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The last time he asked, Xu Shanchuan almost described Xia Bingqing as a slut, but this time he said very gently that she was a very dedicated person, which made everyone think he was lying. Seeing that Xu Shanchuan didn't say a word, just bent over with his arms folded, looking up at him, Ran Dongdong continued to attack. Like Dad Xia, Xu Shanchuan also has a daughter, so he should understand the heart of an old father. If there was no incident at the beginning, maybe everything that happened later would not have happened, and Xia Bingqing would not have died at the scene of the crime.

Hearing what Ran Dongdong said about the needle hidden in the cotton, Xu Shanchuan's tears fell uncontrollably. Seeing this, Ran Dongdong took out his mobile phone and played the recording of Xia's parents. Xia's parents recalled that after the quarrel in the cemetery that day, Xia Bingqing stood in front of the waterfall, his body as weak as paper. Mother Xia chased after her and approached her quietly.

Mother Xia reminded Xia Bingqing not to do stupid things, and apologized for Father Xia and her. Xia Bingqing's tears rolled down, and the breeze gently blew the ends of her hair, but it seemed that the next second would blow her into the lake in front of her. Xia Bingqing told her mother that sometimes she felt that the world would be better without herself. Hearing her daughter's words, Xia's mother cried uncontrollably, and even knelt down to ask Xia Bingqing not to abandon her. Xia Bingqing's heart softened, he turned around and pulled his mother up, hugging her tightly.

In the interrogation room, Xu Shanchuan's eyes were red from crying when he heard Mama Xia's story. He admits that he loves Xia Bingqing, and finally admits that he and Xia Bingqing had the first relationship, which was forced by him. Hearing this, the police officers outside the interrogation room seemed to have won a victory, with happy smiles on their faces. And Ran Dongdong's heart resumed beating at this moment, and he fell down on the chair and took a big breath.

Ran Dongdong was very happy that the truth he had been looking for had been personally admitted by the suspect at this moment. But she thought for a while, and found that the person she most wanted to celebrate with was actually Mu Dafu. But when Mudav approached her, she instinctively refused uncontrollably. Mu Dafu was not annoyed, and patiently comforted Ran Dongdong, restoring her peace of mind. Ran Dongdong also seemed to understand something, and asked Mu Dafu for a hug.

Mu Dafu seems to always express his love for Ran Dongdong without hesitation, but Ran Dongdong is more and more puzzled why Mu Dafu has become more and more unfamiliar. His thoughts could not help but fly back to more than ten years ago. At that time, Mu Dafu didn't say anything, but Ran Dongdong clearly felt his love for him. When Ran Dongdong encounters unsatisfactory things at work, Mu Dafu is always the one who is more angry than her. When Ran Dongdong was working overtime, Mu Dafu would always quietly appear outside the window to tease her to accompany her. Ran Dongdong was pregnant, and Mu Dafu quit smoking without saying a word.

Before Ran Dongdong figured out his relationship with Mu Dafu, there was news from Xu Shanchuan that he suddenly retracted his confession. Ran Dongdong felt irritable, and had another dispute with Mu Dafu when he returned home. Ran Dongdong bought new underwear for Mu Dafu. She originally wanted to fulfill her duties as a wife, but she didn't even realize it. She subconsciously used this matter to test Mu Dafu. As a result of the trial, Mudhav passed the test. But Ran Dongdong still didn't understand whether Mu Dafu still loved him or not. Mu Dafu wondered whether Ran Dongdong still loved him or not.

Ran Dongdong thought about this question all afternoon. She had to admit that Mudav loved herself, and this love could be divided into three stages. The first stage is like chewing gum, sweet and sticky; the second stage is the cocktail period, they share half of their love with their daughters, and sometimes they can’t tell whether each other’s love is love or family affection; the third stage It was the period of airplane mode, obviously both parties did not turn off their phones, but they seemed to have forgotten the matter of loving each other.

After hearing Ran Dongdong's words, Mu Dafu suddenly became angry and no longer concealed his annoyance. And Xiao Huanyu in the room could only squat on the bed and tightly cover his ears.


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