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Many years ago, Mudhav, who was still a young scholar, visited Professor Ran's home. The two intellectuals met each other and had a very pleasant chat. As soon as Professor Ran's daughter Ran Dongdong came home, she was called to sit by her father. In this way, the young Ran Dongdong and Mu Dafu got acquainted. The two started communicating because of a piece of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and they often discussed together after that.

Back to the present, Mu Dafu felt that Ran Dongdong had changed and became more and more ruthless. Sometimes he looked at himself as if he was looking at a criminal. But Ran Dongdong felt that he hadn't changed. The reason why Mu Dafu felt that he had become less gentle was entirely because of his guilty conscience. Upon hearing this, Mu Dafu was at a loss for words, not understanding why Ran Dongdong was always so mean. Ran Dongdong turned his back to him, accusing him of not being as honest as before.

I still remember that when the two first got together, Mu Dafu confessed that he once kissed a junior sister and had intimacy with her eleven times. At that time, Mu Dafu also told Ran Dongdong that once a person falls in love with someone, he will become honest. After getting married, Ran Dongdong accidentally found Mu Dafu's diary, which clearly recorded his love experience with his junior sister. Ran Dongdong counted subconsciously, and they had indeed been intimate eleven times.

Mu Dafu will also report to Ran Dongdong what happened to him recently, including a young and beautiful girl who has an unreasonable desire for him. Not only that, Mu Dafu would shrug his shoulders and ask Ran Dongdong to persuade that little girl for him. Ran Dongdong really went to see the little girl, and after hearing her words of admiration for Muduff, Ran Dongdong was not angry, and even thought it was a little funny.

Ran Dongdong told the little girl that if she insisted on taking a long-distance bus to the city for 100 days, just to send a bouquet of flowers to Mu Dafu, then she would give her husband up. Hearing this, the little girl's eyes lit up instantly, and her eyes firmly expressed that she could do it. But on the sixth day, she never appeared again.

But now Ran Dongdong can't help but miss the open, transparent, honest and trustworthy Mu Dafu back then. And Mudaf finally admitted that he did add other items after the massage. This might be the truth that Ran Dongdong wanted, but she couldn't feel any pleasure of revealing the truth, only disappointed.

Ran Dongdong and Shao Tianwei found Wu Wenchao who was downstairs from Xia Bingqing, and asked straight to the point about his relationship with Xia Bingqing. Seeing Xia Bingqing's photo, Wu Wenchao couldn't stop crying. According to him, he and Xia Bingqing met one night two years ago. It rained heavily that night, and Wu Wenchao was writing a plan in the company, when Ran Dongdong stumbled out of the taxi, drenched in the rain, looking out of his wits. Out of kindness, Wu Wenchao stepped forward to hold an umbrella for her. Seeing that Ran Dongdong was drunk and unconscious, Wu Wenchao had no choice but to help her back to the company first. After an unknown amount of time, Xia Bingqing woke up slowly and wandered back to the rented room.

A month later, Xia Bingqing appeared in Wu Wenchao's company again, also drunk. After drinking a cup of coffee, she left quietly again. After that, every ten days and half a month, Xia Bingqing would always appear like this, suddenly appearing and disappearing again. And Wu Wenchao is also tireless, waiting for Xia Bingqing's sudden visit at the company every night, because he likes to chat with Xia Bingqing.

I still remember the first communication between the two because of an own goal. That night, Xia Bingqing was more drunk than ever, took off his sweater as soon as he entered the room, lay down on the chair and fell asleep soundly. Waking up in the middle of the night, Xia Bingqing thought Wu Wenchao had done something to him, so he woke him up and questioned him. Wu Wenchao was very wronged, so he turned on the surveillance to prove his innocence. After Xia Bingqing learned the truth, she was very ashamed, and her heart gradually softened. She told Wu Wenchao many stories about herself. Including her being raped by Xu Shanchuan that day.

That day, Xia Bingqing was not reconciled, and went all the way to the box to reason with Xu Shanchuan. Xu Shanchuan belittled Xia Bingqing, saying that she did not meet his recruitment requirements. At that time, Xia Bingqing was anxious to find a job, so she asked Xu Shanchuan what he could do to get into the company. Xu Shanchuan's eyes were ambiguous, and he said that he needed an assistant to the chairman. Seeing that Xu Shanchuan had bad intentions, Xia Bingqing left the box angrily.

But the pressure of reality forced her to calm down and reconsider, and finally she returned to the box. Naively, she thought that Xu Shanchuan's malicious intentions just wanted an assistant who could drink and sing, but things became more and more uncontrollable. Under Xu Shanchuan's step-by-step guidance, Xia Bingqing drank one cup after another.


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