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According to Shao Tianwei's investigation, on the night of the 15th, Mudav's father fell ill and went to the hospital, and he went to the hospital at 8 o'clock that night. The stain on his trousers was from accidentally sitting on a hospital stool. Shao Tianwei also brought back the surveillance video from the emergency room that day, confirming Mudaf's innocence. But when Ran Dongdong asked about Mudav's whereabouts after ten o'clock, Shao Tianwei suddenly changed the subject, seemingly unwilling to answer the question.

On this day, Ran Dongdong and Mu Dafu went to visit Mu's parents, and unexpectedly learned that Mu's father had been cheated. In order to pay back the money to Professor Zhang, Mu Dafu borrowed 200,000 yuan from the writer Bei Zhen by chance. While answering the call from the police station, Ran Dongdong listened to Mu Dafu's account of what happened that night. Faced with Bei Zhen's sudden generosity, Ran Dongdong didn't care much, but he didn't want to owe others favors, so he asked Mu Dafu to return the money to Bei Zhen immediately.

After investigation, Ran Dongdong discovered that Xu Shanchuan was not just Xia Bingqing's lover. Xu Shanchuan's wife, Shen Xiaoying, doesn't seem to care how many lovers her husband has, she just thinks that Xu Shanchuan treats her well. For example, as long as he doesn't go out to socialize, Xu Shanchuan will give Shen Xiaoying a massage at home. As long as Shen Xiaoying wants, Xu Shanchuan will do his best to satisfy. As for his lovers outside, Shen Xiaoying didn't want to care about them, let alone hate them.

According to Xu Shanchuan's assistant, Xia Bingqing walked out of the private room with her hair loose that day, and Xu Shanchuan followed behind to hold the bag for her. After walking out of the health care center, Xia Bingqing refused to get in Xu Shanchuan's car, but left by herself dragging the suitcase. Speaking of this, the assistant couldn't help feeling chills, as if Xu Shanchuan had never carried his bag or opened the car door like this before. She pondered for a while, and recalled that there seemed to be a faint cry of a woman in the box that day.

From this, Ran Dongdong couldn't help but suspect that during the three hours in the box that day, Xu Shanchuan bullied Xia Bingqing. But the only witness, Xia Bingqing, has been killed, and the evidence that Xu Shanchuan committed a crime seems to have disappeared. Coupled with the ferment of public opinion and the urging of the upper echelon, Ran Dongdong felt like an ant on a hot pot for a while, anxious but unable to find a way out.

Back home, Ran Dongdong first took a look at his daughter. Seeing his daughter sleeping soundly, Ran Dongdong's heart relaxed a little. She lay beside Mudhav on her side, refusing his touch. Seeing that Ran Dongdong was restless, Mu Dafu tactfully fell asleep peacefully. But Ran Dongdong suddenly said a word, she found that Mu Dafu had two check-in records in Lianhu Hotel. Hearing this, Mudhaf lost all sleepiness immediately, and hastily explained that he was in the house because of business. But in the face of Ran Dongdong's successive questions, Mu Dafu was full of loopholes. Ran Dongdong couldn't help but burst into tears, and he became more convinced of something in his heart.

Ran Dongdong sorted out the clues at hand, and decided to go find Xia's parents again. According to Xia's parents, after returning from the interview that day, Xia Bingqing locked herself in her room and cried all day and all night. But when asked about other things, they hesitated a bit. With sharp eyes, Ran Dongdong saw father Xia's abnormality and found Xia Bingqing's letter he had hidden in his pocket. Now that the matter has come to an end, Xia's parents finally spoke the truth. A long time ago, Xia Bingqing and her parents confessed to being Xu Shanchuan's lover, and said that only in this way can the Xia family's debts be paid off.

Ran Dongdong also found two life buoys by the river, suspecting that these were the tools used by the murderer to transport the corpse. However, due to the river washing and the hotel's public life buoy, no DNA related to Xia Bingqing or the murderer was extracted from it.

In the evening, Mu Dafu took his daughter to the police station to deliver food to Ran Dongdong, and wanted to explain to her about the room opening. But Ran Dongdong was unwilling to communicate, as if he had confirmed the truth in his heart, and didn't want to listen to Mu Dafu's excuses. Early the next morning, Ran Dongdong received a text message from Mu Dafu, inviting her to visit the Lianhu Hotel. Ran Dongdong thought to himself, if this is the wrong message sent by Mu Dafu, maybe it is really an opportunity to catch him cheating. As soon as he reached the door of the room, Ran Dongdong heard Mu Dafu's shouting. Feeling bad, Ran Dongdong stepped forward and opened the door, only to see a staff member giving him a massage.

After hearing Mu Dafu's explanation, Ran Dongdong suddenly smiled, and even lay down to enjoy the massage. The atmosphere was ambiguous, and the couple's faces were very close to each other, so close that they could clearly feel the warmth from the tip of each other's noses. Seeing Mu Dafu's distracted and fascinated eyes, Ran Dongdong couldn't help teasing him, whether he would do this kind of thing after every massage. He also said that as long as he really investigates, he will definitely be able to know whether what Mu Dafu said is true or not. Talking here, Mu Dafu immediately got angry and left the room. The relationship between the husband and wife suddenly fell to a freezing point.

After returning home, the two quarreled again. Ran Dongdong bluntly said that he really went to investigate the hotel's massage project, but wanted to hear the truth from Mu Dafu himself. Mudhav suddenly became angry from embarrassment, and insisted that he just went for a massage. Not knowing whether it was a professional habit or the known truth, Ran Dongdong asked "Really?" Mudhav became more annoyed and even became irritable. He couldn't help wondering how he fell in love with Ran Dongdong in the first place. Hearing this, Ran Dongdong's heart suddenly fell into the abyss, and tears roared out uncontrollably. But stubborn, she still had to say a rebuttal before choking, and she was also very puzzled by this question.


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