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Under the influence of alcohol, Xia Bingqing gradually put down her defenses, talked a lot to Xu Shanchuan, and begged him to give herself a chance, because she desperately wanted to leave here. Xu Shanchuan was like a thoughtful tree hole, patiently listening to Xia Bingqing's words. But gradually he was not satisfied with moving his mouth, but began to move his hands. No matter how Ren Xia Bingqing resisted, she was powerless to break free from Xu Shanchuan. The next day, the embarrassed Xia Bingqing resolutely walked towards the police station, but was dragged back by Xu Shanchuan.

Xia Bingqing lied that she was going to send a message to her mother to report her safety, and quietly turned on the recording button. Xu Shanchuan told Xia Bingqing that he would try his best to make up for it, whether it was taking her out of here or paying off all the family's debts for her. Xia Bingqing thought for a long, long time, and cried for a long, long time. Xia Bingqing made a choice when he heard that his parents were arguing uncontrollably over money again. She took out her bank card and sent Xu Shanchuan a message. Soon, she received money from Xu Shanchuan, even 80,000 more.

Early the next morning, Xia Bingqing dragged his suitcase and was sent by Xu Shanchuan to the current rented house. As soon as he entered the door, Xu Shanchuan self-introduced how good this rental house was, as if he had searched for Xia Bingqing for a long time before finding this place. After finishing speaking, he took out the entry contract, expressing that he was considerate of the situation at Xia Bingqing's family, so he paid her half a month's salary in advance, and even paid the extra 80,000 yuan out of his own pocket. If it wasn't for what happened last night, Xia Bingqing would really think that she met a good person. But how could the embarrassment and embarrassment of that night disappear from Xia Bingqing's mind so easily.

Xia Bingqing sighed heavily, and put the fruit knife from home on the kitchen shelf. From then on, Xia Bingqing became that mole who died at the sight of light. She dared not meet anyone except Xu Shanchuan, and only went home during the holidays to create the illusion that she was really working in Beijing. But every meeting with Xu Shanchuan ended in quarrels. But even so, she still looks forward to meeting Xu Shanchuan. Perhaps only in this way can she feel that she has something to rely on, and she is not alone in this empty world. She seemed to have fallen into a big pit and couldn't get out no matter what, but she was unwilling to do so.

In the face of Xia Bingqing's confession, Wu Wenchao is often just a listener, because he is afraid that his plot will touch Xia Bingqing's sensitive nerves, and he will never see her again. But this time, he couldn't help persuading Xia Bingqing to let her try to get out of this big pit slowly. He recommended some books to Xia Bingqing, and discussed some psychology with her from time to time.

On this day, Xia Bingqing suddenly dressed up very grandly, and asked Wu Wenchao to send him to meet Shen Xiaoying. At school, Xia Bingqing walked into Shen Xiaoying's car pretending to be proud. When she came back, she kept her face sullen and didn't say a word. Afterwards, Xia Bing came to the barber's shop full of vigor and straightened her curly hair. After returning, she took out her mobile phone and asked Wu Wenchao to listen to the conversation between herself and Shen Xiaoying.

As soon as she sat down, Xia Bingqing reported her family name and was ready to deal with Shen Xiaoying. But when she learned that she was not the first woman who came to Shen Xiaoying, her psychological defenses were instantly broken, and her heart seemed to be stabbed by a thorn, which could not be pulled out no matter what. Xia Bingqing persuaded Shen Xiaoying and Xu Shanchuan to divorce, but the other party was very calm, saying that if he divorced, wouldn't he be going to harm others. Xia Bingqing had no choice but to admit that she was raped by Xu Shanchuan. However, Shen Xiaoying was still calm and composed, she didn't even move her eyebrows, and instead persuaded Xia Bingqing that if she really had evidence to sue Xu Shanchuan, then everything she had today would be reduced to ashes. In the end, Shen Xiaoying did not forget to remind Xia Bingqing that what Xu Shanchuan valued was her youth, beauty and vitality, and her outfit today was obviously not what Xu Shanchuan liked.

After hearing Wu Wenchao's memories, Ran Dongdong thought a lot, but she didn't fully listen to Wu Wenchao's words. Ran Dongdong asked about the surveillance in the store, but Wu Wenchao only said that Xia Bingqing asked him to remove all the surveillance.


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