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The first time they met in the parking lot, Xia Bingqing got into Shen Xiaoying's car, but why did Shen Xiaoying not defend against Xia Bingqing, and why did Shen Xiaoying deny knowing Xia Bingqing when asked. These questions came one after another, making Ran Dongdong unable to figure it out. Ran Dongdong couldn't help but become more curious about Shen Xiaoying, wanting to hear her unique view on love.

After get off work, Ran Dongdong went to Lianhu Hotel, wanting a massage to relieve stress. After it was over, she suddenly thought of something, and asked the hotel front desk for the schedule records for January 20th and February 20th. When she got home, she sat on the balcony and smoked. Seeing that the balcony door was put aside, Mudhav walked over to inquire about the situation. Ran Dongdong skillfully flicked the cigarette ashes into the ashtray, and said "Cheated" lightly in his mouth.

Ran Dongdong told Mu Dafu that he retrieved the hotel records and learned that he didn't go to the hotel for a massage at all during those two days. Ran Dongdong wanted to ask further questions, but Mu Dafu admitted them one by one, but his tone was so perfunctory that people couldn't tell whether it was true or not. This reminded Ran Dongdong of the meeting with Bei Zhen three years ago.

Bei Zhen wrote an article about a group of writers going to the seaside to gather folk songs. After half an hour of embarrassment, the protagonist proposes a game. She asked everyone to keep the door at night, and she would open the door one by one. In the early hours of the morning, an intruder came into the protagonist's room. The intruder did not allow the host to turn on the light, so the two entangled and rubbed each other in the dark, spending an hour without speaking. On the second day, they went out to collect folk songs as usual. The protagonist doesn't know who the intruder is, but only remembers that he left a word "beautiful" before leaving. Back to reality, Ran Dongdong asked Mu Dafu if his cheating partner was Bei Zhen. Mu Dafu flatly denied it. But Ran Dongdong seemed to have an answer in his heart, even though Mudav's answer was contrary to it.

Ran Dongdong invited Shen Xiaoying to the police force again, but seeing that the other party was still unwilling to tell the truth, she had no choice but to take out Xia Bingqing's recording. Shen Xiaoying finally let go, admitting that she and Xia Bingqing did know each other. She also told Ran Dongdong that Xia Bingqing threatened her that day. She said that if she didn't divorce Xu Shanchuan, she would sue Xu Shanchuan, and if she couldn't sue, she would get rid of him. Whether it was then or now, Shen Xiaoying didn't care what Xia Bingqing would do.

While chatting, the two of them talked about the man who is greedy for money and lustful. At this moment, it seems that the two women in the interrogation room are not the police and the interrogated, but ordinary women who have been hit hard by marriage. After the questioning was over, Ran Dongdong took the initiative to invite Shen Xiaoying to sit in his car. On the way, Shen Xiaoying was very straightforward and asked Ran Dongdong if her husband had cheated on her. Even though Ran Dongdong denied it outright, the psychologist Shen Xiaoying had already seen her heart through.

After returning home, Mu Dafu found that his things had been dug out, and the photo of himself and Bei Zhen was circled by a red pen. Mu Dafu was a little annoyed, and asked why Ran Dongdong was so unforgiving. Ran Dongdong ignored his anger and continued to question, as if he was interrogating a prisoner. I don't know whether it's guilty conscience or angry Ran Dongdong's attitude, Mu Dafu became more and more angry, but his answer was still as perfunctory as before. In the end, the two broke up unhappy. After closing the door, Ran Dongdong's tears poured out.

Another night, when Ran Dongdong came home, Mu Dafu had already prepared dinner. But Ran Dongdong received a text message from a strange phone, asking her to meet at Lianhu Hotel by name. Ran Dongdong put on his windbreaker again, bid farewell to his daughter and went out. The man who met Ran Dongdong was named Hong Ange, and he was Bei Zhen's husband. Although he tried his best to appear calm and revealed his love for his wife Bei Zhen both openly and secretly, Ran Dongdong could see his guilty conscience and nervousness at a glance.

Ran Dongdong and Hong Ange talked about Bei Zhen's novel and asked some intimate topics. Hearing the details in the novel, Hong Ange's hand stayed in the air for a moment, and then he smiled, showing a shy look. Ran Dongdong refused to give up, and continued to chat on this topic, asking when he started calling Bei Zhen "beautiful" after making out. Not knowing whether it was embarrassment or guilty conscience, Hong Ange's smile froze immediately. Then he answered Ran Dongdong, this kind of details started when the two fell in love.

Ran Dongdong seemed to grasp the breakthrough of the "interrogation", and continued to ask, is it possible that Mudav started to work on this detail three years ago, was it possible that someone needed him to shout. Hong Ange's smile couldn't hold on any longer, his face sank, and he bluntly said that he had thought about this possibility, but it seemed that the evidence showed that Bei Zhen and Mu Dafu were innocent. Ran Dongdong still smiled and took a sip of tea. Later, Hong Ange invited Ran Dongdong to his room to taste the tea he specially brought from his hometown.

In the hotel room, Hong Ange walked towards Ran Dongdong slowly, held her in his arms, and asked him if it was okay for the two of them. Before Ran Dongdong could answer, he pushed Ran Dongdong down on the bed. Ran Dongdong's hair was disheveled, he was nervous, and his body seemed to be stuck and unable to move. She opened and closed her mouth slightly, asking the man in front of her to calm down. But the man remained unmoved and continued to unbutton his buttons. Ran Dongdong asked Hong Ange how to face the child if it continued. Hearing this, Hong Ange stopped his hands and stood up straight.

Ran Dongdong seemed relieved and buttoned his clothes. She bluntly said that she was just testing, but fortunately, Hong Ange did not let herself be completely disappointed in human nature. In the novel, the intruder likes to turn off the lights while making out, but Hong Ange doesn't. This made Ran Dongdong more convinced of the answer he believed in. Seeing Ran Dongdong coming back, Mu Dafu took a bottle of medicine and asked. Ran Dongdong admitted that he was taking these drugs recently because of too much pressure. Hearing Ran Dongdong's answer, Mu Dafu was a little anxious, and persuaded Ran Dongdong to see a doctor, otherwise he would go to the leader of the police force. Ran Dongdong's tone was cold, saying that if Mu Dafu went to the leader, he would divorce himself. Mu Dafu had no choice but to shut up.

Ran Dongdong repeatedly recalled all the clues, and felt that something was wrong with Wu Wenchao, so he called him to the police force for questioning. Facing Ran Dongdong's sharp eyes, Wu Wenchao finally admitted that Xia Bingqing had asked him to come up with a plan to get rid of Xu Shanchuan. He didn't dare to accept it, but he needed money again.


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