother as mother-in-law. Gu Xun said her surname was Yue, so wasn't she her mother-in-law. Jiang Junnan told Gu Xun and the others that he was going to introduce them to his girlfriend today, and Yue Qianling quickly called to prepare to tell Chen Xinyi. Unexpectedly, Chen Xinyi already knew that Su Zheng lost when Yue Qianling and the others were playing together, so they asked him to take a risk and call the person he liked. When Su Zheng was about to make a call, Gu Xun snatched his phone because they knew that the person Su Zheng liked was Yue Qianling.


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