As soon as Shu Yue returned to the mountain, he saw the scene of Su Shiyu and Lin Wei kissing. He couldn't help but rush over immediately. Su Shiyu was speechless about this. Su Shiyu slept in Lin Wei's room for one night, and early the next morning, the atmosphere between the two of them was very subtle. Lin Wei was very confused. After Su Shiyu fell asleep last night, Shu Yue and Lin Wei had a conversation. Shu Yue had met Lin Wei at a dinner party before. The girls around him were like a revolving door. Lin Wei could keep his body clean, but what about Su Shiyu? She moved to the mountains without saying a word. She was so serious and vulnerable to harm. Shuyue didn't want her to be harmed.

Chen Xiangxiang hoped to reach a cooperation with Jin Xingchen. She did not want Su Shiyu to get this business, but Jin Xingchen did not agree and even disliked her. Mr. Lin advised Su Shiyu to seize the opportunity to capture Lin Wei in order to have a good career and love. Jin Xingchen ran to the tea shed to see Lin Wei growing tea, and said that he had been dreaming about his sister recently. Good-tasting coffee was her life's work, and he must be optimistic about the company and Mr. Lin. Jin Xingchen couldn't help but ridicule Lin Wei. He always believed that Lin Wei killed his sister. He hoped that Lin Wei could have a good tea here. Only in this way can he comfort his sister's spirit in heaven. When Su Shiyu saw Lin Wei coming back, he hurriedly stepped forward and wanted to take a step further, but he didn't know that Lin Wei was upset. He told Su Shiyu that she had misunderstood some things. To him, Su Shiyu was just a good friend. Lin Wei took out Su Shiyu's prayer note. He was so kind to her just because he pitied her. But Su Shiyu didn't believe it and decided to calm down.

Luo Feifei and Shu Yue were relieved when they saw this. Luo Feifei believed that if he assisted Lin Wei, he would disdain Su Shiyu, and Su Shiyu would definitely not succeed. Lin Wei had a nightmare. When he woke up, he opened his mother's photo and his mother's death certificate. Su Shiyu walked outside Lin Wei's room, but didn't have the courage to knock on the door. Su Shiyu was struggling with whether to give up, but she was unwilling to do so. Why should she end it before she even started? Shu Yue advised her not to waste any more time. She and Lin Wei should not have interacted in the first place. Shu Yue pulled Su Shiyu to go home, when Luo Feifei and Lin Wei walked in together. Su Shiyu asked Lin Wei in public if he had thought clearly. Lin Wei said that they could only be friends. When Lin Wei went back to the company to help her, it was nothing more than a simple act between friends. Su Shiyu was not willing to accept this answer. She could have many friends, but they could not be Lin Wei.

Su Shiyu cried loudly in the car. Thinking that she would have to go up the mountain to shoot embarrassing scenes in the future, Su Shiyu felt ashamed. Luo Feifei asked Lin Wei to help read the paper, but Lin Wei was absent-minded. Luo Feifei said that Lin Wei just lacked the company of others, so he couldn't adapt for a while. They were not the same kind of people. Lin Wei had long since lost his material desires, so he could grow tea here peacefully, but Su Shiyu didn't Likewise, she still has to work hard to climb up and work hard for her career. Bai Ruan was not surprised to learn that Su Shiyu was lovelorn. After all, people like Lin Wei always turned their hands to make clouds and rain in love. Su Shiyu received the news that Chen Xiangxiang was going to live broadcast at the coffee base, and immediately regrouped and rushed back to the mountain to compete for the venue. Facing Chen Xiangxiang's arrogance and making things difficult, Shu Yue couldn't stand it, but Chen Xiangxiang Qu deliberately splashed water on it. broke his camera. The villagers came to support Su Shiyu, and Chen Xiangxiang gave up.

Late at night, someone quietly went to Lin Wei's tea shed. It was another rainy day, and Su Shiyu thought of the night with Lin Wei and what she was looking forward to. Shu Yue sent the equipment for repair. Su Shiyu and Shu Yue went up the mountain together and learned that the Linwei tea shed was overturned and all the tea seedlings were destroyed.


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