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On this day, Ran Dongdong came home and suddenly told his parents that he wanted a divorce. Ran's parents were shocked at first, and then they started arguing along this topic. Ran's father refuses to admit that he and Ran's mother are in love. He thinks that marriage is to live together for a lifetime, so he disagrees with Ran Dongdong's divorce. And Ran’s mother mentioned that when the husband and wife were just married, they would unconsciously smile on their faces. However, after experiencing the daily necessities of life, she didn’t seem to feel love anymore, so she agreed with Ran Dongdong to do things according to her own will. Decide.

After that, Ran Dongdong found a lawyer, but Mu Dafu refused to meet him. After returning home, Ran Dongdong discussed divorce with Mu Dafu. But no matter what Ran Dongdong said, Mu Dafu would always agree in the end. Mu Dafu bluntly said that he has never done anything to offend Ran Dongdong. He even suspected that Ran Dongdong might be trying to relieve her pressure of not being able to solve the Dakeng case by using things like divorce and thinking that she was cheating.

On this rainy night, Ran Dongdong sat alone in the car, staring in the direction of Xu Shanchuan's villa from afar. A man in a raincoat suddenly walked up behind the car, and the man was tightly wrapped. Ran Dongdong couldn't tell who it was for a while, so he had to be ready to leave at any time. Then, her car window was knocked, and Mudav's face appeared in front of Ran Dongdong through the glass. Now that the Dakeng case is in trouble, Ran Dongdong couldn't sort out his thoughts, so he simply chatted with Mu Dafu a lot. Inspired by Mu Dafu, Ran Dongdong finally had a new idea. Perhaps it wasn't Xu Shanchuan who killed Xia Bingqing, but it was very likely someone who had a close relationship with Xu Shanchuan.

Soon, the police found Xu Haitao, Xu Shanchuan's nephew, and set many traps to arrest him. Xu Haitao admitted that he did illegal D-ball. And the reason why he took the risk was because he planned to raise money to get married. Ran Dongdong found the fiancé Zeng Xiaoling he was talking about. Zeng Xiaoling told Ran Dongdong that Xu Haitao had never liked Xu Shanchuan because he felt that Xu Shanchuan was not specific at all. Because of this, Xu Haitao hated Xu Shanchuan's women very much.

When asked what happened on the day Xia Bingqing's case happened, Zeng Xiaoling answered sincerely, and also bluntly said that Xu Haitao was on duty with her that day. And the monitoring can indeed prove that neither of them had time to commit the crime that night. However, when Ran Dongdong asked about Xu Shanchuan, Zeng Xiaoling seemed a little hesitant. Ran Dongdong continued to investigate and discovered that the love between Zeng Xiaoling and Xu Haitao may be called the beginning of a heroic rescue of the United States. Xu Shanchuan's lover in the health care center is jealous of Zeng Xiaoling, so he always finds fault with her intentionally or unintentionally. And Xu Haitao appeared on the day Zeng Xiaoling was bullied.

While investigating the hotel surveillance, Ran Dongdong made a new discovery—Wu Wenchao had actually been to the hotel. Later, Ran Dongdong came to Wu Wenchao's company, but the door was closed and important items were taken away. Ran Dongdong began to conduct a comprehensive investigation on Wu Wenchao, but he unexpectedly met Mu Dafu while chasing him, and Bei Zhen was sitting beside him. Ran Dongdong has mixed feelings in his heart, and he is even more sure that Mu Dafu has betrayed him. But she did not hear the previous conversation between the two. Bei Zhen and Mu Dafu did not both cheat, and Bei Zhen divorced only because she couldn't stand the other half's suspicion.

When the time came to the day when Mudav first opened his room, he stood on the window sill of the hotel room and lingered for a long time, but he still dialed the other party's phone and informed him of the room number. After hanging up the phone, he seemed to have finally completed some task, his tense body instantly relaxed, and he could only stand firm by leaning against the glass window. He looked into the distance where he didn't know, his eyes were empty and soulless.

After a long time, the doorbell rang. Mudhav immediately got up to open the door, but just as he stood up, he stopped hesitantly. Seeing that there was no movement in the room for a long time, Fang Xiaoyu had no choice but to make a call. Mudhav clutched his phone tightly like a thief, and tiptoed back to the window sill. He looked into the distance, letting the phone in his hand vibrate annoyingly. The second time he opened a room, the person he met was still Fang Xiaoyu. This time he was fully prepared, but the other party left halfway.

Thinking of these, Mudhav tossed and turned and couldn't say anything. He got up and walked towards the room, only to find a bright red mark on Ran Dongdong's wrist. He was angry and anxious, and hurriedly treated Ran Dongdong's wound. After sending off Huan Yu the next day, Mu Dafu took Ran Dongdong to see a psychiatrist. Mu Dafu waited outside for a long time, but he never expected Ran Dongdong to come out of the consulting room with a smile on his face. Mu Dafu was very puzzled, so he went in and consulted a psychiatrist. Knowing that Ran Dongdong talked a lot about the Dakeng case, Mu Dafu understood why Ran Dongdong was so happy.

But Mu Dafu was still worried, so he took the initiative to find Shao Tianwei and ask her about Ran Dongdong's situation in the unit. Shao Tianwei said bluntly that Ran Dongdong had no problems at all at work, and even performed better than anyone else. But Mu Dafu refused to believe it, and told Shao Tianwei about Ran Dongdong's wrist cutting, and asked him to take care of Ran Dongdong.


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