Su Shiyu and Shu Yue returned to the village with their things, and Que learned the news that Lin Wei's tea shed had been demolished. Su Shiyu went to the tea shed despite the heavy rain, but saw Lin Wei sitting alone in the rain without saying a word. Su Shiyu comforted him and said that they could find a solution together. Since they said they were friends, Su Shiyu would definitely do it. help him. The next day, Lin Wei went to the village chief's house. The village chief's ancestors introduced Eleven Lixiang. Lin Wei believed that he would have a solution. Lin Wei went up to the mountain to grow tea not to get in trouble with them, but it was obvious that the village chief was unwilling to help him. Lin Wei told Su Shiyu that her mother grew up in Xiaojin Village. She and Mr. Lin established Haowei Coffee and led the villagers to grow coffee beans to get rid of poverty. Later, other villages began to follow suit, and the price of coffee beans was also suppressed. . The villagers clamored for an explanation from their mother. They wanted to go back and plant Shilixiang, but they could no longer grow it.

When Su Shiyu and Lin Weiqian were worried, Luo Feifei appeared. Luo Feifei took them to the village chief's house. She was the village chief's niece, so the village chief had nothing to do. The most important thing now is to save the seedlings. Su Shiyu and Luo Feifei put aside their grudges and work together.

After a whole day of hard work, the tea shed was set up. After tonight, they would know whether the tea shed could be saved. Luo Feifei told Su Shiyu that Lin Wei was brought up by a nanny and had put on a protective shell for himself since he was a child. Su Shiyu could not melt him. Eleven Lixiang itself is delicate, and Luo Feifei wants to go to the fields with Lin Wei to practice it.

Su Shiyu and Shuyue went to the village chief together and begged him to give them a chance. The village chief asked Su Shiyu to fill the bag with grass before telling them how to save the tea seedlings, and did not allow others to help. Su Shiyu gritted his teeth and agreed. Luo Feifei and Lin Wei went to the ground together. Aunt Dasha quickly sent Luo Feifei away and told him that Su Shiyu went to find the village chief. Su Shiyu drove the machine and did farm work while doing live broadcasts, but Su Shiyu had never done this before. From time to time, she was frightened by bugs and screamed, but she still persisted. The village chief fell asleep beside him, and Shu Yue secretly took a sickle from him to help. Lin Wei is also here. This is his business and he will not let Su Shiyu help him deal with it. Lin Wei and Shu Yue cut the grass together. The two were very motivated and quickly filled the bag. However, the village chief is not that easy to fool, and he is still unwilling to tell the solution.

Lin Wei was injured on his leg. When Shu Yue saw Su Shiyu trying to bandage him, he quickly grabbed the herbal medicine, but Lin Wei couldn't control it and kicked him away. Su Shiyu hurriedly came to help. She blamed herself for not helping again, but she didn't want Lin Wei to have any psychological burden, saying it was just friendship. Everyone was urging the village chief to tell Lin Wei how to save the tea seedlings. Su Shiyu also learned from the villagers that the village chief and Lin's mother were good friends. In fact, he appreciated Lin's mother's contribution to Xiaojin Village. In the eyes, there is no way to defend her, so she can only worship secretly. Eleven Lixiang is a painful memory for all villagers, but Lin Wei has sworn that he will never go down the mountain unless he can grow tea. The village chief suddenly became excited. Xiao Jincun will not be a person who changes his mind when he sees something different!

The village chief refused to take any advice, and everyone was very worried. Jin Xingchen gave Bai Ruan a necklace to express her gratitude for providing Lin Wei's information. Bai Ruan didn't want to accept it, but Jin Xingchen wanted her to eat with him. Luo Feifei and Shuyue got extremely drunk. After Luo Feifei left, Shuyue couldn't even walk. Su Shiyu also drank too much and wanted to carry him. Lin Wei quickly pushed her away and started to carry the book again.

Bai Ruan drank a lot, and after being sent to the room by Jin Xingchen, he got drunk and called him ugly. Jin Xingchen couldn't do anything to a drunkard.


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