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Many days later, Wu Wenchao made a plan for Xia Bingqing. She asked Xia Bingqing to invite Xu Shanchuan to a hotel room on the occasion of his birthday, and then pushed him downstairs while he was not paying attention. In this way, Xu Shanchuan will not die immediately, but will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But Xia Bingqing didn't want such an ending, she hoped that she and Xu Shanchuan could perish together, preferably more thoroughly.

After that, Xia Bingqing stopped drinking and became taciturn. Whenever Wu Wenchao proposed to terminate the contract, she always refused very firmly. Wu Wenchao had no choice but to rethink another plan, and named the new plan "Killing the Heart".

On Xu Shanchuan's birthday, Xia Bingqing invited him to a restaurant as planned and broke up with him. Xia Bingqing also wanted to test Xu Shanchuan's heart again, saying that if he persuaded him to stay, she would immediately break up with her current boyfriend Wang Chuan and marry him. Xu Shanchuan's eyes still stayed on the wine glass in front of him, and he bluntly said that it was impossible for him to divorce Shen Xiaoying. Xia Bingqing still had a smile on his face, but this smile was uglier than crying. At this moment, Wang Chuan came over and asked Xia Bingqing if he needed to go to the room to wait for her first.

Xia Bingqing didn't answer, but introduced Xu Shanchuan to him, and whispered that this was his ex-boyfriend. Seeing Wang Chuan and Xia Bingqing being intimate, Xu Shanchuan felt uncomfortable. After Wang Chuan left, Xu Shanchuan opened his hands, wanting to hug Xia Bingqing before saying goodbye. Xia Bingqing approached Xu Shanchuan very politely and gave him a final goodbye. Before leaving, Xia Bingqing did not forget to reveal to Xu Shanchuan that her new boyfriend is very clingy, and will look for her after a while. Afterwards, she took her bag, turned around and left chicly.

Afterwards, Xia Bingqing drank the wine on his own, and let the extras leave with smiles on their faces. After waking up the next day, Xia Bingqing went back to the rented room. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Xu Shanchuan. Her heart seemed to be rekindled, and she confessed that everything last night was acting. After that, Xia Bingqing seldom went to see Wu Wenchao.

Ran Dongdong called Xu Shanchuan and played the music from the box that day in front of him. Regarding whether he raped Xia Bingqing that day, Xu Shanchuan's answer was vague, making it hard to find any loopholes. Ran Dongdong expected this result, so he changed the subject and asked if he had threatened Xia Bingqing. Seeing Xu Shanchuan's denial, Ran Dongdong continued to ask if he knew that Xia Bingqing had gone to Shen Xiaoying. Xu Shanchuan admitted that he was aware of this, but he did not know the details of their conversation.

Facing Ran Dongdong's pressing step by step, Xu Shanchuan's psychological defense gradually collapsed, and he became more irritable. Ran Dongdong knew that the time was right, so he revealed Xu Shanchuan's secret hidden in his heart - he fell in love with Xia Bingqing. Hearing this, Xu Shanchuan calmed down instantly, bowed his head and remained silent. It's not that he didn't think about marrying Xia Bingqing, and even simulated the wedding scene with her in the hotel.

When Xu Shanchuan and Shen Xiaoying got married, because of Shen Xiaoying's insistence, they didn't hold a wedding. But in Xu Shanchuan's heart, he has always longed for a grand wedding, because he is a person who pays great attention to rituals. Therefore, that fake wedding with Xia Bingqing has been etched in his mind until now. He also knew that Xia Bingqing loved him more than he loved her.

Ran Dongdong raised a shallow smile, and his eyes became gentler. She asked Xu Shanchuan what kind of person Xia Bingqing was in his heart. Xu Shanchuan still had his hands in his arms, but there was a smile on his face. When talking about Xia Bingqing, he seemed very gentle. He bluntly said that although Xia Bingqing is a bit willful, she treats herself very well and can handle all kinds of entertainment well. Just when the atmosphere gradually eased, Ran Dongdong suddenly put away his smile, his eyes returned to the previous fierceness, and bluntly said that Xu Shanchuan was lying.


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