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Deep in the quiet jungle, there is a green spring. The spring water flows from high to low, forming a beautiful waterfall. Surprisingly quiet around, Ran Dongdong stood quietly in front of the waterfall with his hair loose, holding his breath. Suddenly, there was a movement from somewhere, Ran Dongdong suddenly became nervous, and he clenched the hammer behind his back.

In the dark night, a fugitive suspect was kidnapping a woman and confronting the police. No matter how the police persuaded him, the suspect remained unmoved, and even became more irritable and more vicious towards the hostages. Although Ran Dongdong is an excellent sniper, he has never been in actual combat. But this time, she went up. She first dealt with the suspect a few words, and when he was not paying attention, she cooperated with Shao Tianwei beside him and shot him dead. After the task was completed, Ran Dongdong seemed to have not recovered, and walked out with a pistol in his hand. Ran Dongdong didn't think of returning the pistol until Shao Tianwei called her to stop.

In the middle of the night, Ran Dongdong was woken up by the rumble of the washing machine running. It was her husband, Mu Dafu, who had returned. Ran Dongdong saw the video of killing the suspect from her husband's mobile phone, and became more and more restless. Ran Dongdong's first shot was able to subdue the suspect, but she finally made two more shots, resulting in the suspect's death on the spot. Mu Dafu is proud of Ran Dongdong's excellence, but he also has to remind that the suspect also has the right to live before the court pronounces a sentence. Ran Dongdong didn't take it seriously, and started arguing with Mu Dafu.

On this day, a female corpse was found by the river, and it is currently judged to have floated down from the upper reaches. After a preliminary examination by the forensic doctor, it was found that there was a blow wound on the back of the female body. Ran Dongdong took a look at the corpse, and suddenly a fire arose in his heart, who did the evil.

According to the forensic report, the deceased was about 25 years old, and the time of death was about 40 hours. There was a smashed pit in the back of the deceased's occipital, water was in the lungs, and fine sand and algae were in the throat, so the real cause of death was drowning. In addition, the right wrist of the deceased was severed by a sharp instrument, and the whereabouts of the palm is still unknown. The old detective knew that Ran Dongdong was jealous and would be very annoyed when faced with such a vicious incident, so he couldn't help but stepped forward to remind her that he had to investigate the identity of the victim first.

The police searched around to collect clues and found Xia Bingqing's residence. It is quiet and elegant, clean and tidy, and there are many books. One of them caught Ran Dongdong's attention because there was a man's name on it—Xu Shanchuan. On the other hand, the police determined that the deceased was Xia Bingqing through DNA comparison. Ran Dongdong followed the clues, found Xia Bingqing's parents, and told them the bad news. Seeing the bewildered look of the old couple, Ran Dongdong couldn't bear it very much, and wanted to step forward to comfort them, but she was afraid that her untimely comfort would bring them more harm.

Xia's parents were very firm, saying that Xia Bingqing had always been working in the health care center in Beijing, and only came back during the holidays. And one night many years ago, Dad Xia ran into Lao Li with his car, and since then it seems to have fallen into a bottomless pit, and from time to time, he will meet the Li family who come to ask for money. But the old Li's family is still thinking about Bingqing, saying that they want Bingqing to marry Li Xiaowei, who is a security guard. It is precisely because of this that Xia Bingqing chooses to work in Beijing, far away from his hometown, and always returns home after a long time.

The surveillance on the day Xia Bingqing was killed found that she went to a hotel that day and seemed to have met someone else. But what Ran Dongdong never expected was that his husband, Mu Dafu, also appeared in the surveillance video. The police searched along the hotel's river, but found no clues. After returning, Ran Dongdong stared at the surveillance video and thought hard, but he couldn't figure out why Mu Dafu appeared in the hotel, and what was the relationship with Xia Bingqing. She carefully recalled the scene of that night, and found that on the night Xia Bingqing was killed, Mu Dafu did not return home until midnight. Oddly enough, he started doing laundry as soon as he got home.

Ran Dongdong finds Xu Shanchuan in the health care center and finds out that he is Xia Bingqing's lover. Xu Shanchuan said frankly that he had originally made an appointment with Xia Bingqing at the Lianhu Hotel that day, but because of his wife's phone call, he did not rush to the appointment. The last time they met was two months ago. At that time, he proposed to Xia Bingqing to break up, but she did not accept it. As for the collection of handwritten poems, Xu Shanchuan admitted that he deliberately gave it to Xia Bingqing in order to confirm his lover relationship with Xia Bingqing.

Back in time three years ago, Xu Shanchuan fell in love with Xia Bingqing who came to interview at first sight. But he actually searched Xia Bingqing's luggage on the grounds of the interview. Xia Bingqing felt a little embarrassed, but for this job, she could only bear it. But the result of the interview was not very satisfactory, she did not appear on the list. But she was very unwilling, so she decided to go to Xu Shanchuan to reason. When he came to KTV, Xia Bingqing took the initiative to unbutton his clothes and sat on Xu Shanchuan's lap. And Xu Shanchuan finally drove Xia Bingqing out.

Ran Dongdong on the side stared at the expressive Xu Shanchuan, and couldn't help but let out a sneer, exposing his lies one by one. Xu Shanchuan felt very embarrassed, so he called for another interrogating police officer, and refused to answer questions. Ran Dongdong continued to stare at him coldly, imitating his every move. Xu Shanchuan's psychological defense quickly collapsed, and he explained the reason for his meeting with Xia Bingqing. At that time, Xia Bingqing proposed to get married, and Xu Shanchuan fully agreed. But the development of the matter was not as the two wanted, and Xu Shanchuan could not divorce at all. For this reason, Xia Bingqing threatened suicide many times, and even actually cut his wrists.


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